Dr. Greg Finch Aligns With Cutting Edge Advancements for Orthopedic Health

Jun - 16 2017 | By

Orthopedic surgeries can be needed for any number of reasons pertaining to musculoskeletal conditions. There is a wide range of ailments that patients can experience, from an injury, a major disease, to an uncomfortable range of motion that requires corrective surgery. Of all of the areas of the body that orthopedic surgeons perform surgeries, none are more common than the foot and ankle.

The foot consists of 26 bones that connect to multiple joints, muscles and tendons; making it one of the most complex sections of the musculoskeletal system. Patients can experience many conditions that require surgery to resolve their ongoing pain. The most common reported condition relating to the feet are stress fractures, heel fractures, hammertoe and arthritis. Because these conditions are located in an area of the body that is most-used, the foot is very vulnerable to persistent pain if not attended to by an orthopedic.

With the ankle being in very close vicinity of the foot, it is not uncommon for there to be compounding relations between the two areas. Ankle fractures are extremely common because of the weakened structure of the joint itself, which can be easily manipulated in an unusual configuration. Ankle replacement can sometimes be required due to a severe ankle injury, or medical condition.

Dr. Greg Finch is a leading expert who has worked all around the country and internationally to learn the cutting-edge science and technology in order to complete a wide range of surgeries. Dr. Greg Finch specializes in spinal surgery; however, performs a wide range of orthopedic surgeries. His knowledge of spinal revision and reconstruction surgery is exceptional.

As a partner with the Association of Orthopaedic of Australia (AOA); a global orthopedic research foundation, Dr. Greg Finch connects with the most-skilled leaders in orthopedic surgery. Dr. Greg Finch continuously engages with the most-updated advances of orthopedic health to leverage his remarkable surgery skills.

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