Brad Reifler – One Of The Top Financial Consultants And Experts In The United States

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Brad Reifler has had a very successful career in the financial world from the time he started his first company in the year 1982 by the name of Reifler Trading Company.

The firm primarily dealt in global financial derivatives, but in due time diversified its product and service portfolio to include information dissemination, execution services, institutional research, and managed hundreds of discretionary accounts for its clients. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

In a relatively shorter period, the company managed to gain a lot of popularity in the financial world and gained a lot of individuals as well as corporate clients that further helped in increasing the profits of the company.

It became one of the biggest independent companies of the decade that dealt with future operations. Brad Reifler sold Reifler Trading Company to Refco in 2000 massive netting profits.

The achievements he garnered over the years and the performance he delivered while at Reifler Trading Company didn’t go unnoticed, and put him in the same bracket as many of the top financial experts and analysts in the world. It is with this experience and image; he pushed his career to another level by opening Pali Capital in the year 1995.

Pali Capital served as a brokerage firm and primarily in the hedge funding business and equity markets. According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler had a very different strategy when it comes to hedge funding, and instead of advising clients on what to buy or sell and what to hold, he brought the investors in the strategy building as well and showcased the way for building a comprehensive investment strategy that worked well with the investors.

By the time Brad Reifler left Pali Capital, the company had netted over $1 Billion in commissions. Reifler served as the CEO of Pali Capital for over 13 years, and during this time, he ensured that the firm continues to deliver consistently.

He oversaw every aspect of business operations, starting from sales strategy to recruitment and staffing and from business development to client management, which ensured that the company operated smoothly without any hiccups and maintained profitability.

Brad currently is the CEO of Forefront Capital Management and offers consultancy services to numerous top businesses in Fortune 500 list and high net worth individuals.

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