Eric Pulier Shows How to Succeed in the Tech Sector

May - 01 2017 | By

It’s not hard to understand why people are interested in the tech sector. It’s not just that it’s a profitable industry. It’s also rapidly turning into the basic foundation for most of modern society. When people do almost anything these days there’s usually a basis in technology. However, this link between things isn’t always easy to understand. It’s better to look at a life which exemplifies how technology is bringing most facets of the world together. And few lives show this as well as that of Eric Pulier.


Pulier is well accomplished within the field of high technology. But what’s most interesting about his life from an outside perspective is how it showcases balance. Pulier began his professional life earlier than most. In fact, he really began his career before he’d even graduated high school. The computer industry during his youth was quite different from what it is now. When he was learning about computers in 4th grade, the entire idea of home computing was seen as a novelty. But it prepared him for the further adoption of technology in people’s lives. By the time he was working on database software in high school there was an unfulfilled need for it. This allowed him the opportunity to start a business before even graduating from high school. But perhaps the most important thing is that it ensured that he was already an expert by the time he went off to Harvard.


When he arrived at Harvard he had a chance to focus on literature and writing. His time working at Harvard’s illustrious school paper furthered this interest and gave him a window into the lives of the people around him. It might well be that this also led him to the conclusion that he could do a lot of good in the world by combining multiple interests. This was the start of how he’d approach life from that point on.


After graduation he quickly become involved with using technology to help people with medical problems. Later this ideal would come with a charitable focus on helping children with chronic medical conditions. But the strongest lesson here is that Pulier isn’t interested in technology for the sake of technology. He’s interested in using technology to address problems that exist in the world. By focusing on a passion for helping people he’s been able to push technology in a variety of innovative directions.

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