Jun - 16 2017

Orthopedic surgeries can be needed for any number of reasons pertaining to musculoskeletal conditions. There is a wide range of ailments that patients can experience, from an injury, a major disease, to an uncomfortable range of motion that requires corrective surgery. Of all of the areas of the body that orthopedic surgeons perform surgeries, none […]

Jun - 16 2017

The medical research sector has recently seen a number of technology experts arrive in it and start to make a major impact on the way the medical industry operates in the 21st century. Better known technology experts may be grabbing the majority of headlines, but Groupon owner Eric Lefkofsky may have stolen a march on […]

Jun - 01 2017

The city of Dallas is benefiting quite a lot from the giving that James Dondero does, and this article explains how he is giving back to a worthy cause. The Family Place is a charity that helps those who are running from broken family situations, and James has made a challenge grant of $1 million […]

May - 31 2017

Alexandra Gama was born in Rio de Janeiro and is a Brazilian creative and entrepreneurial professional in the advertising and communications industry. Gama is the founder, COO and CEO of Neogama, a top advertising agency in Brazil. Alexander is pioneer in his own right being the first Brazilian to head an international network of companies […]

May - 31 2017

Vinny Parascandola is one of the best financial advisors and deals with high net worth individuals. He works at AXA Advisors LLC. Vincent has been dealing with registration of industry securities for over a decade. He is subject to both FINRA and SEC oversight. AXA Advisors is a broker-dealer firm that works with more than […]

May - 26 2017

Renown Health, Nevada’s largest not-for-profit healthcare network, is opening their newest clinic in South Reno. The clinic, which will be opening in the Summit Mall, will offer primary care services. There is some worry over what services the clinic will be able to offer with the possible repeal of the ACA. However medical director Dr. […]

May - 25 2017

Talk Fusion is not your ordinary form of communications by any means. It is a form of communications that is bringing cutting-edge and innovative forms of communications to the comfort of your very own home. Unfortunately, there’s a vast array of people who are unaware of exactly what the program is and what its utilization […]

May - 23 2017

Get superior banking services with NexBank that allows their customers to keep an eye on their hard earned money at anytime. They offer their customers the benefits of knowing that their money is backed with $40 billion dollars in assets. Surprisingly, their CEO and President, John Holt, has expressed an interest in expanding their general […]

May - 20 2017

When Rona Borre quit her high-income job with a global staffing company, it seemed to some that it was the wrong move. However, the company had just been sold, and Borre had already broken every sales record the company had, so it was time to strike out on her own. Borre started Instant Alliance in […]

May - 18 2017

Cosmetic Surgery is an increasingly popular way to “turn back time” and restore a youthful look that lines, wrinkles and sun damage can take away. Patients who undergo cosmetic surgery can end up appearing 10 or even 15 years younger. One procedure, technically known as a rhytidectomy but commonly called a “facelift” that eliminates loose […]

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