George Soros and the Importance of the Ferguson Riots

Jul - 27 2017 | By

Ferguson, Missouri is an important place because it is the central location to one of the biggest racial protest movements in recent history. Ferguson Missouri residents and outside protestors descend onto this city in August of 2014. They all went to this St. Louis suburb to speak out against the death of Michael Brown.

In July of 2017 the Grand Jury awarded the Brown family an undisclosed settlement in regard to the Ferguson case. They also stated that former officer Darren Wilson did not do anything wrong in the shooting death of Michael Brown. The Grand Jury also stated that the Missouri Police Department had committed injustices toward minority members of the black community. Know more about George Soros on Business Insider.

The people of Ferguson were upset at how they said Michael Brown had allegedly died. He stated that he died in the street in a way that was disrespectful and harmful. The people of Ferguson started to mill outside of the area where Michael Brown was shot. They also started to become upset at the incident. Many people in and around Ferguson started to figure out what was going on and Soros then organized various protest groups and sent them into the area.

These protest organizations were funded by Soros for other reasons. However, most liberal protest organizations support each other when it comes to protesting. This is important because it allows various causes to increase their numbers, their presence and their power over specific matter.

When it comes to the Ferguson incident, Black Lives Matter was the leading protest group on the scene. This organization was the leading voice for the protests. They are the primary social organization of the modern era that has been put in place for this purpose. George Soros has been supporting them a short time before the Ferguson incident.

At the time, George Soros understood the importance of Ferguson because this incident served two purposes. First, the protests ensured that African American people are being treated fairly and justly. Learn more about his profile at

Second, the Ferguson protests proved that Soros can mobilize an effective campaign when it is time to do so. Soros’s involvement inside of the Ferguson situation proves that he is capable of being a powerful organizer that can help to bring about justice and equality when the need arises.

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