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An experienced and knowledgeable chiropractor, Brian Torchin is a healthcare practitioner. He has managed and served in offices in Delaware, Philadelphia and Florida. Brian has managed to become a recruiter who is trusted all over the world. He currently works at HealthCare Recruitment Counselors, LLC where he serves as the President.

Brian has opened locations all over the United States, Europe and also Asia. He has acquired a reputation as a successful recruiter and healthcare practitioner. Through his experience of being a chiropractor, Brian has been able to learn about all the skills required in his field of work.

According to Glassdoor, Brian Torchin understands all the factors that are needed to create a high quality chiropractic facility. He also understands how to properly maintain such as a facility. He has been able to look at the most effective ways of hiring the best possible staff for all his healthcare chiropractic facilities.

Because of this knowledge, Brian has been able to assist many medical facilities in hiring the correct employees who will offer the best service to patients and ensure that get the adequate treatment. Through HCRC, Brian has been able to offer staffing services to many chiropractic facilities.

Brian Torchin also writes on his blog from time to time about the need for correct staffing at chiropractic facilities. Brian understands that the right employee should be able to contribute to the facility’s smooth running and expansion.

He looks at an employee’s experience, skills and also the overall disposition. In order to carry out medical practices in a careful and safe manner, Brian understands that it is important to hire the right person. Through his company HCRC, Brian also alerts the public about new employment opportunities and the kind of people required.

Brian Torchin attributes his success in staffing and healthcare to passion, hard work, commitment and discipline. He provides career consultation to individuals who would want to know about the right career for them to venture into.

Brian has worked as a private recruiter for many organizations where he assisted in recruiting both executives and support staff.

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