How Is James Dondero Giving Back To Dallas

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The city of Dallas is benefiting quite a lot from the giving that James Dondero does, and this article explains how he is giving back to a worthy cause. The Family Place is a charity that helps those who are running from broken family situations, and James has made a challenge grant of $1 million to help complete their fundraising. Someone who wishes to give back or learn about charities in Dallas may follow what James has done in this instance.


#1: What Is The Family Place?


The Family Place is a place where anyone may go when they have family problems. The charity is attempting to build structures that will host more people every day, and they need to raise quite a lot of money to finish their construction. The construction projects are easier to complete with added funding, and James is giving to ensure it happens.


#2: The Grant


The challenge grant that James has given will help the charity build the new homes and apartments they wish to create, and they will have more space for their staff to work. The grant will help complete the building plans for the charity, and someone who comes to the charity will not be turned away because there is space for them.


#3: Highland Capital Management


Highland Capital Management is one of the largest hedge funds in America, and it helps a number of people who are searching for better ways to invest their cash. He knows that investors will find better results when they are using this fund, and he is creating a diverse fund that will offer higher returns for people who need them.


James Dondero is a strong believer in charities around Dallas, and he knows that giving back makes a difference in the lives of people in the city. The city is stronger because he is giving back to charities, and his charity has set aside money to give to many different causes that are in need of this sort of support. Everyone who wants to help may follow what James does to support charity work.

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