Michel Terpins’ Amazing Track Record in Upholding the Family Name

Oct - 16 2017 | By

Michel Terpin is a Brazilian auto rally driver. Sports run in his genes as his father was into sports, and his brother, Rodrigo Terpins is into rally driving as well. Michel Terpins debuted in 2002 in the motorcycle category. He then went to cars along with Rodrigo Terpins.

More on His Timeline

Michel Terpins have participated as a duo team for a while now. He sometimes teams up with his brother, and sometimes he teams up with Maykel Justo. From Taubate (SP), Justo has been in Sertoes Rally racing for ten years now in which he has won four titles already. Also, just a few years back, Michel and Rodrigo’s passion for off-road excitement and speed drove them from Sao Paulo. Their team is known as the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. For four seasons, they have been racing on the T-Rex, a creation of MEM Motorsport in which Michel Terpins do the piloting. They also participated in the Cross Country Rally’s Brazilian Championship in which they are already in the Mitsubishi Cup.

In July 2016, Terpins and his brother were in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally. In that race, Rodrigo and his partner finished in 7th place, and they finish just over two hours. Michel and his partner couldn’t complete the race due to car malfunctioning.

During this summer, Terpins and Justo teamed up to race at the Sertoes Rally. They teamed up for the T1 prototype category. The racing event was arranged to cover over 3,300 kilometers. And with the T-Rex by the MEM Motorsport, this is the second year consecutively they have used this car in this prototype category. Also, this car underwent some modifications for competitive power for this racing event. This is the 10th time Terpins participated in this competition.

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