George Soros Says China is facing a Financial Crisis Similar to the U.S. in 2007-08

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Some analysts may have been pleased by the recent China’s first-quarter growth figures, but George Soros is not impressed. George Soros still holds his earlier comments on that China is headed for a hard landing that is inevitable. George Soros is now saying that China is facing a financial crisis that is similar to what U.S. experienced in 2008. According to Soros, warnings over debt-fueled growth are becoming increasingly regular and will eventually cause the sovereign credit cut to negative. Without a doubt, George Soros prediction and opinion about the market is necessary.

Other analysts are having a different argument that China is different due to its sheer size and the ability of the single party government to control the pressures of the market and the economy. Many of these analysts on still agree that Soros is right about the similarity of China’s current economy and U.S. economy in 2007-08. Soros arguments can be confirmed by the data available during the 2002 tech bubble and then again similar to the data during U.S. real-estate market during the 2008 global financial crisis.

There are several other indicators to look for to determine the state of the economy. One of the indicators is interbank liquidity since it was a critical vulnerability during the 2008 financial crisis. In China, the state bank, People’s Bank of China pumped 870 billion yuan to ease the market following a massive cash drain. Another commodity on to analyze is the bond markets. The current corporate bond market in China is in the weakest spot. After a massive issuance at the beginning of the year, it is evident the liquidity is drying up and the recent reports that over 40 companies had to cancel planned issuances since March.
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George Soros influences the decision of many investors because of the success he has achieved through savvy wagers on markets accumulating $24 billion in fortune. He is a Hungarian-born investor who fled the World War II to settle in the U.S. where he started his career after completing his degree from the London School of Economics. Soros began his career in the 1950s and attained enormous success after his hedge fund firm posted an average annual growth of about 20 percent from 1969 to 2011.

George Soros believes that the capital out-flows are also orchestrated by the nation’s implementation of the anticorruption campaign that has scared the investors hence the reason they are pulling money out. China’s reserves may have grown by $10.3 billion in March to hit $3.21 trillion, but the fact is that they are less $517 billion compared to a year earlier. Soros gave the evidence of Anbang Insurance Group Co. withdrawal of its $14 billion takeover offer for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide Inc. as a perfect example of how China is implementing capital controls.

Kyle Bass: Financial Madman

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Madness isn’t the kind of thing bereft of reason; it’s the kind of thing bereft of decency, and that is why Kyle Bass is a madman. He is personally responsible, in at least some capacity, for the 2008 financial meltdown in the United States. Bass worked for Bear Stearns, at the time one of the top five banking institutions on Wall Street. Whether he quit or was fired isn’t something easy to find in the public records. What is easy to find is that Bass leaked proprietary information pertaining to financial transactions between Bear Stearns and another of the top-five banks after he ceased to be employed by them. The information he leaked intimated that said bank wouldn’t trade with Bear Stearns anymore, resulting in a quick loss of confidence across Wall Street that so undercut Bear Stearns they were bought out through J.P. Morgan Chase by the end of the week. While Bear Stearns had been trading in useless sub-prime mortgages via novation, they weren’t the only financial institution among the top five on Wall Street to do that; they were just the one that got sacrificed, and Kyle Bass set the whole thing in motion. In the end, this domino-effect led to what has become known as the “Great Recession”.

But this didn’t do anything negative to Kyle Bass. Instead, it pushed him very quickly up the ladder to social fame in the financial industry. Bass knew he’d knocked over a train of dominoes, and that the end result would likely be a larger recession. Whether or not Bear Stearns collapsed, the U.S. economy was headed for a meltdown due to their “house-of-cards” style structuring on useless mortgages. Nothing built on nothing will eventually implode; that’s just how it is. Bass predicted it, because he had insider knowledge, and rocketed quickly to the top.

Now Kyle Bass is predicting that China’s similar practice of using nothing to build on is going to lead to another domino-effect collapse. Who knows where he’s getting his information from this time; but you can bet he has something up his sleeve, or he wouldn’t be alerting the public.

Bass is hand-in-glove with socialist despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who has financially defaulted Argentina (the home country of both individuals) on two separate occasions over the course of just 13 years–what, does she think Argentina is her own personal credit card to max out as she pleases? Yet Bass supports her. Not surprisingly, either: his front organization CAD (The Coalition For Affordable Drugs) uses infirmity as a disguise to force pharmaceuticals into lowering their costs so he can short-sell their stock when the drop comes. The article “Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler” exposes that he is mad in the sense that he lacks morals, not in any raving lunatic sense. Regarding his new ideas on China, that should make anyone suspicious.

Healthy Kibble, Longer Life? A Beneful Nutrition!

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After reading this, I decided to share it as I’m certain countless dog lovers sometimes question parenting skills. I especially find meal plans for dogs challenging as self-doubt often puts me in a frenzy. Alright, so I’m fascinated by this Daily Herald piece about healthy premium dog food brands. Talking prices? Yes, premium labels do attract a handsome investment today. I’m anxious to know what’s inside. Who isn’t? Well, Pennsylvania-based premium dog food supplier, Freshpet Turkey, and Chunky Chicken recipes definitely have my attention. The small-scale franchise specialization is gourmet recipes, and CEO Richard Thompson revealed the secrets to creating healthy grub for canines.
The executive spoke fondly of quality production with freshly prepared ingredients. Michael Hieger, Freshpet, Inc. manufacturing chief soft tasting was enough for the conviction – integrity of freshness. Among today’s fast-growing pet food innovators, Freshpet remains the sole distributor of industrial frozen recipes. With the industry valued at $23.7 billion, competition is a trying account, especially for manufacturers lacking innovation. Blue Buffalo and Freshpet innovations focused on healthy pet nutrition have inspired traditional brands. For example, Nestle Purina acquired Merrick Pet Care as it transitions to healthier trends. The Backcountry recipes coined by Merrick Pet Care, which originally focused on organic blends has gained some notoriety. Additionally, it allows pet parents to customize meal plans for personalized nutrition.

Another pet food heavyweight, Mars Petcare, a premier brand introduced healthy harvest selections, including cranberries and blueberries, for dogs? Yes! Dubbed the Nutro Farm Harvest, it provides essential nutrients for pets. Colgate-Palmolive weight management intervention surprised me to some extent. After all, pet health issues somewhat correlate with that of humans. So, approaching health and nutrition similarly is an intrinsic breakthrough. Beef stroganoff and lasagna? Mars’ Cesar presented “Home Delights,” and with “Big Heart Pet” acquired, it’ll continue recipe innovations.

A top-rated pet food brand, Beneful remains a formidable competition. Nestle PurinaStore( introduced the label a one-point-five decade ago (2001). It produces treats, wet and dry recipes for pets. It’s the Purina’s flagship pet food manufacturer with the highest revenue cap. Among popular recipes coined by Beneful include Healthy Harvest (2005), Prepared Meals (2006), etc. In 2007, Beneful earned global recognition at the Pack Expo Showcase with the highest score for packing innovations.

Another historical moment is a viral 2012 Beneful TV commercial, a dogs-only dialog. It engaged canines everywhere and quickly became a trend as these interactive billboards spoke in a language that all dogs naturally understood. In 2013, Beneful engaged some 1000 designers in a contest aimed at creating a “Dream Dog Park.” It embarked on a philanthropic endeavor to remodel parks in Lancaster (PA), Johns Creek (GA) and Alabaster (AL).

To Flare Or Not To Flare?

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The world of fashion is an ever-changing assortment of items on that we can’t live without and tasteless faux pas that we often wish we would never see again. Coming into the spotlight for the newest recycled fashion trend are the flare jeans.

Flares have been around since the 70s and have seemingly made their way back again,
under speculation that they are not made for everyone. This is a misnomer, as you will see here at when five women of different sizes and heights, decided to try a pair on for size.

The tallest woman came in at 5’9 while the shortest was at a mere 5’2. It is hard to conceive with the mind’s eye what these two could possibly have in common in a wardrobe of JustFab, noting such a drastic size comparison. They did have one thing in common and that answer will surprise you.

All five of the women the small and the tall were able to wear the flare jeans with no issues. The longer legged taller women from JustFab found that wearing the jeans gave them a flattering appearance and the jeans could easily be paired with pumps or flats to complete the look.

The Shorter women in the group found that they too were able to wear the jeans without thinking that they didn’t look right. In fact, one woman of JustFab who had already had a pre-conceived idea of how she would look in them was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. She had thought that by being short that the flare style was one that was off limits to her. When she found that she was able to have the same luxury of wearing these jeans that the other taller women had, she was ecstatic. According to JustFab, the only different requirement for her to wear the jeans was to wear them with heels to give a longer look to the leg.

The overall consensus was that these jeans can be for everyone. Figure flattering and stylish they hug all the right areas and accentuate curves, something that the latest trend in skinny jeans did not do so well. The flare jeans on are very versatile, it just depends on how you wear them and what you wear them with that will make or break the look. So it looks like we will be seeing a lot more flair from flare jeans arriving early fall.

There is always more news on the latest upcoming fashion trends and the must-have accessories for the season made available to you from JustFab, an online subscription fashion retailer that carries the finest selections of shoes, handbags, jewelry, and denim.

The New iFunding Platform From CEO William Skelley

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iFunding is located in New York City, is one of the foremost innovators of real estate crowdfunding also known as alternate finance,which is the proven concept of funding ventures which permits authorized financiers to deposit small amount of fund in a group to make escalating purchases and provides profitable prospects which otherwise they would not have the luxury to invest in as individuals. Often utilized thru the internet agreement registers,but this can also be accomplished by mail order,subscriptions,benefit fundraisers and other methods.

The iFunding Twitter actually shows William Skelley is the founder and CEO of this real estate crowdfunding which is a phrase he branded in 2012. iFunding has been recognized as an affiliate of the privileged “Next Generation of Real Estate “ leaders.

iFunding is a dominant marketing real estate crowdfunding foundation and is an acclaimed name in online real estate expenditures domain.

William Skelley overlooks the business aspects and advancement operations at the company which has funded 40 plus real estate endeavors with an accumulated real estate revenue over $250 million.
iFunding assists liabilities and favored equity fundraisers for properties stemming from multi family dwellings, condo estates,apartment towers, hotels and resorts as well as single family homes, retail locations,malls,offices,mixed use building etc.

The company also offers possibilities for approved financiers to invest in corporate featured real estate deals with an initial cash input of $5,000.00,and the company will supervise deals for the duration of that investment supplying comprehensive information and clarity, to give investors awareness and lapses pertaining to their investments.

Before making iFunding a reality, William Skelley formed an investment bank that endorsed 26 Billion in real estate negotiations and was also responsible for investors relations.

He was principal at Rose Park Advisors a legal hedge fund and also worked at General Electric and Olympus,as well as founding Pallas Global 10 2012, where he was accountable for banking actions and effectively finalized 200 million agreements across the financial assets framework.

William Skelley also created Skelley Medical in 2015,which supports the decrease of universal healthcare by affording feasible all inclusive medical equipment resolutions.

Recently, he was asked by the Stoler Report to be a part of a segment of the Stoler Report, where the focal point will be on advancements of commercial real estate and he will be joined by former iFunding supporter Paul Braungart,which will air later this year.

He went to Harvard Business School and Hobart College.

Town Residential In NYC For Real Estate Needs

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For many people in NYC apartments for rent, they go to Town Residential for their real estate needs. This is because the agents at Town Residential are experienced in what they do. They also know that this is the best time for the NYC real estate industry since the recession. There are more houses being bought and sold than there were for a long time.

Town Residential Helps Sellers Get Their Homes Ready

When a person wants to sell their home, they need to have it look great for people that will be coming to look at it. The agents at Town Residential will make sure that the home is ready to sell. They will also be sure to discuss a price that will move it quickly in the market for the seller.

When Someone Is Interested In Buying A Home In NYC

Town Residential agents will get them just the right place. They have the ability to locate an area that is just what a person is looking for. That is because the agents have lived in the area for a long time, and they are familiar with the areas. They will assist the customer in finding a neighborhood that is to the taste of their client.

Investors Are Getting In On The Upswing In NYC Real Estate Too

When a person wants to invest, they will also find that there are many possibilities for them too. Once they find a place they want to fix up and do the work, the market is good, and they will find a buyer in a short period of time. It is financially a good move for an investor because the homes are in demand right now.

With the upswing in the real estate market in NYC, it is a good time for people to move in or out of the area. When they know what they want, they will find it in NYC. The market looks to improve too which gives people more reasons to think about their move to NYC.

The Igor Cornelsen Blueprint

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Igor Cornelsen has spent a large portion of his life investing. He worked for years as an investment banker. During these years he spent a large majority of his time working with things like risk management. He had to do a lot of research on the Brazilian market because this is where he was working. That has allowed him to acquire a grand range of experience with investing in foreign markets. This has become the core of this investing, and I think that this is what makes him different from the rest of the investors. He has a unique perspective on the investing environment, and I believe that this is worth listening to.

There are a lot of people that are interested in what Igor Cornelsen has to say because he helps people make the best of their money. I have seen how I am now able to maximize my returns by investing abroad. I didn’t know that this was something that I could do, but he had simple tips that helps me see how easy this was. I know I have a couple of Brazilian index funds under my belt, and I have Igor Cornelsen to thank for this.

Cornelsen has made it possible for more people on twitter to become knowledgeable about a new range of investments that many people may have never considered before. I do my research now, and I like to check out the companies that are able to provide some type of strategic plans for the next decade. I like to know how the companies are progressing, and I like to see how the these companies are going to make a profit down the road. Igor has taught me how this works. He has given me the insight to stay abreast of future developments. I like to listen to conferences about new inventions. I like to see the companies that are presenting new ideas. This will help me build a better portfolio.

The majority of people on that listen to Igor Cornelsen will be able to see a change in their portfolios. If they take the chance and make investments in international stocks they will see that there is definitely a difference between the returns or investments. I believe that spreading out your funds on things like Brazilian stocks and index funds in the United States will help you maximize your profits.

I know that it can be scary to start investing without any real plan, but Igor has given people valuable tips for starting. This is the hardest part. Once people start and continue to follow the tips that Igor presented it will be much easier to build a better investment blueprint for retirement planning.

Soros and the EU versus Putin

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A dire assumption could cost the United States as well as the European Union. An article posted on the Project-Syndicate website tells that evidence points to Putin not being an ally against Isis. His current aim, George Soros reports, is to promote the disbandment of the EU. Putin will try to accomplish this by flooding the EU with Syrian refugees.
George Soros is a well known author and he knows his information very soundly. George was born on August 12, 1930. He is an investor, philanthropist, and the author of many books. He holds dual citizenship for Hungary and the United States. He is also the chairman of Soros Fund Management. Soros is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England”. His short sale in 1992 of US $10 billion worth of pounds netted him $1 billion. He is one of the thirty richest people in the world.

Soros is also an advocate of progressive and liberal political issues. Soros joins other philanthropists by donating more than $11 billion to various charities in the span of 36 years. Soros has said to cause the peaceful transition from communism to capitalism in Eastern Europe. He has helped provide one of Europe’s largest higher education endowments and is the chairman of the Open Society Foundations. The pioneer of the hedge-fund industry also spoke about the EU needs to accept responsibility for the lack of a common asylum policy.

Heading back to the article, Soros explains how Russian planes have been bombing Syrian civilians forcing them to relocate. Russia has also launched a huge aerial attack on civilians in northern Syria and that was followed by a ground assault against the city of Aleppo. He hurt the interests of both himself and the Turkish prime minister by his strategic blunder, yet he capitalized on his opportunity to bring down the EU. It’s unfathomable why the leaders of the US and the EU still trust Putin, but the Project Syndicate reports that the only explanation is that these democratic politicians just want to keep the public calm. The Putin regime also faces bankruptcy. This may happen as soon as in 2017, but the only way they can avoid collapse is by causing the EU to collapse sooner. This will cause the EU to be unable to maintain its sanctions against Russia. The EU has managed to be resilient, but it now faces multiple crises which it hasn’t before. I along with Soros believe that it is better for the leaders to confront the harsh reality than to play it off. Both Isis and Russia pose a big threat and should not be overestimated.

6 Things to Know About Jon Urbana

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Is there anything this man can’t do? After hours of researching I can’t seem to find it. Living in his hometown of Denver, Colorado, Jon Urbana is reaching out to affect the world for the better. He has established himself in the online community from anything including but certainly not limited to business, sports, arts and music. He is the Director of Business Development at Ellipse USA with a degree in economics from Villanova University but that’s not all..

His real legacy will be as the co-founder of the Next level Lacrosse Camp. He is more than qualified to teach with a 2x NCAA division 1 All American, CAA Defensive player of the year. The ambition this guy shows in life with unstoppable endurance and his natural born learner attitude is something that kids can glean from him. On his gofund me account he created a drive for Earth Force as a way to engage himself and the youth he serves into helping save the environment by decontaminating it. A love for the state he lives in as the most beautiful place on earth with ripple in still water of America everywhere this man touches with his words and pictures.
Jon just received an honor, getting a Federal Aviation Administration Airman certification. No easy task since you have to pass tests on flying, health and well being. I would say he is well on his way to being a good world citizen.

The photographs that you can find on his don’t help in demystifying this man! His shots bring a stillness to your body like you’re viewing a once in a lifetime slide. His careful editing skills are luminous as each Tumblr photograph is carefully unique and his style is pure perfection casting radiant samples from rocks, landscapes and my favourite the endangered white tigers. Casting aside doubt he plunges into his photography to illuminate the well being of the subject.

Really there is nothing that Jon Urbana can’t do! Right on cue he is establishing himself to be the next president!!

Learn more at the following links:

Every Human Being Has Rights

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The belief held by the Human Rights Organization is that every human being on the planet has certain rights. All people are equally entitled to those rights. Therefore, rights should not be based upon whether the individual is a certain sex, race, ethnic origin, religion, nationality, class, or color. Their organization is strongly dedicated to protecting the rights of the individual to equal treatment and promoting democracy in a world that often denies people their rights. Their organization has a strong belief in individual freedom and their goal is to bring awareness to the world.

The Human Rights Foundation Mission
The Human Rights Foundation has a very specific mission with a number of important goals in mind. First, it is important to understand that the main goal of the mission is personal and individual freedom. For example, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom from personal slavery, freedom from torture, rights for equal treatment under the law, and much more. Attaining their goal is of global importance.

Human Rights Foundation Founder Thor Halvorssen
Thor Halvorssen is the founder of the Human Rights Foundation that is located in New York. This is a non-profit organization that works with various groups around the world promoting justice and equal treatment for all. The organization’s main goal focuses on bringing activists together with leaders to promote human rights.

Halvorssen began his journey back in 1989. He was a teen living in London. He organized a group that protest apartheid in South Africa. He became politically involved at a very young age. This is due to the injustice that his father faced as a political prisoner in a political prisoner in Venezuela. The Human Rights Foundation has served a very important purpose over the last few years. It has even helped to end the imprisonment of several unjustly held prisoners.

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