George Soros Contributions to the World

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George Soros is known for being a great philanthropist with about 12 billion dollars to his name being given away. His funds go towards giving necessary support to individual fighting for freedom of expression, accountability of governments, promotion of justice and equality in societies as well as transparencies and what George Soros knows.

He has been keen to give to people and organizations that support causes that he interested in. He is concerned about people who face discrimination just because they are them. For instance, he has been known to support people that are in support of Europeans Roma. He has also been seen to support people who have been marginalized for one reason or the other including sex workers and drug users.

Soros is passionate about helping such individuals because he has also faced such discrimination at some point in his life. He was born Hungary in the 1930s where he lived through the Nazi’s occupation where a majority of Hungarian Jews were murdered for being Jews. His own family, who was Jewish, was able to escape this ordeal just because they managed to secure fake documents to identify them as non-Jews. His family then proceeded to help other Jews escape in the same manner. This desire to persist when evil is stronger than the people involved is what keeps Soros drive high to date. The fact that his family prevailed in the midst of the evil is proof that no discrimination cannot be overcome and learn more about George Soros.

George later left Hungary in 1947 when he traveled to London where he worked as a porter at the railway as well as a night waiter at a bar as a way to support his means through economics school. He then moved to the United States in 1956 where he ventured into the financial world and started making a name for himself. His hedge fund was founded in 1970 named Soros fund. This was the beginning of making Soros one of the most successful investors in the world to-date and more information click here.

Soros had a lot of success to enjoy that in 1979 he began his philanthropy work in the world by supporting students through scholarships at the time of the apartheid. When the Berlin wall fell, Soros created the central Europe University as a means of encouraging critical thinking, which was not available in most Soviet supported universities. He was responsible for the bigger role of opening up the soviet society to the rest of the world as he provided funds for the cultural exchanges between the Eastern and Western Europe. When the cold war ended, Soros expanded his philanthropy work to Africa, USA as well as Asia with a focus to support matters that were close to his heart most of which based on social equality. His thoughts on support might have evolved, but they were mainly based on maintaining social fairness and an open society and Follow him at

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