Jun - 11 2015

There used to be an old saying that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world even if that person is not related to them. Since the return of the hit science fiction series Orphan Black, in which a woman discovers she is a clone, Alexei Beltyukov also says that many people are focusing on this […]

Jun - 11 2015

The search for escaped convicts Richard Matt and David Sweat has expanded to the neighboring State of Vermont. Law enforcement authorities in charge of the search and capture of the two state that they have information which indicates that Vermont was a possible destination for the two and that they had planned for a massive […]

Jun - 09 2015

Actress Carey Mulligan is pregnant with her first child from folk-rocker husband Marcus Mumford who is the front man for the band Mumford and Sons. For a while now, rumors have been swirling that the actress was pregnant with the couple’s first child. It all started when she began wearing loose fitting, billowy clothing. Now […]

Jun - 02 2015

For a while now Netflix users have been enjoying the good life of advertisement-free streaming. Endless hours of TV shows, movies, and original content was made available without a hiccup in its online service, but now they’re testing ads in between programming says a disappointed Sergio Cortes. As reported by Gizmodo, Netflix is currently showing […]

Jun - 01 2015

In 1975, the movie Jaws forever changed the way Hollywood viewed the summer months. Today, the theaters are filled with comic book based movies, kid flicks, franchises, and belated sequels from days gone by, see the Mad Max movie. Anything with the potential to be a huge box office success will be put in theaters during the […]

Jun - 01 2015

Star Wars is perhaps the most beloved franchise of all time and the latest edition to the saga, Episode VII The Force Awakens, is perhaps the most anticipated movie of all time. Thus, any information revealed about the top secret project trends in an instant. The latest bit of info comes right from the official […]

May - 28 2015

Death row is probably one of the bleakest places on Earth. From the portrayals seen in such great cinematic extravaganzas such as “The Green Mile” and “The Thin Blue Line” to prison documentaries like MSNBC’s “Lockup”, the public gets just a glimpse what it is like to know you are going to die. . But […]

May - 27 2015

Daniel Amen points out that firefighters are regarded as some of the bravest men and women in our country, putting their lives on the line each and every time they go to work. However, a firefighter in New York doesn’t seem interested in that part of the job description. Micheal Johnson is a 41 years […]

May - 26 2015

The anticipated King novel/movie “IT” is being pushed back due to complications with the director. Sources say that directors Cary Fukunaga has left the set and the movie may have to start from square one. According to new line films (agency that is producing the film) Cary did not see eye to eye with them […]

May - 20 2015

Comic books super-fans (aka super-geeks) are going to be very thrilled at the news the next season of The Flash is going to deal with the multi-verse. For those who may not be long-time comic book fanatics, the multi-verse is just another name for a parallel universe. Right now, in the world of D.C. Comics […]

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