Is Suicide Squad Slated To Help Establish Aquaman?

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Cameos for The Flash and Aquaman have been confirmed for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now, word leaking from Warner Bros. sources indicate Suicide Squad is going to feature an aqua-related cameo. In addition to an appearance by Batman, an Aquaman nemesis is going to make his debut in the villain-ensemble film. The character of King Shark is likely to get a little screen time.

No, King Shark is not as well known as The Joker or Lex Luthor. Still, the villain does play a pretty important role in Aquaman lore. According to the epoch times, some bits and pieces about Aquaman’s role in the D.C. cinematic universe will be revealed in Suicide Squad. Possibly, this film will further help establish Aquaman to audiences in anticipation of the eventual solo film hitting theaters on July 17, 2018.

Before 2018, Aquaman will have already made a big splash (pardon the pun) in theaters. The hero has a big role in the upcoming the Justice League films. Part I of Justice League arrives in theaters on November 17, 2017. The second half of the Justice League film does not appear in theaters until long after the Aquaman movie is released.

D.C. Comics is taking a slow, drawn out approach to crafting its shared universe of heroes and villains. Perhaps this is because D.C. Entertainment feels a number of their characters have never been previously properly introduced to wide audiences.

DC Vies to Overtake Marvel at Comic Con

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Attendants at this year’s biggest Comic Con in San Diego were surprised to see that Marvel’s presence this year was fairly muted this time around according to some reports

While Marvel declined to display a Hall H presentation Warner Bros., decided to fill the comic book vacuum with their DC Comics properties. Hall H will be scheduled to the hilt with returning shows such as Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. While these are mainly television properties they have been successful especially on sites such as Hulu and Netflix. They also have the added benefit of being renewed each week and each year as series rather than as tent pole franchises that live and die on first weekend box office grosses.

Comic book fans like Mikal Watts who are not necessarily fans of the DC universe will also be treated to a few new series and an old favorite. AMC is presenting its hit show The Walking Dead but trailing along with this established comic book property is a new spin off: Fear the Walking Dead. The new show will take place in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. It will be somewhat of a prequel in the Better Call Saul tradition as it will tell the story of what happened during the initial outbreak when Rick Grimes was in his comatose state.

After Being Shot in Head by Arrow, Kangaroo Receives Medical Treatment

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Shot in the head with an arrow, a kangaroo on the Sunshine Coast of Australia managed to avoid rescuer’s efforts for an entire week. The identity of the person who shot the kangaroo is unknown, but when the kangaroo’s plight was noticed people tried to help it. Finally, on Tuesday morning the kangaroo was tranquilized by Daniel Young of the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

Although most animals in such a predicament would have faced the certainly of a painful, drawn-out death, this young kangaroo will get a second chance at life. The arrow just barely missed hitting her brain and eye and even ended up grazing the skull. Financial lawyer Sam Tabar was thrilled to hear of her good fortune.

The kangaroo was young, but fully grown and had an infant joey with her. After being brought to the Wildlife Hospital at the Australia Zoo the arrow was removed and the kangaroo was given an antibiotic. Her released was planned for that same afternoon, as the antibiotic was a long-lasting one which should be sufficient to keep the wound healthy.

RSPCA chief inspector Daniel Young expressed gratitude for local help the organization had received, stating, “We’d like to thank the local community for all their assistance.”

Kylie Jenner Goes Shopping With Tyga Without Makeup

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Kylie and Tyga have been the most talked about and possibly one of the most controversial couples of the year. Initially Kylie and Tyga denied that they were dating romantically, and insisted that they were just friends. For a little over a year we watched as Kylie and Tyga attended holiday charity events, Christmas shopped and hung out alone. Nobody was buying the story that they were just friends and the longer they were together the more people wanted to know.

Finally after over a year of hiding and denying Kylie and Tyga are not confirming or denying their relationship, but they are definitely being more public with their affections reports Brian Torchin. Recently, Kylie posted a sexy photo of herself posing in a pair of Crisp boxer briefs, everyone knows that Crisp is the name of Tyga’s underwear line, and the minute the photo hit the internet lost its mind. Kylie’s loyal fans and followers approved the photo and declared Kylie queen of the selfie.

This week it looks like Kylie is very comfortable and relaxed with out any makeup on her face,because she was spotted leaving a supermarket dressed down in camo sweat pants, a plain white tank and matching camo bucket hat. The best part? Kylie was totally makeup free and she had Tyga right by her side. You gotta love a couple that goes out and shops together, after all they could just hire someone to grocery shop. More importantly, Kylie’s fans are commending her for being comfortable in her own skin, and the fact they Tyga is comfortable letting her be herself just shows how in love they really are.

Jurassic World Makes Record Box Office Numbers Opening Weekend

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The newest installment into the dinosaur world of movies, Jurassic World, is making a bigger splash in the box officer than you might expect it to. During its opening weekend it totally blew away what people thought it would make, and according to an article found on reddit and written by The Verge, it broke a record of 525.4 million dollars around the world. This is the first movie to ever have done that it it completely just knocked that ball out of the park. Daniel Amen ( has learned that, in fact, China is one of the countries that pulled in $100.1 million dollars just by themselves.

It is a bit shocking, because even though it has been a really long time since a Jurassic Park movie came out, it is still a sequel and those don’t normally do so hot in the box office. But I guess it would be safe to say that the audience and people viewing really missed the creatures. It is also easy to say that the dinosaur series is now in 2015 which means that a lot of better technology can be used to make the movies. And, with the help of 3D and 4D showings, it is just an awesome contribution to the media world and it will never fail to bring in more fans. This is a great movie for the people who remember the old ones, and great for new people too.

‘The Crow’ Reboot Stalled Again

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While some movies go onto win awards or millions of dollars in box office gold, others tend to perform better as cult classics with a dedicated following. This following is able to drive the picture to legendary proportions and can even occasionally produce a number of sequels that may or may not help the popularity of the original. One such film is “The Crow,” which has managed to win fans over on an almost annual basis.

However, plans to reboot the franchise with a new face and a new story are not exactly flying high. According to Newark CEDC, the reboot of “The Crow” has again lost a lead actor, Jack Huston, and continues to toil in relative obscurity. While scheduling conflicts are being blamed for the latest departure, those difficulties arise often when films are stuck in development for too long. To say the least, a new version of the dark tale of vengeance has been at a standstill.

While actors can not be blamed for finding other work, the people and production company behind the film need to perk up and get some results. Movies have to be constantly moving forward, and the volume of projects that lock actors up for several pictures is not going to help the casting process. It is tough to say when “The Crow” will grow wings, but fans are likely hopeful that some major news breaks within the next few months—again.

The Rachel Dolezal Saga Continues

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Last week, outspoken African-American NAACP member and professor of African studies Rachel Dolezal was outed as faking her race. For years, Rachel had portrayed herself as a black woman who could relate to the struggles of being an African-American woman in today’s society. That is, until her white biological parents outed her.

According to the story on, Rachel finally sat down with members of the media to discuss the accusations and her story. This morning she sat down with Matt Lauer for an interview with the “Today Show”. She told Lauer in her sit-down interview that she identifies as being black. She said that as a child, she would always draw herself as a young black girl. Rachel also said that given the choice, she would make the same decisions over again.

Despite lying about her race, it seems as though Rachel has really done some good for the African-American and Gianfrancesco Genoso know she was a Chapter leader of the NAACP and fought for equal rights. She is also a passionate educator, teaching others about African history. Whether she is black or white, those are the types of people we need leading our society.

Rachel’s birth parents, Ruthanne and Larry Dolezal, spoke out against their daughter’s wishes to tell the truth. They said that they did not want to lie for her and they were hurt when she slowly cut them out of her life.

GoT Season 6 Speculation

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Since Season 5 of Game of Thrones concluded on Sunday, there has been plenty of speculation about the show’s Season 6 direction. As George R.R. Martin hasn’t finished the books, the show’s writers have had to add and combine characters and stories while stretching out events from the books as much as possible. Thankfully, GRRM did tell them his outline for the future in case he isn’t able to keep up with them or finish the books. They have also decided to make their own changes so that the series no longer matches the books entirely.

What does all of this mean for Season 6 Reuters asks?

Brad Reifler says if the books and speculation about them are any guidance: Jon Snow lives. The writers might dropped him until Season 7 like they dropped Bran this season; Melisandre might resurrect Jon as Azor Ahai or Jon might warg into Ghost or a human. Daenerys will likely try to reclaim her title of Khaleesi among the Dothraki, but it will be difficult since they’re a male-dominated society. Tyrion and Varys have to deal with a siege in Meereen. There is the chance that Tyene gave Bronn more of the antidote to the poison and that he might save Myrcella with it. Theon and Sansa have likely survived their fall. Stannis might also be alive even after all he’s done. Lastly, the Brotherhood Without Banners might make an appearance.

Karrueche and Chris Over For Good Again

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Once again Chris Brown has showed us that dancing, is one of the few things that he can do with grace and poise. Time and again we have watched Chris screw up his relationships only to somehow screw them up again just a few weeks later. For awhile it seemed that Chris had finally lucked up and found a woman that would put up with all of his drama, after all the making up and breaking up between Chris and Karrueche it just seemed to be their thing.

Even after Chris publicly humiliated Karrueche on Instagram during their holiday breakup, Karrueche was willing to try again just in time for the new year. But before they could actually work out their problems Karrueche and the rest of the world got a shock when it was exposed that Chris was the father of a 9 month old baby girl. Fans at Boraie Development ( agree that Chris stepped up and took fatherhood like a champ, while Karrueche packed up and moved on with her life.

Now that Chris has caught up with his baby girl, he wants Karrueche back. Lately Chris has been jumping through hoops just to be near Karrueche, but she wants nothing to do with him. Now that he hasn’t gotten his way, Brown is telling everyone that he is going to hook up with every girl that’s willing when he goes on tour, and he doesn’t care what Karrueche thinks. Looks like Chris is trying to make karrueche come back with more mind games, but for now Karrueche isn’t interested in going back down that road.

Game of Thrones Season Finale

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Last night was the season finale of Game of Thrones and if people were expecting a huge delivery, they sure got it. It was probably one of the most intense endings yet and they didn’t short anyone on the deaths or drama. According to an article found on reddit and written by ABC News, this was one of the most deadly episodes made yet to date. There was also a lot of confusion left in the air and many people don’t know if what they saw was real or not. For starters, Jon Snow appears to be dead and killed by his very own people as he lay in the snow there in the final cut. However it is possible that he didn’t die too, because that is just how these shows work. The Nightwatch were mad about the merging with the Wildlings and this is how they dealt with it.

Also, Cersei got shamed beyond belief as she was stripped naked, had her hair all cut off and was forced to march through King’s Landing as people booed at her and called her horrible things. Jamie was also bringing home their daughter only to find that she was poisoned at sea once they left Dorne and it is not going to be the case that she lives. They are setting up a lot of good scenarios for the season and only the best is yet to come.I do have to thank my doctor, Dr. Jennifer Walden, for getting me into this show, I love it.

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