Aug - 14 2017

Meet Richard A. Smith, the current CEO of Securus Technologies a company headquartered in Dallas, focusing primarily on prison technological solutions. The company was founded in 1986 and has its branch offices in Texas, Allen, Carrollton, and Atlanta Georgia. Its software-based solutions has attracted contracts with over 2600 correctional facilities in the United States resulting […]

Aug - 13 2017

Don Ressler is known as not only an expert within the business industry, but is also known as an individual who is great at giving successful advice that is tailored to each and every client of his that yields the best results and is able to expand any business to reach its full potential. Despite […]

Aug - 12 2017

Betsy DeVos is someone who is extremely passionate about the education system in the country and has contributed immensely to the development of the system. She is the current Minister of Education in the United States under the Presidency of Donald Trump. When DeVos was elected, she made history owing to the way that she […]

Aug - 08 2017

Global activism has dived into the wonders of the digital world and has never been so democratic. Through the eight-year old Aveez civic organization, the world’s international relation issues remain no longer hidden. 30 countries filled with earth’s seemingly ignored concerns now have a voice that empowers progressive movements by gathering practical idealists. Anyone with […]

Aug - 07 2017

MB2 Dental is an affiliated dental management firm with several affiliated dental practices throughout the continental United States and Alaska. The company was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD in 2009 and has now grown into a respected and trusted name in the industry. The company itself offers free assessments to potentially affiliated dental […]

Aug - 06 2017

Mikhail Blagosklonny has been running Oncotarget for some time, and he has turned the journal into a place where anyone may get the reliable information they need on cancer and a cancer diagnosis. Someone who is concerned about the health of someone they love needs to read this journal, and they will learn that there […]

Aug - 05 2017

Any PPC campaign will have to go through several trials before it can be successful. This would include determining the keywords that provide the highest performance. Various growth techniques can be used to increase awareness in order to drive traffic to the site. But just focusing on getting people to click on the ads is […]

Aug - 03 2017

     Mexico borders the United States to its north and the Caribbean Sea. The citizens speak Spanish, and a few of them speak English. The literacy level in Mexico is high with an estimated ninety-two percent of the population able to read and write. Radio The radio market in Mexico is very large, with an […]

Aug - 03 2017

Mindstrong Health is a well-known medical firm that specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of neuropsychiatric disorders. The organization uses smartphone technology in its operations. Just recently, the company announced that it had raised fourteen million dollars as funds. The funds were received from public investors like One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund and Foresite […]

Aug - 02 2017

     The media industry in Mexico is among the most vibrant among all the other industries in the country. Media records show that there are more than 300 TV and 1,500 radio stations broadcasting across the country. Being the dominant language, the majority of Mexican media outlets publish and broadcast in Spanish. A few of […]

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