Bob Reina Innovates the Way We Communicate

Sep - 27 2017 | By

Talk Fusion is a leading provider of video marketing and communication for businesses across the globe, an idea that would not have been possible without the moment of revelation from CEO Bob Reina. Through his company, Reina uses his dedication to helping other and exceptional leadership skills to create innovative solutions. These marketing options fit smoothly into the modern age of technology and allow smaller businesses to thrive.


The specific function of Talk Fusion is to provide to the direct selling industry, an area where Reina feels success is experienced firsthand. He praises this market and says that the accomplishments of one business are felt across the board, as all parties involved ultimate benefit from shared success.


Video communication, according to Bob Reina, is the most advanced and personable avenue for marketing that is currently available. Therefore, Reina makes sure to incorporate it into his company’s daily activities. Communicating with prospective clients through video chat and sending out newsletter on a video platform are a few of the ways Talk Fusion uses its own technology. Bob Reina firmly believes that by having an innovative and exciting product, the customer will naturally be drawn to it.


Bob Reina is currently the CEO of Talk Fusion, a modern communications firm that Reina also helped create. He was inspired to create Talk Fusion after seeing the limitations of video messaging, even in the midst of a rapidly growing technology market ( Bob Reina ended up leaving his law enforcement career to focus on entrepreneurship and growing his innovative product ideas. Together, Reina and Talk Fusion now offer comprehensive video marketing solutions for businesses.


The success that Reina has experienced did not come from a windfall of luck or financing. Instead, the Talk Fusion CEO relates his successful business ventures to having a focused tenacity for a project and maintaining a dedicated work ethic. Bob Reina views every occupation he has had as a learning experience and spent 20 years building his new business from home. Now as the head of his company, Reina deflects most credit to his team of associates who constantly inspire him to think bigger.


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