Michael Keaton not Jealous of Ben Affleck, “I am Batman”

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WIth how big the superhero craze has become in the world of modern cinema, it is hard to believe that it really got off to a hot start a couple of decades ago! A director by the name of Tim Burton, who you may have heard of, got Michael Keaton to star in his adaptation of the classic caped crusader comic book series, Batman. The original ‘Batman’, which released in the late ’80s, featured Keaton as a more neurotic and low key version of the classic hero. Since then four other mega Hollywood stars have gone on to play the famed hero: Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck. Do you think Keaton is jealous of any of them? Think again.

When Ben Affleck as tabbed with the role of filling in the cowl, fans went even crazier. How could Ben Affleck bring what Christian Bale brought? It turns out that maybe the tone of the conversation is all wrong. Instead, fans should be wondering how Affleck can ever live up to Keaton’s standards, is what Brad Reifler had said.

Michael Keaton, who recently starred in another sorta-superhero film ‘Birdman’, was interviewed about the direction of the Batman franchise and his role in its evolution.  He went on to say that he wasn’t jealous at all of Ben Affleck. The reason? With a laugh Keaton admitted, “Because I am Batman.”

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