Attorney Ricardo Tosto knows the Difference Between U.S. and Brazilian Law

Jul - 17 2017 | By

The Brazilian legal field is not the same as the U.S. Both legal systems have established laws and statutes but how they operate is very different. U.S. law is based off of rules that are geared for common law. Common laws are formed by new judges who create these laws and this type of legal system is procedural. The U.S. legal system is also based off of the old English legal system from Europe.

Brazilian law is also influenced from old European laws and rules. This system has been especially influenced by Portugal’s legal system and by German codes. The Brazilian legal system is based off of codified law or written rules that are established by a legal governing organization. Brazil’s legal system does not rely on judges to create laws since they have governing organizations to perform this activity.

Attorney Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian lawyer who is well known within the legal field. He is a competent lawyer who has fought for popular Brazilian personalities and companies. During his time defending his clients, Ricardo Tosto has learned the ins and outs of Brazil’s legal system.

The thing about Ricardo Tosto is that he has played a crucial part with how Brazil’s legal system operates. In the past, this legal system was rigid and it hindered legal professionals from doing their job. However, Ricardo Tosto and a few of his associates has helped to improve the legal system for corporations, companies and individuals. His work is important for economic laws related to business and industry.

Brazilian law relies on written legislature and previous cases do not factor in so much over the final outcome of a case. U.S. law focuses more on the rulings of previous judges and the final outcomes of cases. Keep in mind that both of these legal systems have a tendency to flux back and forth between both of these extremes.

Still, Brazilian law makes it a point to rely on written rules that have been established by governing legal authorities. Both systems have their strengths and weaknesses. Ricardo Tosto knows the difference and he knows how to effectively maneuver through Brazil’s complex legal system.

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