The Midas Legacy loves helping people achieve their dreams

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Everyone wants to become wealthy, but very few people understand how to manage their wealth. Several companies offer great wealth management services, but the Midas Legacy is one of the top wealth management companies in Florida.

The Midas Legacy is located in Winter Gardens, Florida. They have a huge variety of clients. Some clients are future entrepreneurs that want to help grow their business, while other clients are looking to plan for a retirement. Regardless of your situation, the Midas Legacy is happy to help.

The Midas Legacy was founded on one main goal, help their clients achieve their success. In many cases, the Midas Legacy offers capital to their clients. This capital can help their clients achieve their dreams. This capital can help clients achieve their dreams in fields like real estate, entrepreneurship, natural health, and finance.

The Midas Legacy commits themselves to helping their clients achieve their dreams from the moment a client walks through the door. Clients receive a copy of the Midas Code, a guide to the Midas Legacy lifestyle. Clients also become members of The Midas Legacy.

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The Midas Legacy Helps People Protect Their Retirement & Live Healthier

The company hires a team of specialists to ensure that members receive the best possible services. These specialists focus on several different fields so that members can become educated on their goal. These experts are truly diverse and include investors, entrepreneurs, and authors. These experts want to see you succeed, and the Midas Legacy is more than happy to help.

The Midas Legacy is an incredibly successful program. Hundreds of customers report a major increase in their wealth thanks to the Midas Legacy program. These customers love the personal touch that the Midas Legacy applies to each customer.

The Midas Legacy cares deeply about their customers, but they also care about their community. They have given generously to charities throughout Florida, including the Florida Sheriffs Association, the Give Hope Foundation, and St.Jude’s. They are constantly looking for special projects that they can help support.

The Midas Legacy has an amazing perspective on financial success, but they also care deeply about natural health. The organization has several natural health experts on staff, and they know the secrets that modern society does not have access to. These staff members will ensure that you live a long and happy life.

Everyone should seek out success, but you probably need a little help. The Midas Legacy has been helping people throughout the world achieve their dreams for years.

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Securus Made My Life Better

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Securus has created a really great service that I have needed for a long time so that I could check in with my mother, and it is a video call service that is very easy to use. I actually discovered the app from PR Newswire, and then I started using it as soon as I could. They made it so that we can have a video call that happens on my phone or tablet, and they made the whole process very simple. I was so happy with it that I will never have to try any other service again.

I get a video feed that works in the jail, and I get a video feed that makes it very easy to start talking. I have done a lot to make sure that I can talk to my mom, and this is the only service that I think put in as much work as I did. I did not want to end up in a place where I was not able to get a reliable call through, and I did not want to feel like I was wasting my time. This particular company mad made my life so much easier just with the use of one app.

I wanted to be sure that I can call when I wanted to because the jail is far away, and that is why I am now using Securus. I decided that I should use this because it is more efficient and is a good price. The whole thing helps me make sure that I can stay in touch with family, and now everyone is using it to talk to my mom. We can all get in on one call, and we all have the app on our devices so that we can place the calls ourselves.

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The Legal Career Of Sam Tabar

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Beginning a successful career in the legal field is a most challenging endeavor, which makes the story of how Sam Tabar achieved such success into a fascinating tale. Tabar is one of the finest attorneys with a reputation for excellence both as a lawyer and as a capital strategist. Even so, he still believes passionately that customer service is the most important skill to offer clients.

Sam Tabar presently works at FullCycle Fund in New York City. He built his career on the talents that have repeatedly opened professional doors for him. Sam first worked at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, where they recognized his abilities as both an excellent businessperson and lawyer and made him an associate, then promoted him to work in capital strategy and business development. By putting his time there to good use, Tabar was able to perfect his skills and gain vital experience in business development; his love for his job and for helping clients motivated him to achieve outstanding results in his work.

He then moved to the SPARX Group as Co-Head of Business Development and as Managing Director. In his time with SPARX Group his legal knowledge and experience were instrumental in building the business. Even though that work highly rewarding, Tabar felt the need to expand and express even greater potential. His next move took him to Bank of America Merrill Lynch as a director in the position of Head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region.

Tabar’s next move took him back to the legal field that he loves, to Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as a senior associate, where he gained experience in compliance issues and hedge funds, among other things. Tabar used this time to increase his reputation; his remarkable work there has taken him to the top of the field. Not content with the stellar career that led him to FullCycle Fund.

Sanjay Shah Discusses His Success As A Business Leader And Philanthropist

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Based in Dubai, Solo Capital founder Sanjay Shah has recently been providing his own thoughts on how best to cope with the pressures of being an entrepreneur and philanthropist. The financial expert has recently been explaining his own rise to success to the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise with Eric Dye as he seeks to provide those wanting to follow in his successful footsteps with the skills they need for success. Shah is well known in financial circles for his impressive track record of success, but has also become known for providing funding for autism research through the Autism Rocks charity he founded in 2014.

Sanjay Shah became a financial expert through his work on the London stock markets as a broker for some of the best respected corporations in the world; Shah had not always planned to become a financial expert, but had instead begun his training to become a doctor while at university in London. The switch in career for Sanjay Shah has reaped vast rewards with Shah working at major brokerages and establishing his own company, Solo Capital.

The turning point in the life of Sanjay Shah came when he found his career stalled by the 2008 economic slowdown that saw him faced with two very different career paths; Shah explained to Eric Dye that this is when he was filled with the entrepreneurial spirit. Shah was faced with the choice of becoming a broker on the London markets and missing much of the life of his young family, or entering semi retirement in Dubai and establishing his own company.

Shah provided a number of tips and gave advice to those hoping to be entrepreneurs in the future, including his own thought that future entrepreneurs should expect their business to cost more than they expect and the hours to be extremely long. Giving back to the community has become a major part of Shah’s life through his Autism Rocks charity, which was inspired by his own son’s diagnosis with autism; Shah has staged concerts with some of the most famous artists in history and recently announced the first music festival staged by the charity would take place in the United Arab Emirates in 2016.


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George Soros Warning Others to Prepare for a Bad Period

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When you think about some of the doomsday predictors and general naysayers in society then there are many who will think of people who are truly a little bit off. Whether they are wearing tin foil hats on their head or they create signs and sit on street corners warning that the end is near, there really aren’t a lot of people who will take the pessimistic views of these false prophets as serious let alone true. That is the reason, however, that when a major name starts to discuss something that could be on the horizon it is very important to listen and see if what they say has any truth to it.

Recently George Soros has started to predict that the economy is in for a fight and is going to take a beating. While there are those who would agree and would understand that the market could simply correct itself in the next year, the most important thing to remember is that not everyone is in agreement and not everyone believes that bad times are going to come. However, when someone as powerful, intelligent, and grounded as George Soros says that this is a major time period to be conscious of what is happening with the market, then it might just be important enough to listen to him and pay attention to what he is doing with his wealth as well.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

George Soros is someone who has obviously made statements in the past and whether he has always been correct or not he has always had a correct way of thinking and always practiced due diligence before he moved forward. This means that even if he is wrong about the specifics of how hard the market will hit, when it hits, or for how long the problems will last and the economy will be depressed, there is at least some evidence that suggests he could be right and this could be the best (only) time to prepare for the potential financial disaster on the horizon.

When you consider all of these items as being a possibility, you have to think about what you can do to take action yourself. It might not even seem like it is a reality or a guaranteed thing, but if you can start to look into the US Money Reserve and see just why people like Philip Diehl are deciding it is a perfect time to buy into gold then you can protect your investment position and be able to not only save money but make wealth as well just in case the markets do tank. At the end of the day you don’t need to be right on every prediction, but if George Soros is preparing for a hard economy, shouldn’t you at least think about a backup plan as well?

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Five Reasons Why Venezuela’s Economy is in a Meltdown

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Venezuela is experiencing a significant economic collapse. Recently president Nicolas Maduro declared on facebook a state of economic emergency due to a number of economic problems that have persisted over the course of recent months. While the nation stopped publishing economic data since 2014 it changed this policy and published it recently. Unfortunately the results were very negative as the economy shrank by 7.1% and has shrunk for the last seven consecutive quarters dating back to 2014. This economic meltdown has resulted in inflation of up to 141%. There are five reasons why the economy is in the current state that it is in.
The first reason why the nation is in an economic crisis is due to the oil crash, says expert Manuel Gonzalez. The Venezuelan economy is very dependent on oil. When oil prices were high it greatly benefited from this situation. However oil prices have fallen and therefore the nation is facing a shortage of revenues.

Another reason why the economy of Venezuela is in a meltdown is due to sharply declining currency value. In fact the currency of Venezuela is less than one American cent.

There is a power struggle in the nation as many political leaders are looking to remove Maduro from office. However he has appointed judges to block this removal. As a result there will be a lot of opposition which will prevent a new regime from taking over to improve the economic situation.

Since Venezuela is unable to pay its debts it now faces a default. By defaulting on its debts it will be unable to get funding from other countries to help it recover from the economic crisis. Therefore more inflation is likely to occur and create more economic problems.

Lastly there is a food crisis in which a majority of the population is unable to feed itself. With a massive food shortage, many citizens are unable to get adequate food supplies to meet their nutritional needs. As a result they have resorted to hunting animals in order to eat and survive.


Goettl is Aiming to Offer Better Services through Acquisition

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Acquisitions and mergers have been the best way of improving the business scenarios in the economy. Goettl led by Ken Goodrich as the CEO has acquired Moore Air Conditioning Company that has been in operation for over fifty years. Gaining more skilled and expert individuals in the home maintenance and conditioning services is critical in the industry.

Goettl Air Conditioning Acquires Moore Air Conditioning

Better and more experienced individuals will be absorbed into the job market in the next 12 months in Las Vegas. The purchase of the company continues to allow Goettl Brand as a company to continue in their commitment to providing the best experts and technicians to the respective clients who receives services from the organization.


Goettl is a group that is headed by Ken Goodrich, who fell in love with the service as a ten-year-old boy. He observed whenever his father was attending to clients’ queries and it gave him the right skills that are helping him manage the institution. He learned that customers need attention, and they should always be given the priority at any moment.


To offer the best residential services quality is vital and programs that are being funded by Goettl Air Conditioning are best suited for providing the required results in the market. The company was first established in 1939, and it has evolved since then where it has seen a great change in the market. Goodrich sponsors causes that are improving individual’s lives in all spheres.


Goodrich is working with various institutions to give back to the community. He is currently involved in sponsoring the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Lab at CSN. Also, he is also involved in funding the “Son of a Gun” a scholarship that awards a current student in the air conditioning industry who is from multiple generation families. Goettl is improving the general welfare of clients that he serves through such activities.



Alexei Beltyukov and Russia’s Troubled Economy

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Alexei Beltyukov is speaking out about news of trouble within the economy in Russia. Beltyukov works as the Skolkovo Foundation’s advisor. He was also one of the people who started the foundation. This renowned Russian organization works directly alongside venture capitals and startup companies alike. Since Beltyukov is concerned about the status of the Russian economy, he’s spent a lot of time as of late contemplating its potential downward spiral. He strongly thinks that Russia needs to promote entrepreneurs if it wants to get back on its feet again. Beltyukov thinks that it’s a good idea for the government in Russia to provide assistance to entrepreneurs and smaller businesses. He advocates the organization of brand new systems for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Beltyukov is based in Moscow, Russia’s vast capital city. He attended the Business School of the World (INSEAD) and graduated from it back in 1997. He earned a business MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from the institution. Beltyukov has roles with a handful of prominent global firms. He has established many notable companies as well. In 2003, he helped create Endemic Capital. He helped create New Gas Technologies three years later in 2006. Beltyukov is an industrious and innovative worker.  Follow Alexei on Facebook, as well as Twitter.

Helane Morrison: A Jack of all Trades

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No one wants to say it out loud, so I will: we all love money and we all love making money. It’s a fact. There is nothing wrong with saying that and nothing wrong with admitting it. It doesn’t make us greedy and it doesn’t make us selfish. It just means we like to know we are taken care of, have funds, and can provide for our family, save a little cash, and have something to leave behind for our families. There is one place, however, that is making money and doing it in a way that deserves to be respected and that is Hall Capital. recently announced that they are one of the most successful and largest money managers in the bay area.

They have done this with a diverse crew that comes from all sorts of backgrounds, gender, and education, according to the article. It just goes to show you that you can’t overlook someone based on anything. If they are the right person for the job, they are the right person for the job, and that is the bottom line. Everything else is irrelevant. They have $24 billion in assets. One of the key principals in charge of this is Helane Morrison. Let’s start of by talking about her education, which includes a B.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University and a a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law, where Helane was Editor-In-Chief of the California Law Review.

The journalism degree really impressed me as a writer myself. She has most likely covered a lot of interesting stories and not been afraid to ask the tough questions. She has been on the other end of the coin, so to the speak, and has been the reporter out in the field getting the news story done in a timely manner. Helane also has a legal background, which also gives her even more respect in my book, if that was even possible. It shows that she knows the law, which is vital in today’s world. You need to know what’s going on and how to cover yourself and your company. Anytime you are a successful, you never know when someone might try to come after you with a fake lawsuit. However, with Helane Morrison, she knows the law, so no one can get to her or try to bring her down.

In the end, one thing is true: Helane Morrison will stand the test of time.

Bernardo Chua is Known Around the World

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The Direct Sales Industry and Bernardo Chua
Bernardo Chua is indeed known around the globe. He is known as one of the biggest names within the entire direct sales industry. He is also the founder and CEO of OrganoGold. He has introduced many individuals to ganoderma. This is a mushroom. It grows in various spots around the globe, this can be found growing on a log. This mushroom is considered to be a herb. Bernardo is one of the very first people to market this mushroom. This is considered to be a mushroom that is highly admired and respected in China along with some other Asian countries. Chua used this herb and marketed it in teas and coffees. He was able to set up a business model that incorporated direct sales. He had the ability to grow this business and take direct sales around the world. Bernardo Chua holds the belief that direct sales is an exceptional method to use within his line of business.

Bernardo Chua and a Created Company
It was the year 2008 when Chua created a company that would fill a need for many. He discovered a way to take ganoderma lucidum products to a high level. These are products that had been in circulation within Asian markets. He had the idea to bring these products to the Western world. He incorporated education about the numerous benefits that this herb could offer. He is an individual who is a firm believer in clear information. Knowledge will lead to trust. His success has been a result of ethical business practices.

Bernie Chua and OrganoGold
OrganoGold is based right in Canada. This business has numerous Distributors all around the world. This reaches one million Distributors. Bernardo Chua had the remain in the lead with the competition. He has had the ability to grow this business because he has incorporated knowledge, ethics, clear business guidelines, along with honesty into this entire business. He is filling many needs with his creation while providing superior products that are of the highest quality. He is an experienced individual.  Be sure to follow his social media.  Bernardo can be found on Twitter, as well as Facebook.

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