Cancer Is The Latest Focus Of Groupon Executive Eric Lefkofsky

Jun - 16 2017 | By

The medical research sector has recently seen a number of technology experts arrive in it and start to make a major impact on the way the medical industry operates in the 21st century. Better known technology experts may be grabbing the majority of headlines, but Groupon owner Eric Lefkofsky may have stolen a march on other private investors with his decision to develop technology dedicated to finding a cure for cancer; with over $1.79 billion as his personal fortune from the development of a number of ecommerce business ventures over the years, Eric Lefkofsky has partnered his fledgling Tempus company with a series of major hospitals as he looks to find new ways of identifying the individual characteristics of a number of forms of cancer.

One of the ways Tempus is changing the face of cancer treatments is through a DNA based database that will allow doctors the opportunity to access the details of successful treatments of other patients. Lefkofsky believes the falling cost of DNA testing can make all the difference in developing individualized treatment plans made available by comparing the DNA of specific patients with that of others stored on the database. Software has already been developed by Tempus that will allow individuals physicians the chance to quickly compare a DNA sample to that of patients already undergoing cancer treatments to discover which options have been successful in the past.

After completing his education at the University of Michigan and its associated law school, Eric Lefkofsky embarked upon a technology based career that has seen him bring a number of startups to success over the years; perhaps the best known of which is the successful Groupon Lefkofsky founded and acted as Chair of until the launch of Tempus.The interest in the medical field of Eric Lefkofsky has seen the launch of the Lefkofsky Family Foundation that seeks to enhance the lives and community involvement of people from across the planet. Philanthropy plays a major role in the work of Eric Lefkofsky as he has set out to aid the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

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