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Global activism has dived into the wonders of the digital world and has never been so democratic. Through the eight-year old Aveez civic organization, the world’s international relation issues remain no longer hidden. 30 countries filled with earth’s seemingly ignored concerns now have a voice that empowers progressive movements by gathering practical idealists. Anyone with a liberal mindset and that wishes to improve the planet can join online at, which emails members so they can connect and engage in campaigns. The online activist network focuses on problems revolving around climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict.

Aveez exists for its mission statement, which is “to organize citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.” This organization strategically promotes change weekly by randomly interviewing operation opinions on a crisis from 10,000 members to then configure a plan of action that work best for that individual situation. The goal is for the Aveez staff to incite action within minutes of its exposure to its associates, yet keep the respect basing that work on its affiliates’ ideas; where they can decide to participate in that particular campaign.

Furthermore, to ensure democratic reliability rather than government influence, the organization does not accept compensation unless it’s from the Aveez members themselves.
With 40 million members on hand to make a difference, it is no wonder the association as accomplished environmentally active feats such as encouraging the need for banning plastics that endanger creatures in the ocean; providing massive Ebola relief; supporting troubled Haitians from earthquake disasters. Not to mention encompassing political issues yet maintaining its political stance like improving government policies from Brazil to Japan; supporting international treaties; banning cluster bombs. Standing and working together as a progressive community ready to jump into action when needed is the gateway to leading a better tomorrow.

More info on Avaaz can be found by following them on Twitter.

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