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  Sujit Choudhry joined the prominent constitutional experts on July 10th. Sujit is a well-known director of the Centre of Constitutional Transitions. In the meeting with the experts, a discussion was held on the presidential system and the challenges affecting the government of Ukraine. The people who had hosted the seminar include the great thinkers of Ukraine such the electorate assistance, intergovernmental organizations that help in maintaining democracy all over the world among other icons in related fields. Choudhry pointed out how privileged he was to discuss executive influences with such adored experts. He again pointed out that the democracy of Ukraine had been undergoing instability. He mentioned that this instability had been brought about by political parties that were weak, and a lot of focus on the power of the presidency among other such related things.  Added reference on papers.ssrn.com.

In this roundtable meeting were notable persons such as Thomas Sedelius from Dalama University, the representative the rights of people in Ukraine, Vladimir Vasilenko among other experts. These people are known to possess vast knowledge on constitutional matters. Sujit has released his “Constitutional Making” book with several top-notch articles on various Case Studies as well as Constitutional Law. Being an expert in advising nations across the world on Constitutional Process, he has his articles trusted. Refer to constitutionaltransitions.org for an additional article.

He again went ahead and mentioned that many scholars are interested in the topic under discussion, constitution making. These scholars concentrate on a certain portion of articles and case studies then gather their information from there as he further noted.  To read his blogs, head over to his linkedin.com page.

Sujit Choudhry worked as a professor of law at various universities in America such as the University of California where he worked as a dean. He again worked in Toronto University as the Scholl Chair. He got his degrees in law from Harvard, Toronto, and Oxford. To keep up-to-date with his recent work, click this.

He is an icon in the constitutional matters hence the reason he is recognized globally by so many nations. He has also published a book rich in constitutional matters “Constitutional Making’’ to enlighten the world on legal matters. Check indiawest.com.

To read more about his advisory work visit http://sujitchoudhry.com/advisory-work/


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