BenefulIncrediBites is the Food Your Small Dog Needs

Aug - 26 2017 | By

Small dog breed owners know that there is a difference between the nutritional needs and taste preferences between large dog breeds and little dog breeds that weigh under 15 pounds. BenefulIncrediBites by Purina was designed specifically for the dietary needs and particular taste preferences of small breed dogs.

Real farm raised beef is the number one ingredient in IncrediBites. Small dogs just can’t get enough of the real beef flavor. When looking at commercial dog foods on the market, with most products the number one ingredient is grain. The real meat is what makes IncrediBites taste better for dogs and provides the real nutrition they need.

IncrediBites has at least 27 percent protein in every bite. The all beef flavor comes complemented with real carrots and peas for added taste and health benefits. It includes a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals that specifically target the nutrient needs of small dog breeds. Over 94 percent of people that have tried IncrediBites with their dogs would recommend it to others.


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