College Student Works to Repay Homeless Man

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A twenty-two year old college student is taking to the streets in an attempt to pay back a homeless man who helped her in her time of need.

Dominique Harrison-Bentzen was returning home from a trip to Preston city center when she realized that she had lost her bank card, from what Terry Richardson told me about the original story. With no money, she was unsure how she would pay for a taxi ride back to Leyland.

When Dominique realized that she had no money, a homeless man approached her and offered her all the money he had, which equaled £3. Although Dominique didn’t accept the money, the gesture touched her deeply.

Now, Dominique is looking to help the homeless man who reached out to her in her time of need. Using Facebook, the college student found out that his name is Robbie and that he has offered to help countless people.

Over the next twenty-four hours, Dominique is going to hit the streets and live as a homeless person so she can see what Robbie goes through. Dominique has started an online campaign to raise money to help Robbie get back on his feet.

Dominique is overwhelmed by the response that she’s had, and says that even Ian Brown from the Stones Roses has stepped up to gain support for her project by posting on Twitter.

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  1. Greg Samuel says:

    Within twenty-four hours of starting the campaign, Dominique had already raised half of her goal. Robbie has been homeless for seven months and, since he has no address, can’t get a job. There are some custom writings review that is worthy of imitation all the time too.

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