Fabletics vs. Amazon : Fabletics is Winning

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Amazon the world’s leading e-commerce retailer. As far as the fashion industry goes, Amazon owns 20% of the e-commerce market. That is a very big market. For a very long time, Amazon boasted of being unrivalled. Particularly, in the fashion segment. This was until recently when things took a turn and Fabletics become a competitor that has left them on their toes.



Fabletics came into the sports apparel industry at a time when the market had been greatly digitalized. They realized that consumers’ shopping trends were changing from store shopping to online shopping. However, they did discover a loophole in this type of shopping. The company did their research and identified that so many people go to the net to search for various fashion items. However, a very small percentage actually go ahead and buy. So they end up only using the e-commerce stores as a showroom. Amazon has actually lost a lot of sales and leads due to this.



When Kate Hudson first started Fabletics, she already knew about this issue. She therefore decided to come up with a reverse showroom strategy that would have customers check her apparels out and then go ahead with the buy. So she came up with a membership program where members actually get attires placed in their carts if they like it.



While Amazon strives to bring consumers with various sports attire brands, Fabletics concentrates on perfecting one brand. Bringing fashionable and high quality sports attire at a very affordable price. The fact that they engage consumers with surveys to learn more about their preferences is also a plus. They have invested in an in-house team to guide consumers during the whole shopping process. This way, consumers feel as if they were in a physical store. This has really had a great impact on the consumers’ buying decisions.



Fabletics ability to do some research and not follow the norm has seen them achieve more than 30 percent growth year in year out. They are conversant with the market trends and have gone an extra step to utilize models wearing their outfits. This way, their consumers get a real look of how the outfits look like on their body. They continue to take up trends from physical exhibitions and incorporate them so that consumers get the same feel online. And, in that way they have managed to be more competitive that Amazon.



About Fabletics


Fabletics is an active wear brand that was co-founded by the celebrity Kate Hudson. The brand was inspired by an existing market gap where all the major sports apparel brands were all about quality, not price and not fashion. Therefore, Fabletics was launched to help people keep fit in fashionable sports attires that were high in quality and whose price is affordable. Since then, the company has been expanding to cover the rising demand in the united Sates and beyond. The company utilizes a membership strategy where members get to access various fashion pieces at discounted prices.

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