Avaaz-The Quest for Civic and Deliberative Democracy

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Avaaz is a civic based organization based in the U.S, launced in January 2007. Avaaz is a progressive NGO whose main agenda is to promote global activism on issues pertaining to climate change, human and animal rights, corruption, poverty and conflict. Its mission is to empower people to narrow the gap between the world we have and the world a majority desire to have. Avaaz is an inspiration of community of public service sector professionals who were driven by the need for deliberative democracy and civic virtue.

Avaaz means “voice” in several middle East and European languages. With a footprint in 194 countries, spread across 6 continents with thousands of volunteers attracting an overwhelming 44 million members. Campaigns are held in 17 languages, driven by the diverse nature of its members and more information click here.

Principles of operation

One of the core values of Avaaz is the undeterred commitment to accuracy, embedded on the promise to get it right 99.9%. This commitment does not stop at that; they go to an extent of informing people who have joined the campaign and offer them a chance to withdraw their support.

Membership and campaign platforms

This organization effectively explores platforms of publishing brochures, press conference and press release to keep their supporters well informed of all their campaigns.One method that stands out and would most of the time end up as a powerful collective force is their model of internet organizing. This is peculiar because it allows thousands of individual efforts to culminate into a movement and force to reckon with. Avaaz has a base of 5,161 LinkedIn followers passionately steered on to this very good cause by 112 employees. Avaaz is set to succeed. With time, Avaaz will have more affiliates with the same mission, to facilitate peace and humanitarian works in societies. It is highly projected that many will benefit from the projects.

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