Adam Milstein; the True Philanthropist

Sep - 11 2017 | By

Adam Milstein is a well-renowned man when it goes down to the Jewish community philanthropists’ portfolio. What cemented his status as a Jewish philanthropist is his audacious involvement in the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation whose sole aim was to aid and mentor young youths across the globe to identify their Jewish origin thus strengthening their bond to Israel. Recently, the Foundation announced that it would be awarding cash to individuals who create entertaining memes to show the fun of pro-Israel activism. However, Adam Milstein is not only a philanthropist. He has exploited the real estate market successfully achieving feats that could prove unmatched by several amateur firms. He was a managing partner at the Hager Pacific Properties that had a booming value of assets in all the countries it had been based. Through his commitment efforts in philanthropy, Milstein has overseen the rise of the Israeli-American Council that serves to build the relationship between Israel and America.

Most Israelites stand a better chance of benefiting from this alliance through improved medical facilities, education opportunities and also better accommodation. Unlike many people who cower when it comes to defending the oppressed, Adam Milstein does not hesitate when it comes to standing up for the oppressed. Adam sits in a better position of understanding what the marginalized social groups in the USA experience. His wife was an immigrant to the United States of America from Morocco. Such experience puts him in a solid state of advocating for such groups. As if not enough, Adam Milstein has taken his exploits in the writing industry.

Knowledge travels far and wide, and most people gain knowledge first hand from books. Adam thus took it as his initiative to advocate for the Jewish people all over the world through writing, contributing to and publishing books. In some of his books, he talks about the importance of the Jewish people learning how to read fluently and write in Hebrew to establish an even better connection with their religion which is widely regarded as one of the most sacred religions. Adam Milstein works will remain unmatched due to his deep involvement in philanthropy other than just merely providing finances.

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