Discovering Entertainers that Juggle Multiple Careers

Jan - 28 2017 | By


The entertainment industry is filled with a lot of celebrities that have all types of different talents. Just about every celebrity, at some point, has a desire to transition from one area of their lives to another area where they have talent. If they sing, they may want to act or vice versa.


Nicki Minaj, for example, came into the rap game with a sexy allure and the Nicki Minaj big ass, that solidified her music career as a rap artist. She would transition from this into another role where she would take on small acting parts in movies like “Barbershop 3” and “The Other Woman.” These areas represented a transition that Nicki is making from the stage to the screen. She knows that the entertainment world holds more, and she is not trying to limit herself in any way.


Another person that has made sure that she keeps a lot of irons in the fire is Jennifer Lopez, famous for the J Lo ass. She is a woman that has simultaneously juggled careers in singing and acting while raising twins. This talented singer and actress has connected herself to a rapper that follows her same path to juggling multiple roles.


Lopez is dating rapper Drake that is known for “Hotline Bling” This was one of the biggest songs of 2015. The video received more than a billion views. Drake sits at the top of the rap game with Kendrick Lamar. It is Kendrick who has brought this gritty street views from Compton to pop songs with Taylor Swift and Adam Levine.

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