Dec - 16 2014

Sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun. If we didn’t let a pun through once in awhile, our staff would get writer’s block. There, we did it again, we just can’t block them out. Anyway, plans for the upcoming Minecraft movie have hit a roadblock as Shawn Levy has turned down the offer to direct. Not that […]

Dec - 14 2014

For most people who graduate from college and become English teachers, the last thing they expect is for them to wind up as a Hollywood executive. However, that’s exactly what happened to Tom Rothman. From humble beginnings as an English teacher and coach of soccer and lacrosse, Tom found his way to Hollywood and has […]

Dec - 12 2014

Sony pictures was recently hacked by an unnamed attacker and many Sony e-mails have been coming out. One of the e-mails had to do with the upcoming Marvel movie, Captain America Civil War. Apparently, Marvel has wanted to add Spider-man to its movie empire for several years now and was using the new Captain America […]

Dec - 11 2014

While many collect the usual suspects such as playing cards and postage stamps, there are many others who choose to collect more esoteric things. Have you ever known people with weird collections? It seems that collecting fountain pens is a new trend. It has so many followers that the number of products is smaller than […]

Dec - 11 2014

Scores of people have seen the trailer for the new Star Wars film. George Lucas is not one of them. Should it though? Anyone remember when Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted on TV and William Shatner issued a terse “I didn’t see it” to the press? Lucas is not helming the project, but he is […]

Dec - 11 2014

An Arkansas couple tipped their waitress with a vehicle after seeing the condition of her car. I read about this story the other day after reading about Kenneth Griffin. The waitress, Cindy Grady who works at a Cracker Barrel in Branson, Missouri, had been driving an older vehicle that was in severe disrepair: the hood […]

Dec - 10 2014

Duke University graduate, Jared Haftel, is not your run-of-the-mill finance guy. He has accomplished more in his 4 years of college than many adults in over 15 years. He is currently a professional investment banking analyst, however, his past endeavors make him a worthy adversary for any competitor in his field. Haftel attended Duke University […]

Dec - 10 2014

Of all the places to give birth when one can’t get to a hospital, an airplane is a birthing mother’s worst nightmare. While most women avoid traveling by air during their last month of pregnancy, a passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight to Phoenix successfully gave birth to her baby on board, with the help […]

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