Apr - 16 2015

Finding your doppelganger has become a new trend for people all over the world. Three friends made a bet to see if it was possible to find their twin in just one month. Niamh Geaney, Harry English, and Terence Manzanita have begun their search. Niamh Geaney astonishingly discovered a woman named Karen Branigan that looks […]

Apr - 14 2015

This morning around 5:30 a.m. a double decker passenger Megabus collided with a semi on busy I-65, resulting in multiple injuries. The accident happened on a stretch of road near Edinburgh, Indiana, about 35 miles outside of Indianapolis. Two cars also became involved in the collision, which sent some 19 people to the hospital. Initial […]

Apr - 14 2015

Patti Smith’s New Memoir Patti Smith is a well known poetic artist who first came onto the entertainment scene during the 1970s. Nowadays it seems she’ll be adding new works to her collection. I hadn’t read too many of her books until recently, as I was just introduced to them when my colleague Crystal Hunt […]

Apr - 14 2015

Kevin Landis is a 53-year-old man who left for a hike on April 1st. Co-workers raised the alarm to him missing and contacted authorities after he did not call or show up to for work at Harris Engineering for several days. Authorities searched his home for clues as to where he may have gone hiking […]

Apr - 10 2015

As the global economy improves and individuals’ disposal incomes along with it, many of them are considering investing it. After all, intelligent investing can return impressive profits. On the other hand, poor investing choices can have serious, sometimes devastating consequences. It’s not as though would be investors have nowhere to turn for advice. There are […]

Apr - 07 2015

The ants have more notions about sanitation than people could think. The German researchers from the University of Regensburg made an experiment in order to find out whether the intricate corridors of the ant nests include toilet areas. They gave the insects blue and red dyed food and examined the ant nests. They noticed the […]

Apr - 07 2015

What began as a holiday vacation nightmare ended as a miracle for one Australian family. The Shambrook family had gone camping at popular Lake Eildon’s Candlebark Campground, located in Victoria’s north-east. On Good Friday, their eleven year old, autistic son, Luke, wandered off. Police, Parks Victoria, dog squads, off-road departments and volunteer campers immediately joined […]

Apr - 06 2015

Last year, fans of the former 1990’s CBS cult classic, “Twin Peaks,” were excited to learn that Showtime had decided to revive the series with a partial reboot that would bring back many of the original cast and close out the mysterious Red Room ending which saw Kyle MacLachlan, as an older Agent Dale Cooper, […]

Apr - 04 2015

Pascal Tessier has loved the Boy Scouts since before he was old enough to join. He remembers as a young boy playing around a campfire at a Cub Scout’s trip that is older brother was on. He attributes the Boy Scouts to the man he is today, saying that he doesn’t know who he would […]

Apr - 03 2015

The cop show formula has been used in television so often that it is unusual when a television season rolls around and a new cop show is not in the offering. ABC has changed the formula with its offering, “American Crime.” The show provides an in depth, almost Roshomon manner, in the view of the […]

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