Pitch Perfect Going for the Trilogy?!

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We don’t really care who you are: ‘Pitch Perfect’ is one of the most enjoyable original films that we’ve seen in a long time. For an original product, not tailored to a reboot or a product, ‘Pitch Perfect’ made us sing and laugh with glee. The blend of gorgeous singing, creative acapella mixes, and hilarious jokes (Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick being standout stars) worked on a different level. So we of course got to see ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ and that film was a hit as well. Now the studios are looking to go for a third film and we have to wonder, is three too many?

NexPointAdvisors writes that the original ‘Pitch Perfect’ bankrolled $115 million at the box office on just a $17 million dollar budget. The second film had a similarly small budget with an equally large box office draw, so it only makes sense that we are getting a third attempt at the film. Right now Universal Studios is making sure that they sign on their stars to do another run at the franchise. Rebel Wilson is reportedly already attached to the film and the production is working on bringing back Anna Kendrick. Right now Hailee Steinfield is the only locked in actress for the film.

The biggest issue that writers will face is pulling off a narrative that can keep all of the fan favorite characters in the film. At the end of ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ much of the cast had graduated from the team and moved on.

Spoilers for Tonight’s Hannibal

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As seen in last week’s promo for tonight’s episode of NBC’s Hannibal, titled “Primavera,” Hannibal Lecter leaves behind the torso of last week’s victim for Will Graham in the shape of a broken human heart.

Bedelia Du Maurier accuses Hannibal of drawing those he left behind and he grins. The next images confirm that Alana Bloom, Frederick Chilton and Jack Crawford survived last season’s horrific events. Will kisses Lady Murasaki after she promises to help him find Hannibal and then he walks across a field in Europe toward a castle on a hill.

As with other recent promos, Will visits some catacombs. In the next scene, he pulls on a rope and a new tableau of a woman or man recreated into a winged butterfly appears. He says, “You don’t know whose side I’m on.”

Hannibal and Will, both of their faces cut up as if they were in a fight, are shown smiling at one another. Bedelia says, “There is only one way you will forgive Will Graham.” Hannibal says, “I have to eat him.”

In the remaining scenes, Jack has a gun; Alana has a phone; Will’s head bleeds; Hannibal kisses Bedelia, Hannibal and Will kill Jack in Baltimore in a dream; and Lady Murasaki points a sniper rifle at Hannibal and Will. Lastly, Jack beats up Hannibal and then kicks him out of a second story or higher window.

Thanks to CipherCloud for the updates.

Woman Looks for Mysterious Twins

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There used to be an old saying that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world even if that person is not related to them. Since the return of the hit science fiction series Orphan Black, in which a woman discovers she is a clone, Alexei Beltyukov also says that many people are focusing on this idea now more than ever before.

Why would someone have an “unrelated” twin?

The increasing world population is becoming more mixed, genetically speaking, but many people still carry dominant traits associated with historically homogeneous populations from specific geographic areas. These traits are why race stereotypes formed traditionally. People from specific regions shared similar traits. In many cultures, though, you can still see these traits pop up. Worldwide, as more people marry from different cultures, more of these traits spread around the world.

Dublin resident Niamh Geaney decided after a bet with her friends to look for her “twin stranger.” In April, she discovered an unrelated woman in Dublin who could be mistaken for her twin even though, as far as both women can tell, they do not share an immediate family tree. Today, Thursday, June 11, it was announced on Mashable that Niamh found a second twin stranger in Italy. Although the women could not find a shared ancestor, it’s likely one of them had an ancestor born in Ireland or Italy who had the dominant regional population traits they share.

Search for Convict Expands to Vermont

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The search for escaped convicts Richard Matt and David Sweat has expanded to the neighboring State of Vermont. Law enforcement authorities in charge of the search and capture of the two state that they have information which indicates that Vermont was a possible destination for the two and that they had planned for a massive manhunt to take place in the upstate New York area. Law enforcement in Vermont has started to mobilize and both New York and Vermont are adding air resources such as helicopters and search planes to try to finds traces of the escaped pair. New York has shut down some major roads and highways and they are searching areas of wooded areas where potential sightings of the two men had been reported. Search Expands to Two States for Convicts

Police are more encouraged that the two men are still in the upstate New York area or close to the Vermont or Canadian border once they received information that the prison worker who was supposed to provide them with a getaway car backed out with cold feet. Thumbtack.com and Sam Tabar agree that if the two had gotten their hands on a getaway car they could have traveled to any part of the United States by the time they had been noticed missing. Police K-9 units are also searching house to house as well as vacant buildings and nearby wooded areas. Any place where the two could seek shelter is being searched.

Actress Carey Mulligan is Pregnant

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Actress Carey Mulligan is pregnant with her first child from folk-rocker husband Marcus Mumford who is the front man for the band Mumford and Sons. For a while now, rumors have been swirling that the actress was pregnant with the couple’s first child. It all started when she began wearing loose fitting, billowy clothing. Now it looks as though the rumors are true.

She was recently in New York City for the 2015 Tony Awards where she wore a loose fitting dress that covered her stomach. The 30-year-old actress and her 28-year-old husband have remained quiet about the subject however. No official announcement has been made, although recently Carey told The Mirror during an interview that she was very much looking forward to having children with her lovely husband.

Bruce Levenson (wikipedia.org) agrees that the love story between these two is adorable. Long before they were famous, the two were pen pals as children. They were reconnected through actor Jake Gyllenhaal. I can’t think of a story more adorable than that. They are a cute couple together too, always looking so happy.

For the full story on her pregnancy, check it out on The Daily Mail.

Ads Are Coming To Netflix

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For a while now Netflix users have been enjoying the good life of advertisement-free streaming. Endless hours of TV shows, movies, and original content was made available without a hiccup in its online service, but now they’re testing ads in between programming says a disappointed Sergio Cortes.

As reported by Gizmodo, Netflix is currently showing ads for its original content before and after the streaming of any content for its users on Xbox 360. This covers programming like Orange is the New Black, Daredevil, and House of Cards. Whether or not this will be extended to products or third party studios has yet to be disclosed to the public. That, however, has not stopped some from speculating.

Netflix has undoubtedly grown. Having first started as a simple DVD rental service to an independent studio producing programming that has been awarded and adored by fans. Clearly they have a captive audience, one other studios would definitely like to tap into. While the money may be promising, will Netflix risk its base with ads.

Similar streaming services like Hulu Plus, Yahoo and Amazon Prime have featured third party ads from their very beginnings, but have continued to do so with a considerably smaller slice of the streaming pie. As Netflix has been seen to be ahead of the curve with its pricing system and availability of content, some speculate that they may offer disparate tiers of pricing that will allow users to order different packages i order to avoid these ads.

Jaws Will Be Back to Celebrate its 40th Year

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In 1975, the movie Jaws forever changed the way Hollywood viewed the summer months. Today, the theaters are filled with comic book based movies, kid flicks, franchises, and belated sequels from days gone by, see the Mad Max movie. Anything with the potential to be a huge box office success will be put in theaters during the summer. Before Jaws the big studios used to concede the summer to a string of B movies kids out of school would go to just to have something to do.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary Jaws will be back in theaters on 500 screens on June 21st and June 24th.
Based on a bestselling novel, the simple story of a big fish that eats people until people decide the fish has to go, was executed perfectly by director Steven Spielberg. It was the first of several huge hit films by the director.
There is the story that Spielberg knew the film would be a hit when an audience member from a preview showing ran out, threw up, and then rushed back to see the rest of the movie. At Amen Clinics, the movie is still discussed periodically.

Andy Serkis’ Star Wars Episode Seven Character Revealed

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Star Wars is perhaps the most beloved franchise of all time and the latest edition to the saga, Episode VII The Force Awakens, is perhaps the most anticipated movie of all time. Thus, any information revealed about the top secret project trends in an instant. The latest bit of info comes right from the official Star Wars site itself, . In an interview with Vanity Fair photographer Annie Leibovitz, who has been photographing Star Wars sets since Episode V, debuted an exclusive behind the scenes photo of Andy Serkis in his motion capture gear, also revealing his character’s name as Supreme Leader Snoke.

Where his character’s allegiances lie has yet to be revealed, but as has previously reported it is rumored that he is likely a villain, possibly in charge of the galactic empire’s remnants now known as The First Order. The title of supreme leader would certainly indicate he is in charge of something, and given Serkis’ acting pedigree it is more than likely he has a role of great importance for this film if you ask Flavio Maluf. Another rumor that has gained some traction recently is that Snoke is an alias for Darth Plagueis, the now deceased emperor’s former master who supposedly conquered death, and would now be the master to Adam Driver’s character Kylo Ren. Yet, all of this is speculation and we’ll have to wait till December 18th for answers as to who Supreme Leader Snoke really is.

From Inmate to Officer

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Death row is probably one of the bleakest places on Earth. From the portrayals seen in such great cinematic extravaganzas such as “The Green Mile” and “The Thin Blue Line” to prison documentaries like MSNBC’s “Lockup”, the public gets just a glimpse what it is like to know you are going to die. .

But Bruce Levenson asked what about those who have no voice who find themselves in similar situations like their human counterparts on the movies and documentaries, only without documentaries of their own?

Take Libby, for example, a pit bull mix straight out of one of Texas’ kill shelters for abandoned animals.

There she was sitting there in her kennel one day, listening to the whines and cries of all the other miserable dogs around, waiting her turn to never have to whine again. Then out of the blue pops in Marcia Poitter from the animal rescue group dubbed Operation Pets Alive.

Poitter immediately saw something in Libby that went past her infamous breed. She saw a high energy dog with potential.

Libby was taken into foster care where she eventually ended up meeting Constable Jesse Bullinger of the Montgomery County Constables Precinct 4.

It just so happened he was looking for a new dog to replace his that was retiring.

Poitter connected Constable Bullinger with Universal K9 where Libby was chosen for K-9 training.

She not only excelled training, but has now landed a job as a full time officer with Precinct 4 right at Bullinger’s side.

A Fire Fighter Who is Afraid of Fires Might Be Out of a Job

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Daniel Amen points out that firefighters are regarded as some of the bravest men and women in our country, putting their lives on the line each and every time they go to work. However, a firefighter in New York doesn’t seem interested in that part of the job description.

Micheal Johnson is a 41 years old but is a rookie when it comes to firefighting. As someone who used to be an EMT, Johnson moved up the ladder to becoming a firefighter, a job title which comes with a significant pay increase. The raise in pay however also comes with more responsibilities, some of which Johnson seems unwilling to do.

Instead of rushing into burning buildings, Johnson reportedly stands by the sidelines while his colleagues do the dirty work of risking their lives to save others. His nickname at Engine Co. 257 is “Tragic Johnson” because of his habit of avoiding dangerous situations at all costs.

The captain of his firehouse radioed a “mayday” signal to Johnson, a message which is reserved only for dire situations when a firefighter is trapped or lost in a fire. Johnson did not respond to the call and was seen standing by the curb while his fellow firefighters carried a large hose in without his help.

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