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The Future of eos is Crystal Clear

Just when you thought the wildly popular eos lip balm couldn’t be any better, the eos geniuses kick it up another notch. Over the last few days eos has been hinting about the new lip balm release. Unlike the familiar iconic orbs housing opaque lip balm, the updated version has a new triangular package with an innovative crystal clear lip balm inside.

It will start with only two; Crystal Clear Vanilla Orchard and Crystal Clear Hibiscus Peach, refer to usmagazine.com. Their fragrance smells as good as they look. Each is just as moisturizing as the opaque lip balms in the eos family and because they are wax-free, they’re not sticky. They are hypoallergenic, vegan and provide weightless hydration. Each contain five natural oils including shea, avocado, and coconut to leave your lips soft and naturally beautiful, see makeupalley.com.


The eos story

Drug store lip balm remained the same for over a century – rows of small, round cylindrical tubes of Chapstick. You always had the same options; the original tasteless variety or for a variety, cherry and mint flavors.

Sanjiv Mehra, now eos co-founder and managing partner noticed this and joined forces with Jonathan Teller to form eos, the ‘Evolution of Smooth’. Together they revolutionized the lip balm industry.

Lip balm was a unisex item and seemed to compete on price alone. This made it a great opportunity for a lip balm revolution. Mehra and Teller did in-depth consumer research and found it was used primarily by women. The women complained they would lose the lip balm cylinders in their purses, and applying it was not fun, nor was it enjoyable.

Armed with all the facts, Mehra and Teller set about creating a totally unique product – a product which would stand the test of time. They wanted to engage all five of the users senses – from the soft, round packaging, to the individual colors of the orbs, the fragrance, to the way it tasted, down to the click when the sphere closed. They would price it competitively but decided to only use organic ingredients.

The rest is history.

See for more details, click https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0avkr4IdtM.


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