Healthier, Happier Meals for My Dog

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My dog is where my heart is. We have many beautiful adventures and enjoy all of the time we spend together. I would do anything for her and treat her as one of the family, which is why I choose Beneful dog food for her each day.

Beneful dog food has a great balance of dietary necessities to keep my dog healthy and strong. Whether it’s a hike in the forest or a day at the beach, I can be assured that the food I provide for her is helping her along the way. Beneful on twitter is made with high quality ingredients packed full of the necessary vitamins and minerals required for healthy development and maintenance. After further research, I discovered that employees who care about their product and the welfare of the animals they serve make Beneful. Beneful has one of the highest standards for quality and an entire department dedicated to quality control. Keeping up with cutting edge technology assists Beneful in creating such a high quality product. I feel safer knowing that so many people are invested in the product I feed my loved one each day.

Some of the other reasons why I choose Beneful each day for my dog is that there is a variety of nutritious options for her to enjoy. Beneful has a dry and wet food as well as specially designed treats. The Beneful dry dog food has eight different flavors to choose from, while the wet dog food comes in twenty flavors with various proteins such as salmon, turkey, chicken, lamb, beef, and more! Unlike other brands of dog food, Beneful has been sensational with my dog and she licks the dish clean!

When I am training my dog, I choose the Beneful treats that come in star shapes, as they are small enough for a quick bite then back to work. Beneful has other great treats designed with my pets’ best interest at heart because they help with dental cleaning and are formulated to keep my dogs breath fresher for longer periods of time.

Because my dog is a part of my family, she deserves the same care and treatment as the rest, which is why I choose Beneful. Beneful has been the best option for my dog and I am truly impressed with the company that creates this life-changing product. Since there are so many flavors to choose from, I am able to use different flavors to keep my dog happy and engaged. After a long day of exploring, I can show my dog some extra love by giving her a healthy treat to top off the day. I cannot thank Beneful enough for their life-changing product and for keeping my dogs nutrition and safety at the forefront of their merchandise. Thank you Beneful!

Why You Need To Start An Online Profile With Anastasia Date Today

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Anastasia Date is a very popular site for those men who wish to date/marry Russian women. Russian women are said to be some of the best specimens of women you could ever find. Lots of men get turned on by them. Lots of men are only interested in this type of girl/woman.

This is why Anastasia Date is here. This site caters to those men and their needs. Many men have found their perfect woman by going onto this site. It’s so easy. Just log on. Develop a password and user name. Develop a profile and you are a good. You can start chatting with these women right away.

Some might be asking, what are the benefits of dating a Russian woman? There are some who do not understand the attraction these women draw in.

Allow me to break it down a little bit….

-Russian women are definitely more approachable and open. They are also more honest. Here in America, the girls are more defensive and not very honest about their intentions. There are many women here in America that play games with the guys. Russian girls do not do this. They won’t feel weird if you tell them how beautiful they are.

They are also more approachable when it comes to sex and acting out your “sexual fantasies.” Lots of guys get turned on by this. Too many women over here in America are more prudish when it comes to the sex stuff. Russian girls do not put on an act. They are just themselves. This will work to both of your advantages. The two of you can carry out your sexual fantasies, without fear of judgement or scandal. As I said, Russian girls are more open-minded. They have seen, heard and done it all basically.

–You won’t feel like you are getting a “show” from them. Russian girls are more authentic. They are more down-to-earth and modest. They know what they want and go after it. Here in America, about fifty-percent of the girls are the exact opposite. Being secure in who you are is a huge turn-on for most guys. The intellectual side is more profound with Russian girls too.


Russian girls tend to offer so much more than American girls. They are looking to settle down and be part of your family. American girls are more interested in playing games and being in control. I am not saying this in a bad way. I am saying this in a good way.
So, is this turning any of you guys on? Do any of you like what you have just read. My advice is to get on the site and upload your profile now. These girls are waiting for you.

What a Cleaning Company Can Do For You

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A house cleaning agency can do any cleaning jobs available in your house, whether big or small. This means that you, the home owner have to be very specific on what you want the company employees to do in the house.

These cleaners sent to your house can do everything, from cleaning your door knobs to cleaning your toilet seats. They can effectively handle specialty jobs, such as cleaning your garage, cleaning your deck or even the siding, or washing your upholstery. They can actually clean any room in the entire house, including the basement and your attic.

These cleaning agencies can clean homes, any apartments, mansions, commercial buildings, offices, corporations, small businesses, and large hotel chains among many more. Most of the cleaning agencies are believed to always bring their cleaning equipment along, together with the cleaning supplies they require in their jobs. However, it is always good to enquire what your company will be willing to offer.
It is important to note that most of the reliable companies will always offer you guarantees. This actually means that if after the cleaning is done and you are not satisfied, you can call the agency to send their cleansers to clean the areas that you feel need more cleaning. For a better experience with the cleaning services, apart from being offered guarantees, choose the company that is properly insured and bonded, just in case of damages to the property.

If you do not have a lot of time, you should consider hiring a house cleaning company. They will thoroughly clean your house and take off the burden off your shoulders, and you will be able to live in a clean environment at a very small fee. These companies are very flexible, and they are actually not difficult to work with. They can even go an extra mile, just to make sure that you are contented.

A good company will send reliable, very trust worthy employees to your home, having done the back ground checks, qualified in training and able to use the cleaning equipment efficiently. At the end of the day, these employees will leave your house completely neat and shining, and you will definitely enjoy the services.

Most of these cleaning agencies send a small team of 3 or even 4 employees to do your cleaning job. They will come to your house several times, according to your wishes. When they come to clean the house, it is very important for you to make a list of the duties you want them to do, so that the cleaning is done everywhere.
Handy is a modern home cleaning agency that was started just recently on Since it was founded, the company has gained a lot of popularity in several countries, especially in the United States because of the kind of services it is giving to the consumers. The services from the company can be ordered via the mobile device, making it very easy. The employees in the company are well trained, and they do not overcharge you because they have a fixed charge, which is pocket friendly.

Marc Sparks and his book “They Can’t Eat You”

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From humble beginnings, Marc Sparks is a surprising entrepreneur whose rise to the top has inspired countless individuals. After graduating school in Austin Texas, Sparks took a different path that swerved away from the tried and true path to stability. Instead he chose to walk in another direction and since 1975 has become the center of numerous startups.
After playing the field for more than 30 years, he’s acquired limitless knowledge on the world of business ventures and has made himself into a man who knows the limits of what it takes to become a success. Of course it hasn’t always been easy. Sparks himself has admitted that life has thrown some curve balls his way and not every one of ventures has been successful. This hasn’t stopped him, however, and he continues to grow and develop his special talents even to this day. There aren’t many men who find their way in life like Marc Sparks has, but he is truly a one of a kind person.
Marc Sparks has cataloged an unprecedented account of his experience over the years in his new book They Can’t Eat You. This work is intended for the young and up incoming entrepreneur. It provides invaluable advice to anyone who is looking to burst onto the business scene and includes real no nonsense tips that are deigned to really reflect the world outside the confines of education. This is must read for anyone who has found themselves wondering aimlessly through life and can help anyone looking to drive their life in a new and invigorating direction.

Trending Men’s Shoes Will Help A Man To Feel More Sure Of Himself

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A great way for a man to feel sure of himself is in putting on the right outfit. No matter what Paul Evans style is having on something that looks nice will help him to feel better about himself, and others will notice that his italian shoes too. It is good for a man to pick out each piece of clothing that he is going to put on very carefully, from his shirt to his shoes. And the kind of shoes that should be worn when a man wants to feel his best are trending men’s shoes.

Nothing is equal to how a man will feel when his shoes are both stylish and comfortable. Paul Evans is a shoe brand that has been making shoes that are both of those things since the beginning. The founders of this brand took the time that they needed to figure out how to do things right, and then they set out on the journey of creating trending men’s shoes. They have done their best to make the shoes both stylish and comfortable, as they have used the highest quality of materials to make that happen. The founders knew that they could make their company a success by doing that, and many people have come to love Paul Evans for that.

Feeling sure of oneself and how they look is something that every man should be able to feel on a daily basis. It is something that he is going to want to feel when he is doing something big with his day, and it is something that he will want to feel on any average day. There are many things that can be done to help a man to feel more sure of himself and how he is looking, and one of the best ways to do that is to put on a pair of trending men’s shoes.

Lime Crime…Makeup Inspired By Unicorns

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Doe Deere, an ethereal Russian ingénue with only a few dollars in her pocket, began experimenting with cosmetics and began dabbling online. As she dabbled, people were gobbling. She decided to patent her line, gave it a unique name, Lime Crime and is selling her cosmetics online at by the truckloads. Long gone are her lazy days of dabbling. Doe used to dream “What if makeup did more than just cover up imperfections?” She knew she could create a makeup that didn’t just cover up but rather helped people express their personality.
Doe likes to live cutting edge and unapologetically and her makeup is a reflection of that philosophy. “After listening to my friends complaints about the dull and muted colors available, I knew I could create a line that makes a statement.” If you get on their user friendly website and read blogs from their customers, you may be surprised to see the wide variety of people who are super fans. “We aren’t just selling makeup to Goths, Punks and teens, we sell to business women, actors, women of color, hip grandma’s and more.” Doe Deere wants to appeal to as many different people as she can. Doe, in her thick Russian accent, states “Some days I have so many meetings with very important people and I can’t very well walk in looking like a unicorn. My red lipstick is not only sexy but it commands attention. When you wear this shade, people are listening to what you are saying but they are also thinking about what it would be like to kiss you.”
Their webpage, is addicting, it reads more like a magazine than it does a website. People from all over the world gravitate to her website. “What I love about this site is that there isn’t just a small square that samples the color you are wanting. She has different models, wearing different things and in different lighting so you really have a good idea about how that shade will look on you.” With over 100 different products and colors to choose from it is easy to see why this cosmetics line is sky-rocketing.
Lime Crime moved their team to Los Angeles where they are committed to producing bold, beautiful, magical, cosmic, sexy, cruelty-free cosmetics. The Lime Crime team is dedicated to providing products that are affordable and can be worn day or night. They continue to spend tireless hours in their labs coming up with different shades, hues, and colors. Their goal is simply to give their customers products that they can “incorporate into their everyday beauty routine”. After all, who doesn’t want to look like a unicorn at some point in their life?

Handy Cleaning Services Are The People To Contact To Have Your Home Cleaned

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Your home may be considered as one of the most valuable assets you own. Why not do everything within your means to ensure that you are maintaining its original appraisal value? By regularly maintaining your property, you will be benefiting from not only retaining its appraisal value, but also of potentially increasing it for the future. Many real estate agents will tell you that one of the most important aspects of home ownership is keeping it clean throughout the duration of your ownership. As homes can accumulate dirt quite quickly, it can be difficult to keep your property clean. Unfortunately, there are many households that are empty during the day due their residents being at work. When they come home they have no time to do much except for eating and preparing for the next day! The important question amidst such activities is: when do they have time to clean their homes?

Handy Cleaning Services offers the community one of the best options for cleaning available and at the most affordable rates. Whether you are looking to attain their services for a one-time occurrence or a recurring schedule, you can have confidence in knowing that Handy Cleaning Services will come through when it is most needed from you.

The professionals of Handy Cleaning Services on are there for you whenever you need it. If you are looking to maintain your home in the cleanliness aspects of it but do not have the time to conduct the tasks that are necessary for attaining an immaculate property, then please feel free to contact one of the best companies available. Their services are carried out with the strictest protocols and guidelines of home cleaning. Their reputation and past client satisfaction simply speaks for the quality of cleaning services they provide. They have built themselves a solid reputation of providing optimal services and do not plan on stopping their performance any time soon.

When hiring a cleaning company, it is important to note whether or not they have provided past clients with solid work in cleaning. There are a myriad of home cleaning services that do not necessarily take the time required to achieve an absolutely immaculate area. Your home is your place to rest and unwind after a long day of hard work. It is not healthy by any means to live in a home property that has accumulated enough dirt and grime to be considered as being a part of the outdoors! Why not give one of the best cleaning specialists in town a call today?

NBA Story

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It can be difficult to calculate the magnitude of being a billionaire. Afteral, a billion dollars is one thousand millions. Professional sports franchise owners are some of the world’s wealthiest people and they spend these amazing sums with a most cavalier fashion. Steve Balmer recently bought the Los Angeles Clippers for $2 billion, and basketball is just a hobby for the former Microsoft CEO. All professional sports franchise owners make their billions in an arena other than sports. They spend billions of dollars to buy something that’s little more than a hobby. However, team owners are some of the most important people in their cities, because they can impact the local economy so heavily.

Making Winners from Losers

Most fans think the players on the court are the most important people to a professional basketball team, but ownership is what truly matters. The Dallas Mavericks were the laughing stocks of the NBA until Mark Cuban bought the team. Cuban introduced a culture of winning and they even won the world championship in 2012. This trend holds true for all professional sports as certain teams have owners who know how to win. The Rooney Family owns the Pittsburgh Steelers, and their team has played in 8 Super Bowls since the 1970’s. The Los Angles Lakers were once the toast of the NBA until their owner Jerry Buss passed away. The team has been in turmoil since Jeanie Buss took over, because she doesn’t understand winning the way her father did.

Weighing an Owner’s Worth

Anther successful owner is Bruce Levenson who owns the Atlanta Hawks. The team has made the playoffs every season since Levenson took over even though the original roster has been completely revamped. Levenson was already a successful businessman, and he bought that winning attitude to the Hawks. Last season, the Hawks posted the Eastern Conference’s best record, which surprised everyone. Even though the Hawks were eliminated from the conference finals by a more talented Cleveland team, the two games they hosted boosted Atlanta’s local economy. Tourism brought in more than $500,000 in just two days and the city also received positive exposure. Levenson on AJC is now looking to sell the team, which could negatively effect the Hawk’s success.

Owning up to Success

LeBron James is by far the league’s best player, but he has been unable to win a ring in two different stints with the Cavaliers. Prior to LeBron’s arrival, the Cavs had never so much as won a conference championship, despite rotating through players and coaches. Dan Gilbert owns the Cavaliers and the team may never win a championship with him at the helm. Some owners win multiple rings, while other struggle to keep their teams acceptable.

Kevin Seawright Successfully Completes the Nonprofit Fund Development Program at the University of Notre Dame

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The Nonprofit Fund Development Program at the University of Notre Dame is a two-phrase course designed to enhance business professionals’ leadership skills. Kevin Seawright recently completed the Nonprofit Fund Development Program, receiving a Certificate of Achievement Award, according to Market Watch (September 11th, 2015). He is an advocate of promoting education and applies it to his professional role as Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (CEDC). Seawright accepted the responsibilities of helping Newark CEDC attract new businesses and create real estate development around the city of Newark in New Jersey. Crunchbase shows that he admits to knowing the importance of being a leader in various communities and government entities.

The second course of the Executive Leadership Program, Leading Nonprofit Boards prepares leaders to compete in the nonprofit sector of organizations and how to successfully structure boards. Leaders who successfully complete both phases of the program should possess expertise to efficiently direct a board and assist with expansion during an organization growth and maturity processes. The course also teaches the organization of the board and its systematic processes, such as evaluation, training, and orientation. Mr. Seawright has a mission to become more involved with organizations designed to empower and strengthen communities in Newark.

In 2014, Kevin Seawright accepted the role of as Executive Vice-President and CFO of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. He has previous experience as an Executive Director, Vice-President of Operations, and Advisory Board Member in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Seawright has over a decade of experience holding executive positions in finance, management operations, and human resource. By completing the two-phrase Nonprofit Fund Development Program at the University of Notre Dame, Kevin is now prepared to take Newark CEDC to the next level of economic growth and development in Newark, New Jersey.

Caring For Dogs Means Feeding Them Good Food Like Beneful

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There untold amounts of ways that a person can become sick and unhealthy that it can’t be counted. As many ways as there are for humans to get sick, there are just many ways for a dog to get sick as well. Dogs have it worse because not only do they have a shorter lifespan, and they can also get very sick as well. Humans fight against diseases by eating properly, exercising and going to the doctor regularly, and dogs are supposed to eat properly, exercise regularly, and go to see the veterinarian to stay healthy too.

It sounds funny, but some dog owners will care for themselves, and they’ll constantly be at their doctor’s office, but they never consider taking their dog to the vet until there’s a problem. The same way a person gets checkups and ensures that they are healthy is the same way dogs needs to be cared for. Dogs should always see a veterinarian to ensure their overall health, even if it’s every few months. Although a dog doesn’t have to be taken to a veterinarian every week, it’s still a good idea to take them regularly, and not once every few years.

If a dog is acting out of the norm, then it may be because there’s a problem that has gone undetected. The only reason a problem will not be detected by the pet owner is because the owner is not properly caring for their dogs. If a pet owner hasn’t spent a lot of time with their dog, then it’s unlikely that they are going to catch a problem their dog has, especially if the dog isn’t showing that they are in physical pain. Maybe a dog isn’t in physical pain, but something may be wrong with the food they are eating, or they may have some sort of sickness.

It’s easy enough to figure out what’s wrong with a dog as long as a pet owner takes them in for regular veterinarian visits. Another thing a pet owner needs to consider is how they are treating their dog at home. If a dog eats Beneful regularly as well as getting exercise, then it’s unlikely that the dog will be unhealthy unless they have health problems based on their genetics. In order to keep a healthy dog, it’s a good idea to give them Beneful brand foods, especially since it has balanced nutrition for dogs.

Beneful has dog food that can be fed to any dog, and the dog food can give dogs energy as well. Beneful is sold almost everywhere, and those areas that do not have Beneful can still get it by ordering it online. Even if a dog is eating Beneful regularly, they should still get exercise as well because exercise is what helps to keep a person as well as a dog healthy. Dogs that each Beneful, exercise, and visit the veterinarian are more likely to healthy.

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