One-on-One with the Successful Entrepreneur: Greg Sucker

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Greg Secker is an avid entrepreneur, international speaker, and generous philanthropist. He has spoken to leading channels including Bloomberg and CNBC. Greg established the Greg Secker Foundation to participate in improving the quality of life of communities globally. In an interview with ideamensch, Greg revealed that the idea of starting his company, Learn to Trade, came out of opportunity and boredom.

Greg Secker had more focus on starting the company after working in the foreign department of a prestigious asset management bank and relocating to the United Kingdom after spending many years in the United States. He felt inspired to teach people about investments after trading from home. Greg was motivated to help people with the same ideas and tool he had gained while working at the asset management bank.

Greg Secker turns ideas into reality by thinking about the idea and its many stages and then falling in love with the illusion of the idea. Greg believes that pre-vision is important to allow the brain to go through the ideas’ steps and get passionate about the idea before implementing the real idea. Greg is excited about the trend of disseminating information through video and TV broadcaster. Greg Secker gives himself time to become a productive entrepreneur. Lastly, Greg encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to read more books to learn the perception of other people concerning business aspects.

The Personal Experiences of Greg Secker

Greg is the famed founder of The Greg Secker Foundation apart from being the owner of Capital Index and Learn to Trade and SmartCharts software. Greg became a popular multi-billionaire by his twenties. He has established one of the leading successful trading companies in Europe. Greg owns a leading trader coaching company. Moreover, he has a passion for helping aspiring entrepreneurs.

Greg started his career at Thomas Cook Financial services before becoming a multi-billionaire. Later, he shifted to the work at a foreign exchange business to manage a new business called Virtual Trading Desk (VTD). After a while, Greg relocated to work in Mellon Financial Corporation where he served as the Vice President. He gained skills of trading strategies while working at the firm. Greg exited the firm when he had more money in his bank account. He began working on establishing his company. Greg founded Learn to Trade after three months.


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