The Success of Don Ressler and JustFab

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Don Ressler is known as not only an expert within the business industry, but is also known as an individual who is great at giving successful advice that is tailored to each and every client of his that yields the best results and is able to expand any business to reach its full potential. Despite the fact that Don Ressler is a young individual, he has been able to expand not only the businesses that he has created, but has also been able to expand his net worth. Don Ressler has many inventive business plans for the future that involve successful opportunities for others.


Don Ressler is a successful businessman who has created and promoted businesses within many different industries. One of his favorite industries to promote is the health and fitness industry that promotes individuals to live a long and happy life. Don Ressler has loved the health and fitness industry and has helped to create several growing companies such as Intelligent Beauty. Don Ressler is a unique businessman who wants to make sure that his clients are taken care of and that the services and the products that are provided to each client are tailored to their exact requirements.


Don Ressler, despite his age, has already accumulated over $1 billion in revenue from not only hard work, but also due to his ability to find loyal clients and to promote his business with the internet. Don Ressler is even known as the brand-building guru due to the fact that he has helped to create several other brands that have all become successful. One of Don Ressler’s best achievements is the creation of JustFab, a company that promotes beauty as well as efficiency and has changed the way that his clients now shop due to the fact that Don Ressler’s inventive idea has made their shopping experience a lot more personalized.


JustFab was founded in 2010 by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, a fellow entrepreneur who has a passion for creating successful businesses that can be useful to the clients in the future. JustFab has grown at an exponential rate due to the fact that individuals now have a personalized shopping experience where shoes, handbags, jewelry, and other products can be purchased online with no sweat involved in the process. Don Ressler has many future plans for the company and hopes to continue to expand the company with the help of Mr. Goldenberg.

Betsy DeVos: The Philanthropist With A Flair For Improving Education

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Betsy DeVos is someone who is extremely passionate about the education system in the country and has contributed immensely to the development of the system. She is the current Minister of Education in the United States under the Presidency of Donald Trump. When DeVos was elected, she made history owing to the way that she was given this position. She became the Education Minister of the country after a tie breaking vote had to be cast by the people in the house. She was seen as a perfect fit for the position of Minister of Education owing to the incredible involvement that she has had in that sector.With education upliftment being one of the leading social causes that she wants to work towards improving, she participated in numerous movements for the benefit of the same through the course of her life.

One of the movements that DeVos was known for being part of was the School Charter Movement. The movement was one that advocated for the right to set up schools. The campaign was geared towards bringing about reforms that allowed people in the country to open up private educational institutions. Since public schools are mostly funded by taxpayers money, there is not much scope for them to improve the services that they provide. These schools usually do not have the amenities or the resources to improve their facilities, which private schools may, in fact, be able to, which is why the movement was taking place.Since then, private schools offering a better quality of education have been beginning to spring up all over the country. This has been extremely beneficial to the children in the country, and Betsy is on her way to enforce this on a much larger scale to bring up the quality of education in the country.

Betsy DeVos is also known to be one of the biggest philanthropies in the entire country, along with her husband, Dick DeVos. Together, they started the DeVos Family Foundation, which is an organization that funds people for various social causes and donates to people for the upliftment of the society. Through the organization, DeVos has helped numerous lives and has given them a new hope for a brighter future.With DeVos’ interests, education was bound to be one of the most important aspects of her foundation. The DeVos Family Foundation has offered aid to numerous gifted students all over America. They provide scholarships to students from underprivileged areas and contribute to their education so that they can go on and seek a higher grade of schooling in private institutions. The foundation also provides funds to people who are completing their MBAs in universities in the state of Michigan. This is done so that they would have the capital to start up their businesses within the state.

Global Visionary

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Global activism has dived into the wonders of the digital world and has never been so democratic. Through the eight-year old Aveez civic organization, the world’s international relation issues remain no longer hidden. 30 countries filled with earth’s seemingly ignored concerns now have a voice that empowers progressive movements by gathering practical idealists. Anyone with a liberal mindset and that wishes to improve the planet can join online at, which emails members so they can connect and engage in campaigns. The online activist network focuses on problems revolving around climate change, human rights, animal rights, corruption, poverty, and conflict.

Aveez exists for its mission statement, which is “to organize citizens of all nations to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.” This organization strategically promotes change weekly by randomly interviewing operation opinions on a crisis from 10,000 members to then configure a plan of action that work best for that individual situation. The goal is for the Aveez staff to incite action within minutes of its exposure to its associates, yet keep the respect basing that work on its affiliates’ ideas; where they can decide to participate in that particular campaign.

Furthermore, to ensure democratic reliability rather than government influence, the organization does not accept compensation unless it’s from the Aveez members themselves.
With 40 million members on hand to make a difference, it is no wonder the association as accomplished environmentally active feats such as encouraging the need for banning plastics that endanger creatures in the ocean; providing massive Ebola relief; supporting troubled Haitians from earthquake disasters. Not to mention encompassing political issues yet maintaining its political stance like improving government policies from Brazil to Japan; supporting international treaties; banning cluster bombs. Standing and working together as a progressive community ready to jump into action when needed is the gateway to leading a better tomorrow.

More info on Avaaz can be found by following them on Twitter.

MB2 Dental: Quality and dignity through precision and care

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MB2 Dental is an affiliated dental management firm with several affiliated dental practices throughout the continental United States and Alaska. The company was founded by Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva, DMD in 2009 and has now grown into a respected and trusted name in the industry. The company itself offers free assessments to potentially affiliated dental practices in order to help them assess their strengths and weaknesses. Moreover, they offer them the opportunity to grow in strength and number, by joining the MB2 association. MB2 is the perfect company for any dentist who is just starting out or any dental practice that is struggling to meet its potential. With their comprehensive business model, no step is missed and no box is left unchecked. The Business plan has been developed to help you put your best foot forward in the industry and with the affiliation comes top industry contacts and the best prices on quality dental supplies and equipment.

The MB2 dental affiliation has many talented Doctors, among them is Dr. Akhil Reddy. In a rare achievement, Dr. Reddy earned his degree in dental surgery from the Univerity of the Pacific when he was just 23 years old. As a visionary in his field, he has brought invaluable skills to the MB2 family of dentists. With his passionate vision of care for all. Dr. Reddy has championed the opening over several practices in suburban areas, predominately those in which access to quality dentistry is inaccessible.In addition to his duties with MB2 and still practicing as a dentist, he is also the director of Just Health 510.

A nonprofit that seeks to provide dentistry to those who through socioeconomic barriers, have been denied the care needed. The charity’s eventual goal is to provide all round services, but the focus now is dentistry which is in greater demand. In his free time, Dr. Reddy enjoys spending time with his family and enjoying a good concert.With all the talent and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as knowledge of MB2 Dental has the potential to help any and all dental practices across the United States improve their businesses as well as the quality of care by adopting the MB2 vision.

Mikhail Blagosklonny And His Management Of Oncotarget

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Mikhail Blagosklonny has been running Oncotarget for some time, and he has turned the journal into a place where anyone may get the reliable information they need on cancer and a cancer diagnosis. Someone who is concerned about the health of someone they love needs to read this journal, and they will learn that there is much to be learned about cancer in the meantime. This article explains how Mikhail Blagosklonny plans to help people who have had cancer hurt them. They will be afraid until they start learning, and they will find a bit of the peace of mind they need.

#1: Why Is This Journal Important?

Oncotargert is a medical journal that is not swamped with requests. They are not taking up their research space with studies that are common in the larger journals. They are focused on cancer, and they are ensuring that they are publishing only things that will be helpful to cancer patients. The journal will welcome people who have not been published before, and they will work quite hard to ensure each new study is unique.

#2: Why Does Cancer Research Need More Space?

There are many different types of cancer that people could have, and it is quite difficult for them to find cogent treatments because every form of cancer is different. They know that the people who have been diagnosed often do not know what to do, and they do not know where else to look. This journal helps these people focus on cancer, and it allows them to have a much easier time managing their treatment.

#3: Ideas For Doctors

Doctors will often find that they may get new ideas from Oncotarget, and they will notice how simple it is to use what they see to improve their own treatments. Doctors will learn about everything from medication to advancement in diet, and they will learn how cancer is changed by a number of things that are not medication-based. The person who is reading through the Oncotarget journal will find it quite simple to ensure that the information they have discovered has been completed recently. They will feel as though they have the best information, and they will have total confidence.

#4: Reviewing Each Study

The studies that are offered in Oncotarget are quite important for all because they cover a wide range of topics. The expert review panel will ensure that they have read the studies carefully, and they will sign off on studies that help people get well. It is far easier for them to sign off on something when they know it has been done well, and they will continue to offer assistance to their writers until the studies are ready for publication.The people who are reading in Oncotarget will find that it is much easier for them to use the journal to learn about cancer and treatments. The treatments and therapies that are offered in this journal are quite important to all those who are hoping to recover.

White Shark Media Perfects The Landing Page Of Clients

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Any PPC campaign will have to go through several trials before it can be successful. This would include determining the keywords that provide the highest performance. Various growth techniques can be used to increase awareness in order to drive traffic to the site. But just focusing on getting people to click on the ads is not enough.

What needs to be remembered here is that searchers on the web do not have time or patience for searching information on any site. This means that the landing page of an ad must answer the questions which the searchers seek. In case this does not happen, they will click and move on to the next site. White Shark Media is well aware that visitors will spend just a few 15 seconds on a site. In case they do not find what they are looking for, they would move on. Hence limited time is available to answer the questions of their visitors and prove superiority over the competitors. The way in which the site greets visitors will determine the success or failure of any business.

White Shark Media is also aware that potential patients are looking for consistent messaging on the site. In the case of an ad that promotes root canal treatments, the person would like to get some information about that service before being led to a landing page. In case this does not happen, they are more likely to go to another site and never come back.

Besides, White Shark Media maintains that running a PPC campaign would require copy testing on an ongoing basis. This means tweaking the landing pages on a continuous basis as that would help in maintaining consistency across various customer interaction points. This would require matching the keywords with the ad copy. In this way, visitors will spend longer time on the site. Besides the keywords, there must be continuity in the messaging too. This means that the landing page must be in continuity with the ad which led the customer to this site. If that does not happen, it will lead to a confusing experience for the visitor.

Just attracting potential patients will not help. The ultimate goal of the landing page is to convert these from a visitor to a lifelong customer. This can be done through calls to action. But White Shark Media prohibits too many call-to-action buttons as that can be annoying site while too few buttons can make a visitor miss these buttons.


Find out more about White Shark Media:

Salvi Rafael- Chief Financial Officer of Grupo Televisa

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     Mexico borders the United States to its north and the Caribbean Sea. The citizens speak Spanish, and a few of them speak English. The literacy level in Mexico is high with an estimated ninety-two percent of the population able to read and write.


The radio market in Mexico is very large, with an estimate of one thousand four hundred regional and local stations and several major owned groups. Some of Mexico’s high-powered stations have access to the attractive U.S market at the border. As early as 1997, there were thirty-one million radios in Mexico receiving broadcasts from several FM stations.

Newspapers and Television

The Mexican newspapers are a reflection of the different political views of the country. Televisa is one of the most popular TV stations in Mexico and has at one point enjoyed the monopoly in the Mexican TV industry. Today, it is one of the major suppliers of Spanish programs in Mexico. The television broadcasting segment offers nationwide broadcasting and produced television shows. The programming service constitutes of programs produced by the broadcasting segment as well as other groups.


Mexico has one of the largest internet markets in Latin America with over fifty-one million internet users. Most of the important publications are available not only in print but also online. There are a number of publications in English for the non-Spanish audience. For example, the news offers all its content in English. The Guadalajara reporter has both national and international news. The Yucatan Times has classifieds for tourists and residents in Yucatan Peninsula and Time Contact features classifieds and events for the Mexican foreign community.

Salvi Rafael is the chief financial officer of Grupo Televisa. He is also the vice president of Financial Planning of Grupo Televisa SA. Salvi Rafael is a board member of four different organizations that are in various industries including Miami Holdings, Proveedor Integral de Precios, Mercado Mexicano de Derivados S.A, and Fs Unit 3007 Inc.

Jim Tananbaum Offers Support to Mindstrong Health

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Mindstrong Health is a well-known medical firm that specializes in the treatment and diagnosis of neuropsychiatric disorders. The organization uses smartphone technology in its operations. Just recently, the company announced that it had raised fourteen million dollars as funds. The funds were received from public investors like One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund and Foresite Capital.

The founder of the mental health facility, Paul Dagun, who also serves as the president of the company says that the experts in the medical field had successfully managed to come up with medicine that is designed according to the objective measurements. The mental health experts, on the other hand, have not yet designed the mental health perfectly in the clinical setting.

According to Paul Dagun, physicians have not successfully introduced a good solution to improve the outcome of the persons who have been diagnosed with mental disorders. Paul says that the people with chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart diseases are the ones who have benefited. As the president of Mindstrong Health, Paul Dagun has been in the forefront in introducing the best treatment for mental health patients. Under his great leadership, the company has been able to discover insights that have never been used in the past.

Jim Tananbaum is a famous figure in the medical world. Many people know him as the founder and chief executive director of a company known as Foresite Capital. In a recent interview  by, Tananbaum says that patients living with mental disorders deserve proper treatment, just like the ones with other diseases. Jim Tananbaum and his company want to make sure that the patients live a good life, and that is why he has invested in Mindstrong Health.

Jim founded Foresite Capital several years ago. The private equity firm specializes in investments that are in the health care industry. According to the company portfolio, Foresite offers capital to businesses in the healthcare industry. The funds acquired from Foresite Capital are used to increase the clinical products and conduct research. Jim Tananbaum has served as a businessman for a long time, and he has all the expertise needed to make Foresite Capital one of the most successful private equity companies in the world.

Alfonso de Angoitia’s Grupo Televisa and Other Top Media Houses in Mexico

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     The media industry in Mexico is among the most vibrant among all the other industries in the country. Media records show that there are more than 300 TV and 1,500 radio stations broadcasting across the country. Being the dominant language, the majority of Mexican media outlets publish and broadcast in Spanish. A few of them, however, use Mayan and Nahuatl languages. Media companies in Mexico compete for the audience that is more than 100 million people, with about 93 percent of them being literate.

With the huge number of media houses, getting to know the biggest of all may not be an easy task. However, the houses can be classified in terms of the investments they have made, their employee population, and their areas of coverage. This article considers the said parameters to determine how big a media house is. The top three are discussed below.

Top Media Companies

Grupo Televisa has the biggest audience not just in Mexico but across the entire Spanish-speaking population. The media company has four TV channels broadcasting in Mexico City and 26 pay channels broadcasting across Mexico. In conjunction with Univision Communications Incorporation, Televisa exports its media content to oversee audience in over 50 nations. Besides broadcasting, the company is involved in publishing and distributing magazines and newspapers across Mexico. Most importantly, Televisa sponsors, produces, and distributes films.

Grupo Radio Centro specializes in radio broadcasting. It operates 45 radio stations across Mexico and in Los Angeles, USA. In Mexico City alone, the company operates 12 radio channels. The Aguirre Gomez family-owned was established in 1952 and has since acquired several media houses along the way. Grupo Radio Mexico is among these acquisitions.

TV Azteca, S.A.B. de C.V. was founded 24 years ago. The company owns several subsidiary companies, including Azteca International Corporation, Latitud TV, and Azteca America Palm Springs among others. Azteca makes an annual revenue in excess of a billion US dollars.

About Alfonso Angoita

Grupo Televisa’s executive vice president is Alfonso de Angoitia, a very accomplished professional. He joined the firm two decades ago, before becoming the firm’s head of finance in 2009.

A lawyer by profession, he previously practiced law at Mirajes, Angoitia, and Cortés y Fuentes, S.C. law firm. He also worked at New York’s White & Case LLP.


Under Petrello, Nabors Industries follows successful diversification strategy

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Tony Petrello has become one of the most successful and respected CEOs in the nation today. After having graduated with a Juris Doctor degree from Havard Law School and an MS in mathematics from Yale, he was quickly hired by famed law firm Baker McKenzie, where he works as a mergers and acquisitions attorney. His first career in law gave him the opportunity to work on some of the most complex corporate restructuring cases in recent history. This gave him deep insight into the world of mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring, and it honed his skills as a talented executive, able to find hidden value in different business units.

It was no surprise, then, that after taking over at the helm of Nabors Industries, in 1991, Tony Petrello began pursuing a strategy of acquiring a diverse portfolio of companies that would allow Nabors Industries to continue creating value in the challenging North American oil extraction industry. Among the many acquisitions that Petrello pursued was that of Canrig, a Canadian drilling and oil services company that had extensive knowledge and infrastructure in the building of directional drilling equipment.

This entrance into the directional drilling and hydraulic fracturing business proved to be a sagacious move. Petrello quickly led the company on to become one of the premier providers of directional drilling equipment to all of North America. This proved to be a huge boon to the company, with Nabors Industries becoming the almost exclusive equipment provider to the oil plays of the Bakken Shale formation. Throughout the 2000’s and beyond, this would prove to be a major profit center for Nabors Industries, constituting up to 50 percent of all of its revenues.

All said, Petrello has led the company from virtual bankruptcy to having a book value of more than $17 billion. This makes him the most successful CEO in the company’s history.

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