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If you were to ask someone to describe Samuel Strauch you would notice a reoccurring theme of entrepreneur, leader and humble, and those words do indeed fit the bill.

Samuel Strauch is the current owner and founder of Metrik Real Estate and has a fascinating story that everyone, entrepreneur or not, can learn from. His journey through the entrepreneurial word began in 1991 when he started attending Hofstra University. In 1994 he would leave Hofstra with a Bachelor of Business Administration and begin building a name for himself.

Samuel Strauch talks a lot about the importance of doing work you love, which he discovered in his first job out of college when he worked in an operations department for a company. He describes how intolerably dull the work there was and how it helped him to solidify his belief about doing work you’re interested in, and especially pursuing work that leaves a positive mark in the world. By 2002 Strauch had started his own company, Metrik, that he still leads today.

In addition his background in business, Strauch attributes being curious as one of the largest advantages he had when building Metrik. He has discussed how being curious can help you see all possible options in a business and stresses how when you come across a decent idea you have to act and execute on it. Ability to execute ideas is something that sets Metrick apart in his eyes from their competitors.

Beyond his keen mind as a businessman and investor, Strauch’s philosophies apply to the overall experience of life. He believes that regardless of what you do that it’s important to be a part and give back to your community. Furthermore, in his eyes life is a journey that we’re all on and that you have to learn from what it gives you. Outside of work he has a well balanced personal life in which he enjoys meditation, cycling, and photography.

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