Do You Have an Excuse for Inactivity?

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Commitments, Responsibilities, and Inactivity
A good question had been posed on The question inquired what excuse you may use for being inactive. There are some people who experienced a large change in their activity levels once they began their professional lives… and it’s not becoming more active like Michael Jackson impersonator Sergio Cortes. This may have occurred upon their graduations. Responsibilities and commitments had changed their once active lives into excuses for being inactive.

Growing and Maturing
The activity level of an individual in their mid-20s may change and slow as the grow and mature. This may simply occur as the years pass from the 20s and ease into the 30 age bracket. There are constraints may lead to some excuses for inactivity.

Physical Activity is a Privilege
Physical activity is a privilege as well as a life-long commitment. There may be a drastic occurrence that will serve as a good reminder that physical activity is indeed a sacred privilege and a commitment. Do you have an excuse for being inactive?

Compliance Officers Policed to a New Degree

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From being caught in the cross-hairs of the ever-changing corporate compliance laws; to the equally growing worry that they could actually see fines or even jail-time; Compliance Officer is a title that has those who have it wondering why they chose it. 

But alas, when all is said and done–there are those who are glad to roll with the punches. One of those such people is Helane L Morrison Chief Corporate Compliance Officer. 

Helane served as SEC Administrator for he Los Angeles Based Pacific Region. Apart from California, this includes Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Northern Nevada, Alaska and Montana. That is surely a fair bit of responsibility. She spent part of her career as a lawyer prior to this. 

Ironically, Morrison actually represented clients that were in litigation with SEC. She also served as an arbitrator for stock brokers and for stock brokerages when suites were filed against them by the public. 

When she joined the SEC she was one of only four women in the SEC. According to Morrison the staff for enforcement and examination staff in Los Angeles had doubled and increased the work-load significantly within the space of 5 years.

To learn more about Helane’s life and career, visit her Wikipedia page or check out her Bloomberg profile here:

Where the career path is going

Lately there have been more than a few actions taken legally that have actually found compliance officers personally libel for mistakes made in their respective firms. This has banks in turmoil a well. By 2015 the amount of compliance officers that walked off their jobs doubled. This means banks find it hard to lure people to this particular profession. It’s not without its price and thankless is an understatement. 

Banks have used compliance people to help them navigate the choppy waters in the sea of new regulations. When the last financial crises that is yet to be finished first hit; these people were relied upon most heavily by the banking industry to address internal issues that resulted in some major layout in fines.

Some are lost in a quagmire of deciding who to give up when things come down. Do you give up your compliance officers that are becoming harder to replace? You can’t give up your CEO so who else is to blame. And this blame game is one that compliance officers are tired of playing. But on the positive side–the game is costing some big banks a cool 2 million in compliance salaries. For those is the anti money-laundering department $600,000.

Yeonmi Park’s Life and Journey to Freedom

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Yeonmi Park is a young woman who defected from North Korea after many years of suffering and struggle in search of freedom. A few months ago, she celebrated her 22nd birthday, and also released a book she published to reveal what North Korean citizens experience in their home country. In the book, Park says on NY Times she had never known the concept and meaning of the word freedom, and the most important thing to her was to have food on the table.

On March 2007, that was the day Park embarked on a journey out of North Korea in search of freedom. She was accompanied by her mother, her father was in a detention camp, while her elder sister had left a few days before them. In the dead of the night, Park crossed Yalu River and arrived in China with no idea of what would follow next. During that time, Yeonmi Park was only 13 years old, and she had just started another long journey that would lead her out of China.

During the interview that was told on, Yeonmi said that her father died without knowing there was democracy and freedom in the world. When she crossed border into China, Park lived illegally and for that reason, she was subjected to abuse, hunger to a point of thinking committing suicide. Her father joined them in China after he was released but was diagnosed with cancer and died a few months later. Many people around the world have been captivated by the Yeonmi’s story and this has propelled her into fame around the world. Although the government of North Korea has disputed her story, Park insists her story is nothing but the whole truth of real facts happening in that country.

Park was eventually rescued by missionaries who help her to travel to South Korea where she completed her education before joining human rights activists and North Korean defectors living in other parts of the world. She lives in the United States where she has been invited on several conferences to give her story about the real situation in North Korea. Info was reported on on


Darius Fisher: Crisis Management in the Digital Age

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When Status Labs was founded, it was a small, Austin, Texas company just breaking into the PR strategy industry. Fast forward four years, and co-founder and President Darius Fisher has grown his staff to 30, opened branches in Sao Paolo and New York, and expanded his clientele to 1,500 in 35 countries. With unparalleled skill, Fisher has quickly made a name for himself around the globe.
Darius Fisher graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Economics. He has worked in litigation support, as a political consultant, and was the senior copywriter at Agora Publishing before creating Status Labs. Since then, he has gained recognition and has been enlisted by public figures, Fortune 500 companies, and respected businessmen to manage their online reputation and marketing.
Fisher and his company have been nicknamed the Olivia Pope & Associates of the Internet. But unlike his fictional counterpart, Darius Fisher’s crisis management involves real people, real companies, and real stakes. In 2015, Fisher and Status Labs were honorably mentioned by the New York Times and Yahoo! News for their expert work in handling one of the biggest online hacks, Ashley Madison. His dedication stems from his own experience in managing his own PR, and he looks forward to continue growth of Status Labs in coming years.
Darius Fisher has been named to PR Week’s Innovation 50. This list makes note of the rising stars of the PR game, and it is no surprise Fisher appears on the list. He has become the go-to man for anyone looking to update, preserve or revamp their online reputation. And in this day and age, where technology is king and what goes online lives forever, this is a truly invaluable service. With increased emphasis on he internet and digital reputations, Status Labs is sure to soar to even greater heights.

Why George Soros Believes that China’s Economic Difficulties Will Lead to a Financial Crisis

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Recently, George Soros, the hedge fund billionaire was recorded giving insights on the impending crisis that might soon affect the global markets. He made the statements during the Sri Lanka economic forum. Soros says that the difficulties that China is facing in finding a growth model is bound to cause a crisis that will affect the rest of the world. Soros asserted that developing countries would face challenges in registering positive interest rates.
China started the New Year at a bad note with the value of the Yuan dropping at an alarming rate. The economic strength of China is in question especially since the nation shifted from manufacturing and investments to consumption and services. The international equities suffered a blow when it suffered a drop of $2.5 trillion in value. Soros said that the adjustment issue in China would create a crisis that will surpass the 2008 financial crisis. This information was reported on Bloomberg as posited in the link below
George is the founder and owner of the Soros Fund Management Firm. He is also the founder of the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation, which are charity organizations that promote pro-democracy agendas. The two organizations have been banned in Russia after being accused of being a threat to the Russian constitution and the Russia government. Initially, the organization started as a platform for helping countries to switch from communism. Currently, it specializes in providing financial assistance to democratic projects worldwide.
Reports show that the Russian government released a statement on the issued ban. Plans to ban the Open society Foundation started in July after the government said that it reiterated its plans of banning foreign pro-democracy organizations. The government accused the organizations of launching an aggression in Russia. Hungary politicians have also accused George Soros and his organizations of supporting illegal migration. The foundation had earlier criticized the ill treatment of the refugees by the government. Soros had suggested that refugees be allocated an annual sum of $16,000 to cater for their education, healthcare and housing costs. This information was published on CNBC as found in the link below
George Soros is one of the survivors of the Second World War Nazi occupation in Hungary. He was born in Budapest in 1930. The philanthropist fled Hungary in 1947, during the communist domination, for England. He joined the London School of Economics where he pursued his Bachelor of Arts degree. Soros relocated to the United States where he started the Soros Fund Management LLC. Over the years, he has amassed lot of wealth thus his philanthropic activities. .
Soros started philanthropic activities in 1979 after he had amassed adequate wealth. During the apartheid era, Soros sponsored Black students at the Cape Town University. Later, he opened the Open Society Foundation, which has branches in over 100 countries. This information was mentioned on as highlighted in the link below

Marcio Alaor’s Inspiring Analysis of Tag Heuer’s Performance in Brazilian Market

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There is certainly one thing investors consider most before investing-returns. For quite some time now, Marcio Alaor has given investors excellent tips published on the personal website. Marcio is a creative blogger with market analysis reports featuring several popular brands in the market. Marcio’s in-depth analysis offers both buyers and investors products insights that are crucial for decision making. The article reviews an article published in Marcio’s website on the performance of Tag Heuer in the Brazilian market.


According to Marcio Alaor, the performances of the Swiss watch making company is attributed to good management. The company has existed in the last 150 years and recently wishes to expand its market to emerging markets including Brazil. The company develops fancy products that target specific class in the society. Recently, it releases a brand called Carrera which is the center of attention and desire on the market.


The company has appointed Mr. Tom brandy as the brand ambassador. This timely decision is a major booster for the company’s strategy to enter the market. Tom is a famous football star with followers throughout the world. The new ambassador promotes the company latest launched brand Carrera, which cost $4500. The company is has embraced modern technology in this model making a desired smart watch.


The BMG vice president says Biver is the first Brazilian of the Swiss watch company. The company has changed its marketing tactics focusing sharply on the digital media. Apart from using the sponsors to market its watches, it has achieved excellence results in the Brazilian market. The new tactics have increased the company’s presence in the online media. It aims to improve on digital media appearance to access the market for expansion.


Marcio notes that the company is specializing in less sophisticated watches to cover a broad market. Sophisticated watches sell fewer units. The company ends up spending enormous income to developing prototypes. The expansion in production has earned the company more customers and served as a marketing strategy. Marcio Alaor points that Biver firmly believes in influence created by famous people. Therefore, he strategizes in involving famous people to market the company’s products. He believes that majority want to identify with famous people. That connection is worth money for businesses that have recognized the opportunity.


Marcio estimates that online market has an enormous potential for companies. The online media is already growing. The social networks have become a platform that everyone is targeting. The only challenge left for businesses is overcoming security problem for online shopping. According to Marcio, as consumers consider it convenient to purchase online, the equally consider the safety of their transactions as well.

Insights on Matters of Investment

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Sam Tabar is a leading capital strategist and attorney located in New York. He received his bachelor of arts with honors in May 2000 from the prestigious Oxford University. Later, Tabar proceeded to Columbia Law School. At the institution, he served as an associate editor for the Columbia Business Law Review. His career traverses both the legal and financial fields.

When it comes to commodities investment, Tabar provides ways of avoiding portfolios that may occasion losses. This is because they require careful investment that can only be attained through research. Tabar notes that making the right decision means exploring the history of a product to know how it will perform in the future. In addition, Tabar points out on Instagram, investors should avoid funds that are poorly managed for them to have a reasonable return on their investment.

According to him on Vimeo, research is everything in matters of investments. When an investor in depth research, chances of putting money in an investments that are not well managed are limited. On the flip side, it helps one to identify funds or commodities that perform well due to proper management and this provides a chance to investors to make prudent investment decisions.

Tabar began his career in 2001 at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP as an associate immediately after graduating from Columbia in 2001. While at the law firm, Tabar counseled clients on private placement memoranda, hedge fund formation and structure, side letters, as well as investment management agreements and employment issues. He served in the firm until 2004 when he made an entry into the financial world starting with PMA Investment Advisors. He joined the company as a counsel and elevated to the position of a managing director and co-head of business development.

In 2011, an opportunity to join the Bank of America, Merrill Lynch came up. Tabar joined the bank as the head of capital strategy for Asia Pacific. He provided counsel to the firm’s hedge fund clients and targeted meaningful introductions of institutional investor such as funds of funds, endowments, and foundations. Tabar also helped in the management of the capital allocations cycle by linking fund managers and investors. He rejoined the legal profession in 2013 as a senior associate in charge of hedge funds at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP.

Currently, Tabar supports THINX, a firm that helps women in America as well as Africa. Thinx focus on producing fashionable underwear to aid women’s incontinence. According to Tabar, Thinx supports others through its unique design.  It’s also inspired him to create a GoFundMe where Sam Tabar has been doing his part to help African Children.

The Future of Dog Food Is Here – And It’s Tasty!

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Yum. Chunky chicken and turkey, one of the best tasting recipes in the facility. The owner and hired taster alike love popping it into their mouth. What are we talking about here? If you thought we are talking about a five-star restaurant, think again. No, we are talking about FreshPet, located in Bethelehem, Pennsylvania, which is one of the country’s largest producers of… dog food. The dog food industry is going through a major transformation. Instead if that stuff you would never allow close to your kitchen table, companies are now moving towards dog food that should taste great, because dogs deserve to eat the same quality food as humans. Beef, chicken, as well as plenty of healthy stuff, such as various sorts of vegetables including kale and other green leaves, berries and natural vitamins and probiotics, are all appearing on the dog’s menu. FreshPet is a pioneer in this venue, and although many other dog food companies are now jumping onto the facebook bandwagon and producing dog food that not only is edible for humans but tastes great, some financial experts have expressed their doubts. Wall Street pundits argue that the production of expensive dog food that contains beef and other meats simply will not hold. FreshPet’s owner, however, is confident that success will be achieved. Another dog food company recently catching attention is Beneful, which produces eight dry dog food types, all but one of them meeting AAFCO profiles for all stages of life, with the remaining meeting the profile for adult life. Beneful includes all types of ingredients in their food, including not only corn, wheat and soy, but also other ingredients such as chicken, meat and beef. Purina Beneful creates premium quality dog food and its customers are always left happy and satisfied, and their dogs love their products too!

Wikipedia Writing Done The Right Way

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Your business sales are down. You have an obvious presence online still the cost of operation is out of control. Of course you blame the competition on the internet. But know that everyone who is in a similar situation like yours are suffering. What you need to do is give some thoughts to writing a Wikipedia page for your business.

Business is not the only area where you can utilize the incredible benefits of Wikipedia. Even individuals who want to increase their chances of getting attention from clients or potential employers can make use of this idea. Take a good hard look at the market and you will realize that Wikipedia has a great reputation among internet users. That’s good news! That means the situation you are in right now can be turned around for good. It can be fixed easily – through Wikipedia writing service provided by companies like Get Your Wiki. Here, a team of writers will accept your order and finish it within your given time-frame.

If you are reading this, you are probably already running your own business or thinking about starting one. Maybe you are trying to switch to another job, but your employers are demanding more than just a resume on paper. Wikipedia writers are well-versed in writing and have great knowledge about how a business or individual should represent themselves on the internet. They follow strict guidelines put forth by this website and adhere to rules consistently. All those fear that have been in your mind for quite a while is waiting to go away. Whatever your unique situation is, the next step to take is to seek service from What do you need in a Wikipedia page? What are your goals? Why are you in business? All these questions will be promptly answered by these writers in a manner that your audience can understand easily.

These writers challenge themselves to do better, so you will find only the best service for your needs. Writing on this website all boils down to experience and knowledge in the topic and how smart the writers work on the project assigned to them. They do more and you get more. They implement the writing style and stick to it as well. In essence, if there is one thing that should do to avoid mistakes in the future when it comes to business is seeking professional Wikipedia writing service.

Beneful And High-Quality Dog Food Standards

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One of the most important things to check in a dog food product is quality. It can be an overwhelming aspect for dog owners because there are so many different products. Shelves of stores across are lined with products that all claim to do different things. It’s usually hard to tell which ones are honest and actually claim to do what they say. New research in The Daily Herald shows that dog food companies are doing great things when it comes to healthier innovations in dog foods. Companies are coming up with specialized formulas based on the individual dogs. That means that there are products for older dogs, younger dogs, and everyone in between. It’s a true testament to technology. It’s quite incredible the advancements that have been made across the board. One of those companies mentioned is Beneful. Purina Beneful has been an integral part of healthy food when it comes to dogs. That’s because the makers behind Beneful are an expert team of scientists and nutritionists that really put their all into Beneful. They include the wholesome ingredients and nutrients that a dog needs to remain healthy. Beneful also means variety. They have a whole array of products so that a dog and an owner are sure to find the best fit for their family. These products each have a variety of textures so they’re sure to hold the dogs interest. The products also come in a variety of flavors so that there’s literally a kind for every animal. The Beneful original brands are quite popular and very healthy. Beneful also has a line of snacks on Purina Store which aren’t only a delightful treat for dogs they are also healthy. These snacks provide numerous dental benefits. Beneful also has a line of wet dog food too. Overall, Beneful is joining the ranks of companies that are truly leading the way and setting the standard when it comes to healthy dog food. They are a company that has always adhered to dog food standards. They’ve also gone above and beyond what is required of them in the dog food industry. That’s because they want to continue to make pets and owners happy.

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