Waitress Receives Unexpected Tip From Dining Couple

Dec - 11 2014 | By

An Arkansas couple tipped their waitress with a vehicle after seeing the condition of her car. I read about this story the other day after reading about Kenneth Griffin.

The waitress, Cindy Grady who works at a Cracker Barrel in Branson, Missouri, had been driving an older vehicle that was in severe disrepair: the hood was strapped down, the driver side window was missing and had been wrapped in plastic wrap, and the body of the vehicle had large dents. 

The couple, Gary and Roxann Tackett, regularly ate at the Cracker Barrel and noticed the waitress’ car. They decided to give her a 2008 Ford Fusion to help make her travels to work reliable and safe.


It is not unusual for patrons to tip servers more during the holidays. The average American spends more that $150 on tips for various services during the holiday months, according to a new survey done by Care.com.

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  1. Jamb says:

    Grady called the gift the best tip ever, and was especially excited about receiving it at Christmas. Her insurance agent further added to the generosity by waiving the insurance fees, helping Grady to be able to use her vehicle faster. You can click here to learn more about why that is so too.

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