Animal Activism in History and Today in New York

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Animal activism has existed for a long time. People like Keith Mann advocate for animal rights, the idea that animals are entitled to their own lives and should not suffer, in many different ways. Some, called abolitionists, believe in the moral rights of animals and worry that people today view animals as things to be used. They advocate for the elimination of using animals in any way and are ethical vegans. Another form animal activists take is as protectionists, who seek reform in the way animals are treated.

Animal activists sometimes break laws in order to achieve their goals of helping animals. Keith Mann on youtube is one such activist. He acted as a spokesperson for the Animal Liberation Front. The ALF was created in 1976 as a revolutionary movement. They pursue animal rights with direct, illegal action, such as taking animals from labs and farms, and destroying facilities. While the activists say the ALF is nonviolent, spokespersons come under criticism for not speaking out against acts of violence or for having actively participated in them themselves.

Keith Mann first encountered animal rights activists in 1982. His first experience removing an animal was a rabbit he felt was being treated poorly and whose owner refused to do anything about. After he liberated the rabbit from its hutch, his views on theft changed forever and he has considered himself a proud ALF activist ever since. He was sentenced in 1994 for conspiring to set meat trucks on fire after his protests over the treatment of chickens in the factory farms were ignored. He was sentenced to fourteen years, which was reduced to eleven years on appeal. It was one of the longest sentences handed out to animal activists in Britain at the time.

Today, animal’s rights are still fought for. New York has many organizations working for animal rights. One, the NYCLASS, is an animal advocacy organization which organizes and mobilizes voters to move humane legislation through the system. They advocate for many things, such as the rights of the NYC carriage horses, banning puppy mills, increasing funding for shelters, and requiring sprinklers in pet stores. Another New York organization is the People for Animal Rights, which focuses on educating people about animal rights and protecting the Earth. They make presentations about those topics to middle schools, high schools, and colleges, providing videos and handouts and encouraging discussions. With these legal, although slower, methods, activists of all kinds are still trying to grant animals the rights they believe they deserve.

The New Way To Shop Through Slyce

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Slyce is an app that has a new phenomena integrated into it called product recognition technology. Instead trying to find a product you want to buy by typing out the name, code numbers or description, you simply send an image of that product to Slyce and they will find you exactly what you’re looking for. The product could be anything from jewelry, food, and sportswear to car tires and home improvement tools. Image searching, or reverse image lookup isn’t new to the internet users as it’s been used within Google Images itself for finding image matches, but Slyce is one of the first apps that’s exclusively integrated it for shopping use.

What’s the benefit of Slyce over other traditional online shopping outlets? Slyce saves time because you don’t have to try to wade through pages of results trying to find a match you’re looking for by having to add and remove all kinds of criteria from your search parameters. You just simply find what you want to buy by taking a picture of it, uploading it, and letting Slyce do the rest for you. What’s more is the amount of information that’s available through product recognition and what it means for the future.

Because of the emergence of online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and others many consumers have started visiting retail outlets to take a look at items and see the specs before purchasing them online for cheaper deals. But some stores have now begun taking product recognition apps for their brands and pairing them with customers who are looking at the item and plan to check-out online. That way both the customer and the business win on the deal and nobody loses money.

Product recognition may also change the way you buy food or which fast food chains you visit. Using information from various notable databases, product recognition can take images of food and provide the user with valuable nutrition facts or health qualities associated with the food. The medical clinics and hospitals are also starting to take product recognition technology and utilize it for different x-rays, scans, sonograms and other medical diagnosis equipment to determine what symptoms or diseases a patient might have. While it’s still a major work in progress, the day that product recognition becomes an everyday use in society seems to be just around the corner, and Slyce is a company helping to pioneer the way.

Human Rights Activist Yonmi Park to speak At Depauw

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DePauw University has, since 1986, hosted the world’s most recognized scholars, leaders and artists through its Ubben Lecture Series. This October, the University will host its youngest Ubben Lecturer ever when human rights activist Yeonmi Park comes to campus to share her story about fleeing the tyrannical regime of North Korea.

I came across this event on DePauw’s own website which describes what promises to be a memorable experience. Park will share her story of both escaping North Korea and her experience with the human traffickers of the North Korean and Chinese underworlds. Her inspirational message throughout is that the world must always keep in mind the struggles of the North Korean people as they face both an oppressive government and unscrupulous traffickers who seek to exploit the desires of those who seek freedom.

Park was born in North Korea in 1993. She was raised by parents who were civil servants and relatively well off compared to most North Koreans. But Park’s comparatively privileged lifestyle came to an end in 2002 when her father was arrested for allegedly illicit business activities he resorted to during a famine. Her father was sentenced to hard labor and was only released when he fell ill due to the harsh conditions of his imprisonment. He realized at that time that the family could avoid starvation was to flee the country.

Park had already been dreaming of freedom ever since she viewed a pirated copy of the film “Titanic.” The film’s message of sacrificing for true love made her realize that she could not accept the North Korean’s regime’s dictate that all citizens must sacrifice only for the good of the state.

Park and her family endured severe hardship at the hands of the traffickers who assist those desperate to leave North Korea. She was separated from her sister at the beginning of her journey. Her father died of cancer and her mother was raped by the traffickers supposedly assisting them.

Finally, in 2009, Park and her mother crossed into Mongolia and sought refuge in the South Korean embassy. She and her mother settled in South Korea and five years later were miraculously reunited with her sister. Since settling in South Korea, Park has become an activist on behalf of those remaining in North Korea, telling the world of the plight of her people.

Park’s lecture will take place on October 5th, one day after her 22nd birthday. Her speech will be followed by a question and answer session and a signing of her newly published book “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.”

Thongs and Hot Bods: A Review of Magic Mike XXL

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Magic Mike XXL, the sequel to the 2012 box office hit Magic Mike, is filled with thongs and hot bods. However, the eye candy isn’t the only reason you should see this male-stripper comedy. The movie picks up where the first one left off with Mike, played once again by Channing Tatum, and his crew headed to Myrtle Beach for a stripper convention. Throughout the movie, the Kings of Tampa meet a slew of eccentric characters that help them in many ways. One of these characters is Lauren, a strong women portrayed by the talented Crystal Hunt. This isn’t the first strong female role that Crystal Hunt has taken on, however. She has portrayed various strong women in primetime and daytime dramas since 2003.

Hunt was born in Clearwater Florida and began participating in pageants at the young age of two. She went on to star in a wide array of commercials, including an antidrug advertisement featuring the popular boy band ‘NSYNC. She also had an uncredited role in the 1991 family comedy film Problem Child 2. Hunt is best known for her role as Lizzie Spaulding on the soap opera Guiding Light. In 2009, Hunt joined the beloved soap opera One Life to Live as Stacy Morasco.

Hunt’s talents haven’t gone unnoticed as she was nominated in 2005 for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series. Hunt is as active behind the cameras as she is in front, and is the executive producer of the upcoming horror film entitled Talbot County. Along with the ridiculously fun Magic Mike XXL, Hunt has appeared in various other films including The Derby Stallion and Sydney White. Most recently, you can find Hunt in the docu-series Queens of Drama, which is currently shown on the U.S. TV network Pop.

Famous Authors of Brazil

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Brazil has a rich literary history. While the number of Brazilian authors is to extensive to discuss them all in-depth, a few current Brazilian authors are discussed below.

Jaime Garcia Dias is an award winning author from Rio de Janeiro. The son of a writer, Dias developed a passion for writing early. By 18, Dias had dedicated himself to the study of literature. After completing his studies, he continued on as a teacher at the Carioca Literature Academy. In 2001, he won the White Crane prize, awarded to promising young Brazilian writers. Dias has since been awarded multiple prizes for his books. With more than twenty published works, Days has become a standout in Brazilian fiction.

Louisa Geisler is an up and coming young Brazilian. Her first published work, a collection of short stories, won the Sesc Prize for Literature in 2010. Her novel, Quica won the same award the following year.

Paulo Coelho has won many international awards for his writing. His most famous book is The Alchemist, which has been translated into 80 languages. Coelho’s writing career had a rough start, as his parents believed it was a poor decision. Unsure how to deal with their son, they sent him to a mental institution. After being released, at the age of twenty, he spent a year in law school before dropping out to work as a songwriter. Coelho continued to write as he worked as a songwriter, and his first book was published in 1982. His breakout book, The Alchemist was published in 1987. Since then, Coelho has published a new book roughly every other year.

Socorro Acioli is the author of a variety of different types of books, including biographies, short stories and young adult and adult novels. Her first young adult novel, A Family For Sale, was published in 2007. Her novel A Bailarina Fantasma was published in 2010 to overwhelmingly positive reviews.

These are just some of the authors who are showcasing Brazil’s writing prowess. There are many others, including journalists, poets and nonfiction writers whose work is outstanding.

Christian Broda Didn’t Let The Years Of Learning Get To Him

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Everyone struggles with what they are going to do with their life at some point. Every one of us has had days where we feel unsure about our paths for the future. Even economists and others with big jobs like that have days where they struggle. But, the thing about people who are successful and who have good careers, is that they do not give up. It is easy for me to just feel like giving in and saying that the place where I am at in life is fine, but that is not what a person who wants to succeed in their career does. Instead, they take their life into their hands and they realize the potential that they see there. Those who want to be economists do not give up when the going gets tough, but instead they use all of the challenges that they face to teach them more. They revel in their hardships, because they know that they will help to shape them into better people in the end.
Christian Broda knows about the struggle of becoming an economist. He spent years learning and training for his career, and now it has paid off for him. He enjoyed the years that he was able to spend as a college professor, and now he is enjoying the company that he is at where he currently serves as a director. The things that he has been able to accomplish through his career have all been thanks to the hardships that he has endured. If not for the hard times when he was studying, if not for the days that he had to spend pouring over one book or another, he never would have gotten to be as smart as he has become when it comes to economics.
I’m sure that everyone who is good at their career would tell you the same. It takes guts to get to a high position in any field. Someone has to be willing to put in a lot of long hours to be able to see success in their career. And it is the same for everyone, economist, or not.

Joseph Bismark – Elements Of A Wise Leader

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Upon my research on how to become a more effective businessman, leader, and entrepreneur I stumbled on a man named Joseph Bismark. If you haven’t heard of Joseph Bismark then maybe you have heard of the worldwide multi level marketing (MLM) company he co-founded: QNet. 

After finding Joseph’s WordPress, here are a few of the main points that he emphasizes in on becoming a good leader and better business person. 

Understanding Employee’s 

Joseph is a strong believer in the power of positive thinking, and teaches that in order to become a more efficient, proactive leader, one must eliminate the negative thought process. This is the only way to see through another person’s point of view. Always keeping an open mind and trying to see how another person views a certain aspect of life and business can be extremely helpful in not only growing a business, but becoming a better person. 

Treat All Employee’s With Respect 

The main key for building a successful business, according to Joseph Bismark, is to treat all people with the same level of respect. He claims this will not always be so simple, but that if you listen to your own head and heart, and continue to build an understanding of each employee, that mutual respect between employees and management is inevitable. Work on this by listening to people’s opinions and ideas, speak to a variety of people from different backgrounds, and work alongside people often. 

Communication and Interaction 

Joseph believes the single most important element in becoming a good leader lies in communication. It’s important to be open with employees. Employees know when a boss or leader or hiding something. This type of secrecy creates a culture of mistrust within the organization. Too much mistrust can cause a company to crumble. 

It’s important to remember that employees are only human beings, and because employees spend so much time with their employers or leaders, interacting with employees should lie at the top of a leaders everyday to-do list. Ask employees about their families, ambitions, career goals, etc. The results can easily turn into a two-way sense of trust, loyalty, and respect. 

When Joseph Bismark is not busy running QNet, he spends time promoting his book, The Gem Collection, is the managing director for V Founding, and also spends a great deal of time being proactive in the RHYTHM Foundation.

Mobile Wireless Services Are Available In A City Near You

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People love connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi because it’s so much more convenient than connecting to the internet via an ethernet cord. People trip over wires sometimes, and it can be very frustrating when the wire is extremely short, especially when the person is using a laptop. Most people have opted to get rid of using wired Internet and they stick to Wi-Fi. Even if a person has wired Internet in their home, they may have a router as well, so they can access Wi-Fi on their mobile device. Wi-Fi is just more convenient, and it can connect to anything with a Wi-Fi server.

When PS3’s became popular, they had an ethernet connection in the back as well as Wi-Fi connection. A person could use an ethernet cord to connect their PS3, but unless they had the PS3 out of the way, the additional cords could become problematic, especially if it wasn’t near the computer. Most people who have a PS3 will use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet because it’s more convenient. It’s no different than someone who has a tablet, a laptop, or cell phone, they all want to connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi.

Anyone who has Internet in their home may have Wi-Fi in one of two ways. They either have a modem that has Wi-Fi built into it, or they have a modem that they connect directly to a router to receive Wi-Fi. It can be annoying to have to connect so many different things in order to have Wi-Fi in the house, but since Wi-Fi is the most popular way to get on the Internet, then it’s worth it some people. When people leave their homes for the day, they may depend on Wi-Fi services in order to get on the Internet.

Those who love to go on social media networks everyday may be forced to use data on their cell phone, or they have to connect to Wi-Fi in order to save on their data charges. Anyone who needs to use Wi-Fi whenever they leave their home, it’s a good idea if they choose the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service application. The application is downloaded to a device, and after you pay five dollars for the service, you get unlimited Internet usage for the month. You can connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot that may be around your area, and there are over 10 million hotspots available across America.

The FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspot is not only a great deal, but you rarely have to worry about connection problems, especially if you live near a major city. Wi-Fi is extremely important to people these days, and it’s something that most people couldn’t live without. No matter what kind of work you have to do on the Internet, you’ll have an easier time connecting if you use Wi-Fi. The Freedom Pop Wi-Fi hotspots are high-speed, so you don’t have to worry about a slow connection, and the cost can’t be beat.

Successfully Investing In Brazilian Companies

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Brazil has become much more economically advanced in recent years. There is an increasing number of corporations that are thriving in this nation. As a result, it is becoming more and more common for investors to buy stocks in Brazilian companies. This may be a very wise move, as Brazil’s economy is likely to grow even more in coming years. A number of investors have had great success with investing in Brazilian companies, such as Brazilian investor Zeca Oliveira.

Brazil has become much more industrialized and developed over the years. This means that there is an increased variety in different Brazilian companies to invest in. Nowadays, businesses of all sorts exist within Brazil. Not only are new companies continuing to emerge, but the existing companies are often growing.

Brazil has become a center of production of various goods. Goods are shipped from Brazilian industry to areas throughout the world. Brazil not only has a number of companies that are located there, but there are rich natural resources that help industries to thrive. Brazil actually has 36 companies that are considered to be in the 2000 largest and most successful companies.

Brazil also has a number of very large and successful banking, investment, and financial advice companies. These could very well prove to be very successful companies in coming years. As Brazil’s economy grows, these companies are likely to become much more successful.

Changes in the system of international trade have greatly benefited Brazil. These changes are sometimes referred to as “globalization”. Due to technological advancements, it is possible for wealthy nations to have goods produced outside of their borders. This means that western countries, such as the United States are able to have their goods produced in newly industrialized nations. Brazilian manufacturers have become hubs of the production of goods for these countries, in addition to selling their products to the citizens of Brazil. Due to these changes, Brazil has now become the world’s seventh largest national economy! Brazil’s economy is now even larger than some European nations!

Nowadays, Zeca Oliveira’s Bridge Trust and Gradual Investimentos have become partnered. Zeca Oliveira is the president of Bridge Trust. With this partnership, Zeca Oliveira’s investment company will now be able to cross sell investments. He manages 2.5 billion dollars in various investments nowadays. This new partnership will help him to maximize returns for those who use the investment services of Bridge Trust.

Visual Effects and Media are Taking Movies to the Next Level

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Excellent visual effects and media are vital to enjoying a great movie. Stay tuned to learn more about VFX and the one of the individuals who make it happen!
What are visual effects?

There are two parts to what you see on film: what is caught on camera and what is done afterwards. Visual effects and media can come into play when the producers need something to happen without actually happening.

Let’s say that someone wants to film a house fire. You can’t actually set a house on fire. That’s way too much of a safety risk! Instead, a visual effects artist will make a fire without actually starting it! How about making a dinosaur movie? Dinosaurs obviously haven’t been around for a long time, but this doesn’t have to stop you from having them in the movie. Visual effects bring all of these things to life. You can even bring people back from the dead!

Another great thing about visual effects is that they bring fantasy and reality together. Things that were only possible in your head are now possible on screen. It’s a form of art that is as endless and boundless as your dreams!
How is it done?

Visual effects are mostly done on a computer. The growth of technology is bringing us more and more options. Bloomberg suggests that that’s why you can see such a big difference between the first Star Wars film and the one currently being filmed. Usually, the producers shoot a scene on a green screen. The green screen allows the computer to project whatever background it wants. Then, the visual effects artist blends the film and the effects together to create a breathtakingly epic scene.
Who makes it possible? John Texter certainly does!
John Texter is just one of the many amazing artists who make it happen!

About John:

John Texter is a leader in the visual media and VFX industry. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Wesleyan University and then earned executive experience at various businesses like Wyndcrest Holdings and Baby Universe. He’s helped produce big movies like Ender’s Game and Pirates of the Caribbean: At the World’s End.

John can help bring people back from the dead.

Well, he can’t really, but he comes pretty close. He is known for helping to make make virtual Tupac and Michael Jackson. Other celebrities in the digital roster include Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

He’s currently one of the producers of Art Story.

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