Babies Register Pain Just Like Adults

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Because they are tiny beings who cannot communicate effectively, babies are oftentimes misunderstood in what they want from us. This has led adults to believe that babies do not register pain in the same way as us, but in fact, recent studies have proven otherwise.

At Oxford University, researchers studied 10 healthy babies between ages of 1 to 6 days old and 10 healthy adults between the ages of 23 to 36. While inside an MRI machine, sleeping babies were prodded with a special retracting rod. The adults were exposed to the same stimulus and scans showed that 18 out of the 20 brain regions active for pain in adults were lit up in babies. The babies’ brains also responded in a similar manner to 4 times the pain in adults.

Brad Reifler deduced that this valuable study has shown that not only do babies register pain similar to adults, but they also have a much lower threshold for it. This disputes the popular previous belief that babies’ brains are developed enough to register pain.

Because babies are not administered pain medication for surgeries like adults are, perhaps doctors should rethink their surgical procedures to make them more bearable for infants.

Fans Given New Hope After Full House Announcement

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Actor John Stamos confirmed on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week that Netflix has picked up the late 80’s/early 90’s family sitcom Full House for a 2016 13-episode run with a new title called “Fuller House.” Stamos confirmed that, so far, Andrea Barber, Candace Cameron-Bure and Jodie Sweetin will be returning to the series.

James Poniewozik for TIME immediately argued early morning on Tuesday, April 21, that this decision was a bad one and merely another example of TV networks trying to fill gaps in programming with content they know viewers used to like instead of producing original new content. He suggested that Neflix’s action is also another part of the recent “reboot” trend that has become too much of a fallback solution to viewer dissatisfaction with much of the new content does exist.

Most fans, including Sam Tabar, don’t see the return of Full House as the same as a reboot. Instead, they see it as an opportunity to revisit old “friends” years later. This trend is actually like the soap opera trend of bringing back old characters years after they’ve disappeared or supposedly died.

For fans of series that networks have pulled too soon because of low initial ratings or lower demographic-specific ratings, like Almost Human, Awake, Life, Jericho, Terra Nova and Eye Candy, this type of news gives them hope of seeing certain shows receiving better endings then they received the first time around.

Ben Stiller’s Still Got It

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Ben Stiller has turned into one of the more enjoyable dramatic actors in Hollywood today and that is a feat many supposed impossible after his early career choices. Stiller made his fame as a slapstick, dumb comedy actor with movies like ‘Zoolander’ and ‘There’s Something About Mary’. But it was clear that Stiller always had a little bit more underneath his sleeves than people thought. ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ was one of our favorite films of the past five years due to its uplifting message and finely tuned performance by Stiller and now ‘While We’re Young’ can get added to that list.

Noah Baumbach took the reigns for this title and this is not the first time he has worked with Stiller. The two had previously worked together on the lacking film ‘Greenberg’. Baumbach has had mainstream success as the director of ‘The Fantastic Mr. Fox’. So there was some reason to be excited for this indie inspired coming-of-age (though not in the way you think).

The film centers on ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as a middle aged, child-free couple. The two profess their happiness but are tinged with doubt at every turn. Their best friends are new parents and that is hard for them to reconcile with. Stiller’s character is sweating over a documentary that he has been working on for the last ten years, one that has clearly gotten out of control. Mayybe he should hire Homejoy to manage the chores in his life so he can focus.

The film features astounding work from Adam driver and Amanda Seyfried in support and it combines laughter and soul in appropriate measures.

Man Rescued from fall on Philadelphia Subway

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Alfred McNamee is lucky to be alive today. He has a Good Samaritan to thank for his livelihood. Charles Collins jumped into action like a super hero when McNamee accidentally fell from the subway platform down onto the tracks in Philadelphia.

The scene took place about 6:30 p.m. Wednesday evening. A camera caught the entire incident unfolding in real time. McNamee walks perilously close to the edge of the platform and falls onto the tracks with a single misstep.

Onlooker Crystal Hunt (visit her site witnessed the event and stated that without a second thought, Collins ran over to help. He risked his own life by jumping down onto the tracks where a train could have arrived any second. He then lifted the helpless man back up onto the platform with the help of onlookers.

McNamee was taken to the hospital with a broken back, broken ribs and a spleen injury that could require surgery. There’s no doubt that McNamee couldn’t have gotten back onto the platform without assistance. Collins visited McNamee in the hospital but said he does not consider himself to be a hero.

I think that any time someone risks their own well being for a stranger you can consider them a hero. Collins was the only person present who was willing to jump down onto the tracks to help the injured man escape danger.

U.S. Bridge Collapses

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Earlier this year, many news outlets revealed that the majority of America’s bridges are old, breaking down and falling in pieces on highways and other types of heavily used traffic paths. The problem is so bad and funding so insufficient that it could take 30 years to fix the bridges that are currently old.

During the afternoon of Wednesday, April 15, before 3 p.m. EDT, a concrete and steel pedestrian bridge with a steel cage-style top built over railroad tracks in Berwyn Heights, Maryland, collapsed on the Metro train railway line below it after a crane operator contracted from Skanska accidentally hit it lightly with a crane boom.

Igor Cornelsen ( has learned that, although the track was cleared, and the MARC and Metro services restored by early this morning, regional residents and commuters are now concerned and asking a lot of questions about both the incident and the safety of the bridges in Maryland. Specifically, they are trying to find out why the boom hit the bridge to begin with and whether the bridge’s age had anything to do with the collapse. If age was a factor in the collapse, they want to know what officials plan to do about Maryland’s aging bridges before another one collapses and hurts or kills one or more people.

As of 11 a.m. EDT, they have not yet received much information except that the crane operator had several decades of experience.

Woman Finds Her Doppelganger

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Finding your doppelganger has become a new trend for people all over the world. Three friends made a bet to see if it was possible to find their twin in just one month. Niamh Geaney, Harry English, and Terence Manzanita have begun their search. Niamh Geaney astonishingly discovered a woman named Karen Branigan that looks exactly like her. Niamh found Karen over the Internet, and the women were shocked at the startling physical similarities that they share. The women live only 45-minutes away from each other in Ireland. Both Karen and Niamh were terrified to meet one another. Niamh said, “she looks so much like me that I freaked out.” The women have since become friends, and they recently met in person. This story has inspired Crystal Hunt and many others to search for their very own doppelganger.

Niamh and Karen put on the same clothes, and it was almost impossible to tell them apart. Niamh’s friends have not found their twins yet, but the challenge is still on for a few more weeks. However, a lot of people have begun searching for their doppelganger. Many people are actually finding strangers that look exactly like them. Is this phenomenon just coincidence, or is there something that scientists have yet to discover within human DNA? For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

A Megabush and a Semi Collide Outside Indianapolis

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This morning around 5:30 a.m. a double decker passenger Megabus collided with a semi on busy I-65, resulting in multiple injuries. The accident happened on a stretch of road near Edinburgh, Indiana, about 35 miles outside of Indianapolis.

Two cars also became involved in the collision, which sent some 19 people to the hospital. Initial reports from the scene had indicated a lower number of casualties. Fortunately, none of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening. The accident resulted in a four-mile long backup of traffic along the southbound lane of I-65 this morning.

The Indiana State Patrol indicated that the Megabus company was “fully cooperating” in the investigation of the accident this morning. A passenger, Vanessa Simmons, reported to a news station that: “The glass was everywhere. My seat cushion threw me three seats to the front.”

The Megabus was traveling on the highway on a regular route between Chicago and Atlanta. Last year, another Megabus was involved in an accident in Indiana, and that scared Ricardo Guimarães BMG a little. That collision resulted in a number of injuries.

Patti Smith’s New Memoir

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Patti Smith’s New Memoir

Patti Smith is a well known poetic artist who first came onto the entertainment scene during the 1970s. Nowadays it seems she’ll be adding new works to her collection. I hadn’t read too many of her books until recently, as I was just introduced to them when my colleague Crystal Hunt gave me a couple of her books.

This Monday, Smith announced that a new rock memoir about her life would be coming out this fall. The book is entitled “M Train,” is basically about an autobiography about Smith’s “journey” through 18 different “stations” which are really the most critical moments in her life.

M Train is also a follow up Smith’s award-winning memoir called “Just Kids,” which talks about her life story with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. This new memoir is going to start with a narrative of Smith in Greenwich Village, New York, but then shift to different avenues of creativity, or reality and dreams, as her publisher says. Some of that section will include stories she had of Fred “Sonic” Smith, the guitarist of the band MC5, whom she was married to, and who died in 1994.

When asked about the book, Smith stated that she actually sent it to her publisher last year even though she first started working on it back in 2011. She also said that it was basically her writing about whatever she wanted to, including her fondest memories of Fred Smith.

This current memoir will definitely be similar to “Just Kids,” which showed her encounters with other music legends like Jimi Hendrix.

Missing Hiker Feared Dead Found After 10 Days Missing

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Kevin Landis is a 53-year-old man who left for a hike on April 1st. Co-workers raised the alarm to him missing and contacted authorities after he did not call or show up to for work at Harris Engineering for several days. Authorities searched his home for clues as to where he may have gone hiking but found nothing that helped them.

Surprisingly, Landis has resurfaced in good condition according to the story on 8 News Now. Landis made a phone call to his co-workers who were stunned to hear from the missing man. Landis made his call from the Techatticup Gold Mine General Store which is near Nelson’s Landing to his co-workers giving them the location of his whereabouts. It is suspected that Landis went hiking near River Mountain Loop and ended up about 60 miles away from where he started.

Landis was found in good condition, which relieved Paul Mathieson a bit. He said that he survived 10 days by eating protein bars he brought and drinking purified river water. He being treated at the St. Rose Dominican Hospital for dehydration. Search and rescue teams were pleased to hear that it was a rescue mission rather than a recovery one.

Smart Investing The Igor Cornelsen Way

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As the global economy improves and individuals’ disposal incomes along with it, many of them are considering investing it. After all, intelligent investing can return impressive profits. On the other hand, poor investing choices can have serious, sometimes devastating consequences.

It’s not as though would be investors have nowhere to turn for advice. There are many people offering suggestions on where one should put their money, but do they actually know what they’re talking about? One individual whose investment advice can certainly be taken is Igor Cornelsen. While his is a name well known in financial circles, he is little known in the United States. He is a retired Brazilian investment banker who was among the first in that field to specialize in the practice of investing in damaged stocks. Companies in serious investment straits cannot always recover and make for poor investments. But troubled stock can another matter. Its problems may be due to problems or fluctuations involving a stock market. Often, once “the bigger picture” is corrected, these individual stocks do too.

The trick is of course, to be able to interpret the health of investments correctly, and Cornelsen has been very successful at this. After retiring from Brazilian financial services, he went on to found his own firm. Bainbridge Investments, Inc. under Cornelsen’s guidance shows clients how to assemble successful portfolios and make wise long term investments. In addition to working with clients, Cornelsen remains much in demand as a international statesman in terms of financial advice. He is often quoted in CNN and Forbes articles on investment matters, especially concerning Brazil’s burgeoning economy.

He is also generous with offering free investment advice. So while a novice investor might not yet be ready to take a portfolio to Bainbridge Investments or invest in Brazil, they might well want to take heed of his financial knowhow. First, Cornelsen warns that successful investing can take a longterm commitment. Investing with the idea that funds can be withdrawn quickly guarantees no profit. Instead, pick an investment that you are able to stick with for years, perhaps decades. Don’t place large amounts of money with a single investment, but instead, have a number of long term investments with small amounts of money promised to each one. While stocks can have their ups and downs, Cornelsen advises looking at the company itself. Invest with companies with a solid business and financial history, instead of the latest new flashy stock.

And for potential investors wondering if the “Cornelsen Way” really works, consider his lifestyle. Officially retired, he runs Bainbridge Investments as a hobby, enjoying multiple homes on two continents, and lots of golf.

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