Learn a Bit More About Securus Technologies – a Revolutionary in Technology

Jul - 10 2017 | By

When you picture an inmate or person inside a correctional facility making a phone call, do you picture the same thing I do? A person leaning against a pay phone circa 1998 talking into the mouth piece with a line of other inmates waiting to talk? Yes, thanks to the likes of Law and Order and pretty much every prison movie scene involving a phone – that’s what a lot of us picture.


I recently learned about a company that changed my thoughts about phone use in correctional facilities and prisons and how dangerous the powers of the phone can be. Securus Technologies is a company based out of Dallas that has skyrocketed in the last few years to become the global leader in security technology. The company works with over 2,500 prisons, correctional facilities and law enforcement agencies. They work in the United States, Mexico and Canada and has regional offices throughout the United States including a large hub in Atlanta, Georgia.


The company is known for its Cell Defender technology above all else, a technology that protects correctional facilities against inmates gaining access to mobile phones, in particular smart phones while inside correctional facilities. In addition, it also ceases these phones from being able to access the internet, which could become an extremely hazardous situation based on the broad range of criminal or harmful activity one person could do with access to the internet.


If you want to learn more about how Securus Technologies helping change the face of prison security through cutting edge technology there is a great article on PR Newswire that has real quotes from real customers. The quotes show real situations where Securus has helped find contraband phones, locate corrupt correctional officers and help law enforcement find and seize millions of drugs and illegally laundered money.


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