Jared Haftel: The Tony Stark of Finance

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Duke University graduate, Jared Haftel, is not your run-of-the-mill finance guy. He has accomplished more in his 4 years of college than many adults in over 15 years. He is currently a professional investment banking analyst, however, his past endeavors make him a worthy adversary for any competitor in his field.

Haftel attended Duke University from 2005 to 2009, plowing his way through bachelor’s degrees in Science, Mathematics and Economics. Haftel later finished with an MBA at the Stanford School of Business. While many would chuckle at his choice in majors, his current profession is allowing him to utilize 100% of his skills acquired in college. Needless to say, his career choice was well planned.

During his summer break after Junior year, Haftel participated in an internship with Credit Suisse. It is evident that he performed exceptionally with Credit Suisse as he soon after secured a position for the Global Industrials Group at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, responsible for tracking commodities information, focusing on metals, chemicals, mining, defense, and aerospace industries. During his time with Merrill Lynch, he acquired and consulted with high profile clients such as CONSOL Energy, Huntsman Corporation, GeoEye, and EMS Technologies. He is currently an Associate at Vector Capital, with whom he has worked since 2011.

Furthermore, CNN’s Arnold Harol posted an article featuring Haftel’s tips on crafting a resume geared toward acquiring a job or internship in investment banking. His tips on acquiring the a finance specialist’s dream job have resonated with so many people across the globe that his words have been echoed in blogs and finance websites for the past several months.

Haftel is most certainly an outlier when it comes to accomplishments, however, it is evident that he took advantage of his situation and has become a role model for people around the world. Make sure to follow him on Twitter, as well as other social media, so that you can keep up on this rising star.

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