Clay Siegall and his goal to heal the world from Cancer

Jan - 24 2017 | By

There was a time when diseases like Malaria and even HIV/AIDS were the major killers on the globe. However, cancer seems to have overtaken these diseases and is currently ranked as one of the leading causes of morbidity with close t 14 million cases reported globally. What is even more disheartening is the projections that the cases could continue rising by up to 50 percent over the next few years. However, for Clay Siegall, these grim statistics represent an opportunity rather than a discouragement. Since he started his company, Seattle Genetics in 1998, he has been working on treatments and therapies to deal with cancer.

After close to two decades of hard work, dedication, lab tests and failed approval meetings with the FDA, Clay was able to create a drug that was safe and very effective in the treatment of certain types of lymphomas. This medication has become wildly popular and is now in use in over 60 countries around the globe. The storm that was created by this new medication led to the company making huge financial gains in a short time. They listed their stock on NASDAQ and got into business partnerships with partners such as Takeda cosmetics to help them market their drugs in Canada.

The sales reached a sum of $250,000 in the just concluded financial year. It is also projected that in the coming year, the sales will go up to $320,000. This is a huge profit for a clinic that is currently only selling one drug. The company has decided to expand their reach by creating more drugs to try and fight different types of lymphomas. Clay states that they have 12 more drugs that are being tested and that one of them is close to the approval stage. They are also trying to see whether they can bring in more employees to assist them with the expansion of their capacity.

Recently, the vice president paid a visit to the clinic and was quite pleased with Clay’s work. At this pace, he could easily be the scientist who stops the cancer menace once and for all.

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