The Detroit Walking Man’s Ex-Girlfriend Wants A Cut Of His New-Found Wealth

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James Robertson Received $360,000 In Donations After His Eight Hour-A-Day Walking To Work Story Hit The Press

You never know what’s going to happen next when you receive a windfall of cash that you didn’t expect. James Robertson knows first-hand how things can change when he got $360,000 from a website that was set up to help him.James walked eight hours back and forth to work every day, and that dedicated activity made the news.

But now, his ex-girlfriend wants to share the wealth. She wants $50,000 so she can fix the apartment James rented from her for the last 15 years. His girlfriend, Tanya Fox, claims James made a mess. James fought back. He took out a restraining order against her. Sergio Cortes ( has heard that Robertson has also received requests from neighbors who need money. He moved to an undisclosed location in order to get away from his money-hungry neighbors and his ex.

Robertson story is not an unusual one. Lottery winners go through the same torture. Some people feel unexpected wealth should be shared. After all, the person receiving the windfall didn’t expect in the first place, so why not give some to family and friends. That may make a good story, but sharing the wealth with people who say they deserve it, is usually a bad idea.

More Details for The Crow Reboot

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There have been more details released surrounding the upcoming reboot for The Crow. Corin Hardy is in place as the director. James O’Barr is also involved in the film project stated AnastsiaDate. There have been many stars that were looked at for the role before they settled with Jack Huston.

O’Barr has talked a little more about the upcoming project stating that this film is going to be a re-imagining. He has also revealed that Jessica Brown Findlay has taken the role of Shelley.

James O’Barr has decided that this film is going to be a complete adaptation of the original comic book. The film is going to be adapted page by page, as was done with films such as Sin City and Watchmen. In this way, it will set itself apart from the Brandon Lee feature. James O’Barr has stated that this film will have more of a Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver tone.

Other things that will differentiate itself from the 1994 film is that The Crow is going to actually speak human dialect. This already sounds like a crazy re-imagining that is a lot closer to the source material.

World’s First Penis Transplant Deemed Successful

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The world’s first penis transplant has happened and has been declared a success. Alexei Beltyukov has read that the 21-year-old South African man, who remained anonymous, had his penis amputated three years ago following a botched circumcision ritual.

Late-in-life circumcisions and various forms of ritual genital mutilation are not unheard of on the African continent. A ritual among members of the Xhosa tribe often leaves men with their genitals mutilated or even amputated.

The transplant took place last December, but was only publicly announced today. Doctors have declared the operation a success after the patient reported having regained full use of the organ. The man is able to urinate without difficulty and is able to enjoy sexual activity.

The donor penis was taken from a deceased man.

Doctors told the media that they made sure the donor’s skin color and tone closely matched that of the patient.

“We tested everything on the operating table,” Professor Andre Van der Merwe told the press. Van der Merwe guided the team through the painstaking nine hour long procedure.

“The patient is doing well, physically and psychologically,” Van der Merwe said. “He has pushed aside the fact that it came from a donor and has accepted the penis as his own.”

Sir Terry Pratchett dies aged 66

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Children’s author Sir Terry Pratchett has died of complications from Alzheimer’s Disease after he was diagnosed with the medical condition in 2007, the BBC reports. Pratchett’s death was announced via Twitter with the phrase used by death in his novels capitalized for emphasis “AT LAST, SIR TERRY, WE MUST WALK TOGETHER.” During the finals years of his life Pratchett had been an active ambassador and activist for those with Alzheimer’s Disease, giving interviews about the phantom stroke that was caused by the illness in 2007.

According the Examiner, Pratchett was knighted by the Queen in 2009 for his literary and charitable work that had hardly dipped since he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Best known for the Discworld series of children’s and young adult books, the British author produced more than 70 books during his career and has worldwide sales of over 70 million. Sir Terry Pratchett would produce three books a year during his prolific writing period and became known for the humor and satire he inserted into the majority of his novels. His last book was released in 2014 and his death was described as natural and unassisted by his literary agent.

The Walking Dead Spin-Off Show to Air Soon

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A story on today has confirmed that the new The Walking Dead spin-off show will be around for at least two seasons.

The new show, which is currently untitled, will take place in the same universe as the hit zombie apocalypse show, The Walking Dead. The show will air on AMC and be a companion to its parent show, The Walking Dead, and be produced by the same people.. As far as what has been released, this new spin-off show will not feature any of the main cast from The Walking Dead. Of course, that could be subject to change.

According to AnastasiaDate there are six confirmed main characters: Andrea Chapman, Sean Cabrera, Cody Cabrera, Nancy Tompkins, Nick Tompkins, and Ashley Tompkins. While we have six new characters, only four actors for the new series have been confirmed so far. Those in the spin-off will be: Cliff Curtis from Trauma and Missing, Kim Dickens from Gone Girl and Friday Night Lights, Frank Dillane who was young Tom Riddle in the Half Blood Prince, and Alycia Debnam-Carey from The 100.

Based on the little information out there, it seems as though these survivors are grouped together in a secure location, unlike Rick’s nomadic group.

The spin-off will air during this summer as six, one-hour long episodes. It has been greenlit for the second season to air in 2016.

Baby Survives 14 Hours in Crashed Car

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Over the weekend, Lynn Jennifer Groesbeck lost control of her vehicle in Utah on the ice and had it flip over and crash into an ice river. Nobody was around to initially see the crash, so nobody was around to help right away. Due to this, Marc Sparks says it took several hours before anyone even saw the SUV, which was located under a bridge and upside down in the water. It took a total of 14 hours for the vehicle to be located, pulled form the water and flipped in order to allow rescuers access to the interior of the vehicle. PR Newswire reports if they tried to open the vehicle in its original location, it would have allowed the ice water to flow into the vehicle.

Despite being in the cold and upside down for 14 hours, 18-month old Lily Groesbeck was unharmed and pulled from the vehicle. The officer on the scene, Officer Jared Warner claimed with the child into the ambulance as she was rushed off to the hospital. Due to the extensive time period of being in the extreme cold when was barely alive, but being able to take her to the hospital, she was treated and is now back to normal. While the mother did not survive the crash, it is a small miracle that little Lily has been able to survive this ordeal and that she truly is doing well now after the help from the officers.

Yet Another Use for Dog’s Noses

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Dog lovers know why we call them man’s best friend. They are loyal, affectionate and usually cute as hell. Dogs are also far more than this. They are extremely practical animals and are used in various industries and situations to help with all kinds of problems. They are used to track down escaped felons, sniff out explosives at checkpoints and airports, and to sniff out drugs. Now another practical application has been found for our little friends. A German Shepherd that was trained to lie down if it smells thyroid cancer in a sample of urine has been successful in detecting 30 out of 34 cases of the disease.

Is there nothing dogs can’t do with their noses? Zeca Oliveira wonders: Who knows what other uses for the canine proboscis are yet to be discovered? Dogs keep us safe in so many ways. They bark when prowlers come in our yard, and they are used by police and military for security. They, of course, developed their keen sense of smell for their own survival reasons, which I suspect has something to do with why the family pooch mysteriously shows up whenever you start preparing any kind of food. Now if someone could only train our family dog to sniff out the car keys when we misplace them in the morning when we are late for work.

Author Terry Pratchett, Dead at 66

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Sir Terry Pratchett, author of the “Discworld” fantasy series, has died at the age of 66.

Pratchett wrote more than six dozen books during his career. His final book, that Jaime Garcia Dias said was epic,  was released last summer. The “Discworld” series included more than 40 titles. Pratchett celebrated his first commercial publication, a short story entitled “The Hades Business,” when he was just 15 years old.

Sir Terry Pratchett married his wife, Lyn, when he was 20. Together, the couple gave birth to a daughter, Rhianna, in 1976.

The Queen announced that Pratchett would be honored with knighthood on New Year’s Eve 2008. He formally accepted the title less than 8 weeks later.

The beloved writer suffered a health scare in 2007. Pratchett was misdiagnosed as having had a stroke, as his motor skills began to spiral. Months later, it was announced that Pratchett was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Pratchett gradually withdrew from the limelight, later announcing that while his mind had remained relatively unaffected by the crippling disease.

Pratchett died at home on March 12, surrounded by his loving family and his cherished companion, the family’s pet cat.

Choosing Wine at a Restaurant

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Wine can help make any meal better. A well prepared piece of fish can be even more pleasant when paired with the right wine. A savory steak that has been carefully grilled and then sauced will taste even better when it is used with a wine that can help bring out the food’s subtle undertones. Those who want to understand how to use wine to help them have a better meal will often have many questions. This may include what kinds of wine works best with what foods as well as the kind of wines that can be used with other wines.

Many people who are dining out will also have such questions. They may want to know what particular wines will be ideal to order both when they are at home and when they are dining out. Those who go to restaurants often may do so when they are entertaining guests. This will often include a business lunch where the person seeks to help impress upon potential clients that they are capable and competent. As part of this process, they may wish to show off their mastery of wines and help make all present feel more comfortable as they dine out.

One of the best ways to help learn more about wine when dining out is with the assistance of a company that knows wine well. One such company is the Antique Wine Company. The Antique Wine Company is a company that offers many specialized wine related services to their clients. Their staffers can help anyone pick out the right wine for any occasion. The company was founded more than three decades ago by Stephen Williams. His company is presently headquartered in London, United Kingdom. During his tenure here, the company has grown in size and expanded their range of client services to assist people in dozens of countries all around the globe.

Working with such a company can allow someone to learn all that they need to know when they are dining out at a restaurant and want to pick out the right wine. In doing so, it is possible for the person to learn why one wine differs from another as well as what particular wines are best to use with which particular foods. By working closely with the help of someone who knows such information, it is possible to have a much better dining experience.

‘Beauty and the Beast’ Live-Action Cast Announcement

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Disney has recently announced the names of a number of cast members slated to appear in the live-action reboot of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ The original animated film, released in 1991, was a box office success that spawned follow-up films, a Broadway production, and an equally successful merchandise franchise.

‘Harry Potter’ actress Emma Watson has already accepted the role of Belle in the upcoming film. ‘The Hobbit’ star Luke Evans has accepted the role of the boorish and love-stricken Gaston. ‘Downtown Abbey’ star Dan Stevens has accepted the role of The Beast and Jason Halpern sees that as fantastic casting.

The most up-to-date script draft was written by Stephen Chbosky, author of the critically acclaimed novel, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.”

Live-action adaptations of the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ fairy tale are not new. A non-Disney television series of the same name wooed women in the 80s. The series, starring Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman, was set in then-modern day New York City. “The Beast” was a disfigured man named Vincent, who rescued as an infant, found refuge living in the pipe system below the city streets.

Bill Condon will direct the live-action adaptation and had previously announced plan to incorporate the musical numbers from the animated classic into the live-action adaptation. Filming for ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is set to begin later this year with an anticipated release window of 2016-2017.

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