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Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, popularly known as Duda is the chief executive officer for a company known as Grupo RBS. The forty-one-year-old acquired this position in the year 2012, and he has worked hard to bring positive changes in the organization. Grupo RBS was founded several years ago by Duda Melzer’s grandfather, MaurĂ­cio Sirotsky Sobrinho. Under the leadership of the successful businessman, the multimedia communication company had done well, giving employment opportunities to more than six thousand and five hundred employees. The private company is also one of the leaders in Brazil today.

Melzer’s educational background has influenced his successful career significantly. The businessman acquired a bachelor of business administration degree from the prestigious Harvard University in the United States. Duda earned his MBA from the same university. As the chief executive officer of the Grupo RBS, Melzer has several responsibilities. He ensures that the company has enough working capital, and he also works hard to ensure that there is a smooth running of daily activities in the organization.

In his successful career, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has managed to start and work in several multimedia ventures such as newspapers, TV stations, radio and many others. Most of these ventures are found in San Paulo, Santa Catarina and other cities in Brazil.

In an article on Dino, Melzer started his successful career by working at the family business in the year 2004. At first, he was given the position of director general in the national market, and his office was based in Sao Paulo. His dedication enabled him to acquire the position of vice president in marketing and business development. At this post, the businessman was responsible for widening the dimensions of the company locally. The company later on appointed him to become the executive vice president. At this position, he would develop the company’s operations and target the international market.

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