Doug Levitt’s “The Greyhound Diaries” Gives Ordinary Americans a National Voice

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Doug Levitt is an American singer-songwriter and a former London-based foreign correspondent. Ten years ago, he began riding Greyhound buses in America to gather stories, pictures, and songs of passengers. Levitt’s many encounters brought him close to people who are struggling to survive. He spoke out in a show about his ongoing “Greyhound Diaries” project, which is the primary material source for several EP recordings and a web series. The reason behind his efforts to put together and exhibit the project was because he wanted to render a complete portrayal of how low-income Americans lived.


Levitt’s Journey and the Birth of the Greyhound Diaries


According to Levitt, leaving behind his correspondence work to explore the U.S. on Greyhound buses was a personal choice. His work in journalism exposed him to the deplorable living conditions that many people faced, but their stories never reached the limelight. After returning to the United States of America from London, he decided to take up his childhood music passion. He bought a Greyhound bus ticket and embarked on a ten-year journey.


Doug Levitt revealed that his childhood years in Washington D.C exposed him to various societies and cultures. His mother, a councilwoman, exposed the young Levitt to politics and inspired his present civic nature. He has reiterated that traveling on the Greyhound bus lines has allowed him to grow as a person and experience what average Americans went through on a daily basis.


Doug Levitt


Levitt is the last born child of David Schwartz and Carol Schwartz – a former Washington, D.C., City Council member. He attended D.C’s Woodrow Wilson High School. He received a Fulbright Scholarship and got his Masters in International Relations at London School of Economics.


At the age of 16, his father committed suicide; the incident later contributed toward his artistic journey. Levitt dropped his journalism career to become a singer-songwriter. After relocating to Nashville, he collaborated with David Henry, an Americana producer recognized for producing records for Josh Rousse, Guster, and Yo La Tengo. Henry and Levitt formed a long-term collaboration and worked on the Greyhound Diaries together.

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