John Goullet’s Info Technologies Corporation

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In 1994, Principal of DIVERSANT, Mr. John Goullet, founded Info Technologies. He served as its CEO after working as a Computer Consultant and later as an account executive of IT staffing. After founding Info Technologies, he put in a considerable amount of time and focus on it so as to fully understand his client’s needs on IT staffing as well as the corporate climate. He then matched his consultants work style to their personality so as to identify which skills met their clients’ needs. Through Info Technologies, he has offered solutions to over 500 fortune organizations in the country. The corporation has grown to $30 million within five years, attaining the eighth spot of the 500 fastest growing private firms.


Gene and John combined DIVERSANT Incorporation with Info Technologies developing DIVERSANT, LLC in 2010. As principal of this firm, Mr. Goullet has managed to develop new strategies to handle the challenges facing the IT industry. John Goullet begins his day at the gym where he works out for about one hour. This is normally between 6 & 7am, and then he later makes his way to the office where he arrives at 8. He ensures to leave his office at around 6 pm unless he has dinner appointments.


He brings his ideas to life by paying close attention to the happenings in the labor markets, as well as constant reading to keep him updated. Since the number of students who graduate with IT skills is minimal, Info Technologies carry out research to identify the technologies that have the highest demand so as to develop a set of skills that clients possibly require. Based on his occupation, he is excited and motivated by the fact that the demand for IT gurus and new technologies is increasing with time. Therefore, the future of Diversant is promising as the high demand motivates them to improve, advance and deliver in a better manner.


During an interview with ideamensch, he advises entrepreneurs to view the best competitors in their respective industries and imitate, or rather adapt their best practices. This will facilitate the growth and advancement of the company as a result of the implementation of the most productive strategies. He also added that for a business to grow, it ought to have the best persons on board and also involve as many trainees as possible.

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