Dr. Jennifer Walden Paves the Way

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One of America’s most renowned plastic surgeons, Dr. Jennifer Walden, has seen a substantial amount of success over her 8-year career, successfully navigating a world dominated by her male counterparts and thriving. Recently relocating to her hometown of Austin, TX, Dr. Walden worked in New York City for the majority of her careers, where Jennifer Walden specialized in cosmetic procedures such as rhinoplasticy, breast augmentation, face-lifts, and liposuction, as well as minimally invasive procedures such as Botox injections. Dr. Walden is well aware that in the world of plastic surgery, she is a rarity, as this field has traditionally been dominated by men. She believes that the reason for the male dominance in cosmetic surgery is because of the strict obligations that may call for the postponement of major life decisions, such as bearing children. While Dr. Walden also believes that being a woman in this industry does come with a few advantages. Many of Dr. Walden’s female clients have often expressed an increased comfort level with her due to the fact that she is a woman and can relate to many of the feelings that they are experiencing. Dr. Walden understands that in an environment dominated by men, similar to a job on Wall Street, she constantly has to prove herself, and prior to her relocation, she admits that she was worried about the changing from the bustling New York City life to Austin, TX, which was considerably tamer. Her worries quickly subsided when she realized the demand for cosmetic procedures was very prevalent in Texas, just as was the case in New York. Today, Dr. Walden resides on the board of one of the most prestigious professional organizations for plastic surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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A Review of Dr. Clay Siegall Input at Seattle Genetic

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Clay Siegall is renowned for his interest in Genetics and oncology. Clay Siegall attained a B.S degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland. He later proceeded to achieve his Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics from George Washington University. From 1988 to 1991, he joined National Cancer Institute, and from 1991, he worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb Research Institute. In 1998, Dr. Siegall alongside his partner started the Seattle Genetics, and he is currently the Chairman, president, and CEO.

Dr. Siegall sits on the board of various organizations such as Mirna Therapeutics, Alder Biopharmaceuticals and, Ultragenyx Pharmaceuticals and a member of Compensation Committee. His interest and training in science have stressed on involved to possible cancer therapies available. Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics has become the top researcher in antibody cancer curing method.

The Seattle Genetics

Based in Seattle, Washington, Seattle Genetics focuses its attention on the growth and sale of advanced antibodies that can be used to cure cancer. The company has been analyzing, controlling and putting medicine into packages. Some of its recognized drug includes Adcetris. It uses the Lego Bricks found in its lobby as a symbol of the company’s capability of being a linkage of antibodies. The cancer cell is ruined from within it by the antibodies, a scheme that could put Seattle genetics together with the big shots in the industry.

Founded in 1998 by Dr. Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics vision is to be in the midst of the few organizations that are finely tuned from biotechnology companies to large pharmaceutical ones. The recruiting of 200 extra employees this year is foreseen as the firm intends on putting into place more research and marketing measures.

However, if the Adcetris drug known to deal with cancer of the lymph known as Hodgkin lymphoma proves to work, then the Seattle Genetics could increase its Sales. The company president discourages any chance of selling the company and is still working on developing the already listed drugs of interest. Seattle Genetics has spread in global marketing by stating a base in Switzerland. To acquire more knowledge, Seattle Generic has partnered with Takeda Company.

The CEO, Mr. Seigall predicts that four of the 11 drugs that are being developed by Seattle Genetics are more likely to prosper in the market. With the Adcetris already given the green light by the Food and Drug Administration, this could drive the sales hitting a high of $1billion.

Securus Technologies Protecting Fellow Corrections Officers

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Each day that me and my fellow corrections officers are on the job, I know that I have their backs as they have mine. We have to take better care of each other lately because the inmates not only outnumber us, they are growing increasingly violent towards authority. Many of the inmates that are serving lengthy sentences will not think twice about putting a knife in an officers back because they have nothing to lose and credibility with their inmates to gain. This is a serious problem for me and for my fellow corrections officers.


In an effort to get back control and not allow the inmates the ability to run all over staff, we have had to utilize a few unique pieces of technology recently. It started when we installed new body scanners in the visitor center for being able to identify if anyone on the outside is smuggling in things like drugs or weapons for the inmates. Then we decided it was time to get a better listen to what the inmates are saying on the prison phones, so we reached out to Securus Technologies to help update our monitoring system.


Securus Technologies is leading the charge for state prisons across the country to lock down their security. Their inmate call monitoring systems are already in thousands of these jails, and the CEO of the company says that the objective of his employees is making this world safer. The LBS software is the key to the new system, allowing my fellow officers to get back to doing what we do best while it scans the calls inmates are making and will alert officers if anything related to drugs, weapons, or gang issues are discussed. Now we feel like we have the technology working on our side and finally giving us the ability to once again level that playing field.


Dr. S. Mark McKenna is a Pioneering Entrepreneurial Doctor

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Dr. S. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor, businessman and entrepreneur. He earned his medical degree from Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans, LA. He began his medical practice with his father while launching a real estate development business called McKenna Venture Investments. Later on, he acquired Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc. The company offered turnkey design-build development, finance and real estate closing services and successfully grew to more than 50 employees.

Dr. Mark McKenna was instrumental in helping to rebuild the City of New Orleans following the destruction of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Then, in 2007, McKenna relocated to Atlanta, Georgia and established ShapeMed. It is a wellness and aesthetic based medical practice, which was eventually sold. In 2017, McKenna was the founder of OVME, an entity that is putting a spin on elective healthcare.

Dr. McKenna is a family man with a wife and daughter. He is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization and has also served as a New Orleans Jazz Festival board member. He is also very community minded and it is important to help his community when possible.

McKenna is a man who sets goals and then works to achieve those goals. He is also a fan of meditation and finds the combination of meditation and working towards a goal is very successful for him. He loves to read and finds reading one of the best avenues for education, other than formal schooling. A strategy that has worked for him as a businessman and entrepreneur is to always surround himself with people that are more intelligent than he is.

Dr. McKenna was a featured guest on the CBS television show entitled “Doctorpreneur.” The show highlighted the medical professions entrepreneurial spirit in the healthcare and medical profession. He was joined by several other doctors who work in Anesthesiology and developed a tool that helps surgeons organize and account for surgical equipment while in the operating room. The system helps to lower mistakes made in the operating room while lowering surgical times. Dr. McKenna discussed ShapeMed and the work they do. The company helps patients feel better about themselves by offering cosmetic methods and treatments.

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Equities First Holdings Australia

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Equities First Holdings Australia specialize in financial solutions for corporations, individuals, and businesses It’s an institution who has global operations in Hong Kong, North America, Singapore, and Australia. The professional team is there to assist all clients with their investment, loan, and financial needs.

Equities First Holdings is best known for stock-based loans, which can be approved with minutes. Of course the margin loans require more eligibility before the loan is approved. The company is committed to serve every client and investors in a professional an trusted way. It’s also a place to obtain funding for successful growth or investment.

Success Modeling with Brown Agency

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The Brown Agency is a modeling company that has a plethora of models in different locations. This is a Texas based company, but there are models in a lot of different locations throughout the United States. The Brown Agency definitely makes it easier for more people to get into the modeling industry because it has a connection to clients that have a diverse number of modeling needs.

This is what models have to realize in this day and age. For models is this is great, but models have to consider having some level of diversity. This is what Brown Agency has.

It is going to be easy for people to recognize talent from Brown modeling agency. This company has been able to connect a lot of talent and models with companies that are in need of voice over, print ad, television commercial and magazine cover models. Brown Agency has been very instrumental in the increase of models that are from Texas. This company has managed to create quite a large community of models from Austin, but this is not the only place the Brown Agency recruits models.

Brown Agency is spreading out in a major way to become the company that connects models from a wide arrangement of companies that are in need of models diverse backgrounds. It doesn’t matter what the ethnicity or age of the model is. Brown has a diverse number of models from different areas like New York, California and Texas. There are senior citizen models and children that are in modeling for Brown Agency.

This company has become very productive when it comes to connecting clients to these models in the various areas of modeling for major companies like Louis Vuitton. When it comes to fashion this is one of the hottest names around, and it makes sense for a company like Brown Agency to help models stay connected to the fashion trend setters. For more details visit Crunchbase.

There are a lot of people in the fashion industry that are looking for talent. Brown Agency has become the company that has been able to turn out many models that are ready for the runway. These models are also multi-talented so many of them transition into other modeling jobs. This is what Brown has been able to do for the modeling community. It has been able to help models find consistent work by giving clients the ability to choose from a large modeling roster.

There is a lot of talent out there to consider when it comes to modeling. Models have a lot of other aspiring models to compete against. That’s why it is a good idea to get connected to an agency that has an abundant amount of work.

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Rocketship Education

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Rocketship Education is a California based chartered non-profit school that works with educators, parents, and community organizations to create conducive learning environment for children from low income families. The school also specializes in teaching English language to students who are preparing for college.

The school was open official in 2007, and since then it has attracted many people’s attention. The method of teaching employed in this institution is what is creating a buzz. They use both the traditional teaching technique with online teaching and computer based instructions to minimize administrative expenditure. The initial tests are highly rated and the heavy dependence on computers and ability to maintain their high test scores is what makes this school great.

In 2013, the Rocketship Education was issued with a Charter by the D.C Public Charter School Board. In this regard, they were permitted to open at least 8 new schools in the District.

The most interesting thing about Rocketship Education is that parents take part in teachers hiring process. Unlike many other learning institutions where many parents don’t know how teachers are hired, here parents are given an opportunity to hire teachers few months before the school opens or classes begin.

So, how does this process works? How do parents take part in teachers hiring process? Perry Stein published an article on the Washington Post early last year explaining how parents participate in this process.

The CEO and co-founder of Rocketship Education, Preston Smith was interviewed by Education Week where he told them that parents have always been involved in every decision that the school makes.

Parents are usually invited when the school is interviewing and hiring new teachers. Actually, it’s the parents who choose the families that will take part in the interviewing of teachers. The school only trains and prepares them to sit on the panel. After the selection, the school can arrange a community meeting where parents are invited to meet the new teachers. It’s therefore not easy for parents and school management to be in a situation where they don’t agree.

One-on-One with the Successful Entrepreneur: Greg Sucker

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Greg Secker is an avid entrepreneur, international speaker, and generous philanthropist. He has spoken to leading channels including Bloomberg and CNBC. Greg established the Greg Secker Foundation to participate in improving the quality of life of communities globally. In an interview with ideamensch, Greg revealed that the idea of starting his company, Learn to Trade, came out of opportunity and boredom.

Greg Secker had more focus on starting the company after working in the foreign department of a prestigious asset management bank and relocating to the United Kingdom after spending many years in the United States. He felt inspired to teach people about investments after trading from home. Greg was motivated to help people with the same ideas and tool he had gained while working at the asset management bank.

Greg Secker turns ideas into reality by thinking about the idea and its many stages and then falling in love with the illusion of the idea. Greg believes that pre-vision is important to allow the brain to go through the ideas’ steps and get passionate about the idea before implementing the real idea. Greg is excited about the trend of disseminating information through video and TV broadcaster. Greg Secker gives himself time to become a productive entrepreneur. Lastly, Greg encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to read more books to learn the perception of other people concerning business aspects.

The Personal Experiences of Greg Secker

Greg is the famed founder of The Greg Secker Foundation apart from being the owner of Capital Index and Learn to Trade and SmartCharts software. Greg became a popular multi-billionaire by his twenties. He has established one of the leading successful trading companies in Europe. Greg owns a leading trader coaching company. Moreover, he has a passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs.

Greg started his career at Thomas Cook Financial services before becoming a multi-billionaire. Later, he shifted to the work at a foreign exchange business to manage a new business called Virtual Trading Desk (VTD). After a while, Greg relocated to work in Mellon Financial Corporation where he served as the Vice President. He gained skills of trading strategies while working at the firm. Greg exited the firm when he had more money in his bank account. He began working on establishing his company. Greg founded Learn to Trade after three months.



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  Sujit Choudhry joined the prominent constitutional experts on July 10th. Sujit is a well-known director of the Centre of Constitutional Transitions. In the meeting with the experts, a discussion was held on the presidential system and the challenges affecting the government of Ukraine. The people who had hosted the seminar include the great thinkers of Ukraine such the electorate assistance, intergovernmental organizations that help in maintaining democracy all over the world among other icons in related fields. Choudhry pointed out how privileged he was to discuss executive influences with such adored experts. He again pointed out that the democracy of Ukraine had been undergoing instability. He mentioned that this instability had been brought about by political parties that were weak, and a lot of focus on the power of the presidency among other such related things.  Added reference on papers.ssrn.com.

In this roundtable meeting were notable persons such as Thomas Sedelius from Dalama University, the representative the rights of people in Ukraine, Vladimir Vasilenko among other experts. These people are known to possess vast knowledge on constitutional matters. Sujit has released his “Constitutional Making” book with several top-notch articles on various Case Studies as well as Constitutional Law. Being an expert in advising nations across the world on Constitutional Process, he has his articles trusted. Refer to constitutionaltransitions.org for an additional article.

He again went ahead and mentioned that many scholars are interested in the topic under discussion, constitution making. These scholars concentrate on a certain portion of articles and case studies then gather their information from there as he further noted.  To read his blogs, head over to his linkedin.com page.

Sujit Choudhry worked as a professor of law at various universities in America such as the University of California where he worked as a dean. He again worked in Toronto University as the Scholl Chair. He got his degrees in law from Harvard, Toronto, and Oxford. To keep up-to-date with his recent work, click this.

He is an icon in the constitutional matters hence the reason he is recognized globally by so many nations. He has also published a book rich in constitutional matters “Constitutional Making’’ to enlighten the world on legal matters. Check indiawest.com.

To read more about his advisory work visit http://sujitchoudhry.com/advisory-work/


Get Help For Your Personality Disorder – Download TalkSpace Today

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Antisocial Disorder in individuals may cause those in loving relationships with them to be on the receiving end of a lack of empathy. Disregard for others needs or feelings, verbal and sometimes physical abuse are often complaints that come from husbands, wives, significant others, and even children. The difficulty of living with a person who suffers from Antisocial Disorder is the manipulation, dishonesty and other tactics that satisfy their wants and needs.

That person needs help, but one can not subject themselves or children to continuous abuse. First, the acceptance that this situation is not the fault of the loved one is key, and a plan of separation from the person who is considered a sociopath. A new home, dependable income, and legal aid are just some of the things to be considered. Documentation of rudeness, abuse, and failures to follow through must be kept, especially when children are involved.

Borderline Personality Disorder can be just as challenging to friends and family. Often taking offense when things do not go as planned, seeing events as either black or white without a possible gray area of debatability. Friends are normally offended by the unauthorized use of clothing or valuables, distasteful comments are made while sitting at the family dinner table, and unhealthy codependency with unrealistic expectations are just some of the behaviors of a person struggling to exist with Borderline Personality Disorder.

If you know someone who needs professional help, consider suggesting TalkSpace. TalkSpace is an innovative app that allows people to receive seek therapy from the over 1500 licensed therapists that are standing by. Multiple payments plans are available, and maintaining an anonymous profile is optional. TalkSpace has helped people who could not attend traditional therapy to reach the breakthroughs that they so desperately need.

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