Jason Hope Campaigns for the Internet of Things Concept

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Jason Hope is an American technology entrepreneur and a philanthropist living in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a believer in technology advancements and charitable works that help the community. Jason is a graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in Finance. He also holds an MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business. Jason Hope started off as his career in mobile communications company before moving to mentoring and charity works.

One area of technology that Jason holds dearly through his career is the Internet of Things. He has been a reputed commentator on the tech topics. He has also written extensively about the Internet of Things in major technology blogs and magazines. Jason refers to Internet of Things as the biggest wave of innovation to ever hit the technological world. His writings are acknowledged widely as an indication of the route technology is likely to take currently and in future.

Internet of Things is a technology concept that connects devices we use daily in our lives together. For instance, through this concept, you can connect your kitchen appliances, lighting system, electronic devices in your house together. The aim is to have the devices connect and share data, improve the way they work and ensure efficient use of resources.

Jason Hope being a leading voice in promoting the Internet of Things concept believes the technology gaining massive traction from the top tech companies all over the world. He says that any company left out in implementing this concept risk being irrelevant in future. Jason foresees a time in future when all devices we use will be able to connect with each other. Companies will be in stiff competition in implementing innovative ideas and producing relevant application and devices. He explains that embracing Internet of Things will reduce wastages greatly. He gives an example of the transport sector as one of the areas this concept has been successfully implemented. Today it’s easy to monitor the routes buses take in real time, to avoid risky conditions on the roads. This reduces cases of unnecessary congestion on the roads. It also helps monitor accidents incidents on our roads.

Jason Hope is optimistic that if the Internet of things concept is effectively embraced, it will lead to a technological revolution never seen before.

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