Omar Yunes Competes For Best Franchisee Award

Jul - 10 2017 | By

Best Franchisee of the World is an event that generally takes place every year. People from all across the world join together to honor, recognize and reward some of the best business leaders that the world has to offer. 2015’s event took place in Florence, Italy and included franchisees from places like Hungary, Portugal, Spain, France, and even Mexico. However, before the international event takes place, some countries hold their own regional versions as a way to determine who they want to send in order to represent the country. Mexico did just that and decided to send their top two winners, Omar Yunes and Ivan Tamer.

The Best Franchisee of The World competition looks for specific types of franchisees. They judge leaders based on their ability to motivate and encourage employees to actually want to work. They also look for franchisees who are able to add their own creative touch to the franchise as well as implement new plans for things like savings as revenue. One such Franchisee who was able to demonstrate these things was Omar Yunes. Not only did he win in Mexico’s version of the Best Franchisee of The World competition, it he also won first place at the international level. Omar Yunes is Franchisee of the Japanese style restaurant Sushi Itto. Since he became Franchisee, he has been able to control the company more clearly by creating new programs and has also improved customer service relations.

Omar Yunes became a Franchisee at age 21. This was not only his first real business venture but one of his most successful. He was able to expand his ownership of Sushi Itto into 13 more restaurants all across Mexico. He employees around 400 workers but the number is always changing. Omar Yunes hopes to continue expanding the brand and franchise internationally.

The second man to represent Mexico and the Best Franchisee competition was Iván Tamer. He is franchisee of Prendamex and received recognition for his new marketing program. The program has seen much success so far and other similar companies hope to adopt the system soon.

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