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An application that connects teachers, parents, and students in one platform is what ClassDojo is. At this era that technology is so advanced and laptops and smartphones are used mainly in communication, the app comes in handy in making the communication easier. The avatar of the students is set to a googly-eyed monster as a default, but the student can change to their desired image.

The application is compatible with interactive whiteboards, desktops, smartphones, and laptops and a student gets an immediate notification once their avatar is clicked on. The students also get dojo points, so teachers have come up with ways of awarding those points.

Parents using the app

ClassDojo is loved by parents because it has made them more involved with their children school work. A parent can follow the activity of a student throughout the day. From there, a parent can know what went on in a child’s day at school. It will also be easy to start a conversation about their day. ClassDojo allows instant messaging, a concern from a parent to a teacher or vice-versa does not have to be postponed. Using the app, a parent can write to a teacher at any time. Parents also have the opportunity to calm their children nerves when they feel tense.

Advantage to teachers

Teachers have found the app to be helpful in organizing and monitoring behavior. It also helps in saving time. Recording conduct and accomplishment is just a click and all the students are managed in that one app. Teachers are also able to give points depending on the students’ behavior.

ClassDojo comes in handy when it comes to following a student’s progress both by the parent and the teacher. With the application, they can establish if a student has a problem and find a way to help out. It is only an application like ClassDojo that can be a teacher’s friend, parent’s friend and student’s friend at the same time.


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