Learning About The Wessex Institute Of Technology

Feb - 21 2017 | By

Wessex Institute of Technology is located in the south of England. The institute’s goal is to facilitate a series of knowledge trans mechanisms primarily between academics and industry professionals. They accomplish this goal by holding conferences around the world, publishing, and research. The Chairman of the Wessex Institute is Professor Carlos Brebbia and the board of directors is made up of 14 professors at other educational facilities.

Wessex is partnered with several universities for research projects and receives research funding from other research and industry organizations. The conferences that Wessex holds are held around the world and are about a diverse set of topics. Among the 2016 conferences they held ones on Islamic heritage architecture and art, waste management and the environment, and flood risk management and response. WIT Press, the institute’s publishing arm, publishes journals, specialized research monographs, edited works, as well as about the conferences the institute holds.  Based on wessex.ac.uk.


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