May - 26 2015

The anticipated King novel/movie “IT” is being pushed back due to complications with the director. Sources say that directors Cary Fukunaga has left the set and the movie may have to start from square one. According to new line films (agency that is producing the film) Cary did not see eye to eye with them […]

May - 20 2015

Comic books super-fans (aka super-geeks) are going to be very thrilled at the news the next season of The Flash is going to deal with the multi-verse. For those who may not be long-time comic book fanatics, the multi-verse is just another name for a parallel universe. Right now, in the world of D.C. Comics […]

May - 19 2015

The largest outbreak of canine flu, strain H3N2, ever recorded in the US, has already infected at least a thousand dogs in the northwestern states and is highly contagious among animals, but not a danger to humans. “The canine influenza virus responsible for the current outbreak is an H3N2 virus similar to the Asian H3N2 […]

May - 19 2015

Even though Mother’s Day was a couple weeks back now, I just came across this interesting information. The mother-inspired trinkets retailers were trying to get us buy we have discovered Ann Jarvis the creator wishes she never invented it. Jarvis, the creator of the annual holiday Mother’s Day founded the day to honor overworked and […]

May - 14 2015

There has been a ruling made by a judge in California that is designed to protect youth from sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy by banning abstinent-only sexual education. The decision was made in Fresno County Superior Court by Judge Donald Black who called scientifically based sexual education “an important public right”, while also claiming […]

May - 13 2015

There is a very lucky cat in Australia, and one very happy 10-year-old girl. According to news reports, Emily Schilling, 10, lost her cat in February. The cat wondered off. Emily and her mom originally figured the cat would come back, but checked in shelters when the cat, named Pippa, didn’t return within a day. […]

May - 13 2015

Andrew Jackson, the famous general and president has been on the United States 20 dollar bill for a long time. Much of our major currency typically has a president or someone related to financial institutions such as Benjamin Franklin, Salmon P Chase, or George Washington. However, Cornelsen reflected, in recent years there have been more […]

May - 12 2015

The retirement of David Letterman from “The Late Show with David Letterman” May 20 of this year will mark the end of an era in television. First Jay Leno retired from “The Tonight Show,” and now with the retirement of Letterman, the “old guard” of comedic late night will be gone. They are passing the […]

May - 11 2015

Previously, people only watched The Late Show if there favorite celebrity was supposed to appear on it. Fans, giving proof of their patience and willpower, sat through the show only to hear their favorite’s witty remarks and slept through everything that came out of Mr. Letterman’s mouth. However, what was previously just boring has now […]

May - 11 2015

David Letterman, the star of the long running Late Night show, has announced an all star lineup of celebrity guests for his final run of shows. David Letterman’s final show has been announced as airing on May 20. The final run of celebrity guests will include media mogul Oprah Winfrey, former President of the United […]

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