Don Ressler And Adam Goldenberg: Creating Wildly Successful Businesses

Jan - 26 2017 | By


When brand building specialist Don Ressler and performance marketing expert Adam Goldenberg met at Intermix Media in 2001, few if any could predict that the two would go on to found companies that would generate billions of dollars and create two companies that would become e-commerce fashion leaders.


Together, CrunchBase shows that Goldenberg and Ressler turned Alena Media into a major source of revenue for Intermix Media generating hundreds of millions of dollars. When News Corp bought Intermix Media in 2005, they let Alena Media languish and Goldenberg and Ressler decided to leave the company and head out on their own. After meeting to discuss their future they decided to found the e-commerce business incubator Intelligent Beauty. Within a year Intelligent Beauty had brought in $500 million.


These two men had the innate ability to spot trends, develop industry-leading brands and grow businesses using their passion for business having fun doing it. Their next idea was to create a subscription e-commerce fashion retailer offering a personalized shopping experience. That led them to found JustFab in 2010. Realizing they lacked knowledge and experience working with fashion, they brought fashion expert Kimora Lee Simmons on board as president and creative director and added some of the best style consultants and designers.


JustFab merged cutting-edge fashion, social interaction and an affordable subscription model. This made it into a company that people love because they thinks it’s fun and engaging and gives them easy access to some of the hottest new styles. Within a short time JustFab had millions of members throughout the United State and Europe. They also acquired a number of competing brands and emerged as a company that was quickly able to generate hundreds of millions of dollars. Capitalizing on a largely untapped market and turning it into a multimillion dollar opportunity helped to make Ressler and Goldenberg industry leaders.


Just when it looked like Ressler, Goldenberg and JustFab had reached their peak, another opportunity presented itself. They got the opportunity to go into business with actress Kate Hudson. The company they formed was called Fabletics. It was an e-commerce subscription company that offered stylish, comfortable clothing for both work and play. The versatile clothing is called athleisure. Each month Fabletics provides members with outfits that was based on their fashion preference and lifestyle. The online fashion company has done so well they’ve begun to create bricks and mortar stores all over the world. It was Don Ressler’s idea to change the name to TechStyle, and the brand continues to grow as a result.  Make sure to follow along with Ressler’s career on LinkedIn.

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