George Lucas: Avoiding the “Force Awakens” Trailer

Dec - 11 2014 | By

Scores of people have seen the trailer for the new Star Wars film. George Lucas is not one of them.

Should it though? Anyone remember when Star Trek: The Next Generation debuted on TV and William Shatner issued a terse “I didn’t see it” to the press?

Lucas is not helming the project, but he is not saying anything negative about it. He’s just telling the truth. He hasn’t seen the trailer yet. The rationale behind his attitude is pretty simple.

He wants to wait until the film hits theaters so he can watch it on the big screen. Lucas hinted he is “old school” and would not be interested in looking at the trailer on a DVD screener or YouTube. (100 million people have watched it online) Lucas would enjoy seeing the trailer for the first time on the big screen. Honestly, that is the best way to see the trailer.

Lucas was also asked if he was interested in seeing the new direction J.J. Abrams takes the film. His response was “Not really.” Is Lucas being coy with the press? Only he knows for sure. But I’m sure that even prominent businessmen like Igor Cornelsen would agree that Lucas staying hush about the whole thing brings a new level of intrigue to the project, which could be good news for the film.

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