Jim Tananbaum Offers Support to Mindstrong Health

Aug - 03 2017 | By

Mindstrong Health is a well-known medical firm that specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of neuropsychiatric disorders. The organization uses smartphone technology in its operations. Just recently, the company announced that it had raised fourteen million dollars as funds. The funds were received from public investors like One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund and Foresite Capital.

The founder of the mental health facility, Paul Dagun, who also serves as the president of the company says that the experts in the medical field had successfully managed to come up with medicine that is designed according to the objective measurements. The mental health experts, on the other hand, have not yet designed the mental health perfectly in the clinical setting.

According to Paul Dagun, physicians have not successfully introduced a good solution to improve the outcome of the persons who have been diagnosed with mental disorders. Paul says that the people with chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart diseases are the ones who have benefited. As the president of Mindstrong Health, Paul Dagun has been in the forefront in introducing the best treatment for mental health patients. Under his great leadership, the company has been able to discover insights that have never been used in the past.

Jim Tananbaum is a famous figure in the medical world. Many people know him as the founder and chief executive director of a company known as Foresite Capital. In a recent interview  by patientdaily.com, Tananbaum says that patients living with mental disorders deserve proper treatment, just like the ones with other diseases. Jim Tananbaum and his company want to make sure that the patients live a good life, and that is why he has invested in Mindstrong Health.

Jim founded Foresite Capital several years ago. The private equity firm specializes in investments that are in the health care industry. According to the company portfolio, Foresite offers capital to businesses in the healthcare industry. The funds acquired from Foresite Capital are used to increase the clinical products and conduct research. Jim Tananbaum has served as a businessman for a long time, and he has all the expertise needed to make Foresite Capital one of the most successful private equity companies in the world.

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