Free App Connecting Parents with Teachers

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Want to make the Classroom more accessible and encourage family participation? ClassDojo is a great tool for parents, teachers and students. Using the communications platform to reward students or communicate directly with parents throughout the day, allows teachers to reach outside the classroom and build connection with the community. Keeping and growing the connection between the classroom and families at home increases the quality of education. It allows open communication about students’ daily schedules, progress and behavior. Connecting parents to the classroom with regular updates helps them remain invested in their child’s learning experience.

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Currently funded by venture investors, the free iOS and Android app has raised more than $31 million in funds to expand its content and communications offerings. ClassDojo, listening to the needs of teachers, began as a tool for empowering students with positive reinforcement. Driven by feedback from educators, the company expanded to a closed-circuit communication platform that allows parents to see what happens in the classroom though regular messages, photos and videos. Liam Don, co-founder of the San Francisco-based ed-tech start-up said, “We have this belief that teachers and parents and students are this bottom up force in education.”  Hop over to


Response from parents, teachers and educators has been overwhelmingly positive. ClassDojo is currently used in two thirds of US schools and 180 countries around the world. The app offers translations in 40 languages, appealing to the multi-cultural and multi-languaged aspects of increasingly diverse communities.

According to, ClassDojo reports that parents and teachers currently exchange more than 8,000 messages per minute. Word has spread among teachers about the benefits of the tool, how it improves classroom environment, assists with continued learning at home, and maintains relationships with parents. Investors believe the platform is positioning to expand even further, connecting classrooms with quality content on an even greater scale.  See this also for added details.

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