Bob Reina Innovates the Way We Communicate

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Talk Fusion is a leading provider of video marketing and communication for businesses across the globe, an idea that would not have been possible without the moment of revelation from CEO Bob Reina. Through his company, Reina uses his dedication to helping other and exceptional leadership skills to create innovative solutions. These marketing options fit smoothly into the modern age of technology and allow smaller businesses to thrive.


The specific function of Talk Fusion is to provide to the direct selling industry, an area where Reina feels success is experienced firsthand. He praises this market and says that the accomplishments of one business are felt across the board, as all parties involved ultimate benefit from shared success.


Video communication, according to Bob Reina, is the most advanced and personable avenue for marketing that is currently available. Therefore, Reina makes sure to incorporate it into his company’s daily activities. Communicating with prospective clients through video chat and sending out newsletter on a video platform are a few of the ways Talk Fusion uses its own technology. Bob Reina firmly believes that by having an innovative and exciting product, the customer will naturally be drawn to it.


Bob Reina is currently the CEO of Talk Fusion, a modern communications firm that Reina also helped create. He was inspired to create Talk Fusion after seeing the limitations of video messaging, even in the midst of a rapidly growing technology market ( Bob Reina ended up leaving his law enforcement career to focus on entrepreneurship and growing his innovative product ideas. Together, Reina and Talk Fusion now offer comprehensive video marketing solutions for businesses.


The success that Reina has experienced did not come from a windfall of luck or financing. Instead, the Talk Fusion CEO relates his successful business ventures to having a focused tenacity for a project and maintaining a dedicated work ethic. Bob Reina views every occupation he has had as a learning experience and spent 20 years building his new business from home. Now as the head of his company, Reina deflects most credit to his team of associates who constantly inspire him to think bigger.


Dr. Imran Haque

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An internist from Asheboro, North Carolina, working at Horizon Internal Medicine, is a highly respected doctor in his field. Dr. Iran has 15 year’s worth of experience giving physicals. Many residents seek his advice. Horizon Internal Medicine is the medical facility that Dr. Haque consults with such as diabetes management, Venus body contouring, and laser hair removal, 360 surfacing and weight management. Dr. Haque studied at the University of Virginia Internal Medicine Roanoke-Salem Program. Dr. Haque is a primary care physician first. He provides treatments with laboratory and ultrasound service available. Dr. Haque is a member of the Certification Program for Internal Medicine.

Dr. Haque has experience diagnosing illnesses, making referrals to other specialists; he also gives advice on medical tests, giving exams as well. The Horizon Internal Medicine facility is a well-known clinic in North Carolina. Dr. Haque’s skills include treating diabetes, epilepsy, glaucoma, and pneumonia. Also, wellness and cosmetic treatment are offered. 360 resurfacing is a procedure that is offered by Dr. Haque which also helps tighten the skin, enhancing its tone and texture. Dr. Haque has designed weight loss treatments, and as a diabetes specialist, he has a habit of listening to his patients. Dr. Haque also offers laser hair removal, which slows subsequent hair growth on the body. Dr. Haque is a trusted physician in his community, who offers a clean and safe environment. He places the life and care of his patients first. Dr. Haque believes in mutual cooperation with other doctors. His educational background includes Universidad Iberoamerican (UNIBE), in Santo Domingo, graduating in 1998. Today he is dedicated to providing quality medical care to all his patients. Dr. Haque not only offers laser hair removal, he offers botox, dermal fillers, and 360 resurfacing. He has established himself as a noteworthy medical doctor providing quality care for residents of Asheboro, North Carolina.


Good upbringing environment mentors Anthony Petrello

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Anthony Petrello may not be a big personality in the United States, but he has been a key pillar of the American dream. He may be unknown but he is one of the prominent figures in the American corporate sector. It is very rare to see Anthony Petrello grace your TV screens, or see him in town hall meeting talking to people. However, even with all these, he is one of the leading business managers in the world. Anthony is one of those people who are rarely thanked for their contributions in crafting and making the American dream a reality.

In 2014, Anthony Petrello was the highest paid chief executive officer in the United States. This is not just an ordinary accomplishment. It shows the value which he adds to the company and it is for that reason that he was rewarded handsomely by his employer. In 2014. He earned an annual total salary $68.2 million. Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries. This a leading company in the drilling of oil and natural gas. With such level of accomplishment, it can be expected of Petrello to attract envy from many circles. However, Anthony Petrello is known to be a humble man and who earns his income genuinely.

Unlike some Wall Street millionaires who are known to be greedy and earn their money through unscrupulous means, Anthony Petrello is straightforward and honest. Petrello believes in observing fairness and a strict moral code that puts respect for fellow human beings above everything else. Anthony Petrello is known for being a brilliant business manager. His way of conducting business has led to the creation of thousands of jobs for Americans. Through this alone he is able to touch the lives of very many people who get to enjoy an improved livelihood.

Anthony Petrello was born from a humble family. He did not have the luxuries of life. He had to a public school which meant he had no advantage of any kind like being taught by world-class tutors. Anthony Petrello was born in Newark, New Jersey. This is an area that is predominated by the working class Italians. His upbringing in this neighborhood was well deserved since this environment made him who he is today. In Newark, people are known for being hardworking. The culture of the people here is that they observe a strict work ethic. They also believe in working together as a team to address their problems. These are attributes that Anthony Petrello grew up observing. Up to date, they have been his guiding attributes.

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How Boraie Development has contributed to the Growth of the Real Estate Industry in New Jersey

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New Jersey has become a hub for real estate ventures in the United States. In a recent article published by Philly Purge, this state has the highest number of rates and shares of mortgages in America. According to Bloomberg, most of the properties in New Jersey are delinquent and in foreclosure.

A look at New Jersey’s market trends

Based on Lawrence Yun experience, New Jersey might experience shortages if the gap that exists between housing demand and gaps is not filled. According to the Central Jersey Working Moms, Lawrence Yun who works for the National Association of Realtors as the Realtor Chief Economist feels that this gap needs to be closed. The existence of fewer homes to auction and the increased sales of newly built homes will bring confusion to the real estate industry. However, some parts of New Jersey still have high housing demands. This has prompted entrepreneurs to invest in upcoming developments and new properties. This is because they fetch significant returns in the long-run. Boraie Development is one of the real estate companies that has shown an interest in New Jersey. This company has spent the last two decades developing some of the most innovative structures in this state.

About Boraie Development LLC

Boraie Development is a firm that pioneers in the provision of a broad range of services, such as property management, marketing, and property development. This company works with a dedicated team that endeavors to provide cutting-edge solutions coupled with spectacular features. Boraie Development is unique in the sense that it employs values, such as reliability, capitalism, and vision, to each project they undertake. This company takes credit for constructing some of the most incredible structures in Atlantic City, Newark, and New Brunswick.

One of Boraie Development newest properties is The Aspire in New Brunswick, a luxurious rental tower. This building is located at 135 Somerset Street and was built to target the young people. The Aspire is situated close to the New Brunswick train station in a neighborhood surrounded by numerous entertainment options. The property also offers exceptional amenities, such a secure private parking and a lobby with a doorman who works 24/7. The Aspire is one of Boraie Development’s significant achievements in New Jersey. Boraie Development is managed by its founder Sam Boraie, a visionary Egyptian national. Under Omar Boraie’s leadership, this company has grown into one of the largest profit-making real estate firms in the United States.

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Balance In Business – Samuel Strauch

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If you were to ask someone to describe Samuel Strauch you would notice a reoccurring theme of entrepreneur, leader and humble, and those words do indeed fit the bill.

Samuel Strauch is the current owner and founder of Metrik Real Estate and has a fascinating story that everyone, entrepreneur or not, can learn from. His journey through the entrepreneurial word began in 1991 when he started attending Hofstra University. In 1994 he would leave Hofstra with a Bachelor of Business Administration and begin building a name for himself.

Samuel Strauch talks a lot about the importance of doing work you love, which he discovered in his first job out of college when he worked in an operations department for a company. He describes how intolerably dull the work there was and how it helped him to solidify his belief about doing work you’re interested in, and especially pursuing work that leaves a positive mark in the world. By 2002 Strauch had started his own company, Metrik, that he still leads today.

In addition his background in business, Strauch attributes being curious as one of the largest advantages he had when building Metrik. He has discussed how being curious can help you see all possible options in a business and stresses how when you come across a decent idea you have to act and execute on it. Ability to execute ideas is something that sets Metrick apart in his eyes from their competitors.

Beyond his keen mind as a businessman and investor, Strauch’s philosophies apply to the overall experience of life. He believes that regardless of what you do that it’s important to be a part and give back to your community. Furthermore, in his eyes life is a journey that we’re all on and that you have to learn from what it gives you. Outside of work he has a well balanced personal life in which he enjoys meditation, cycling, and photography.

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Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler Takes Athletic Apparels to New Heights

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Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are increasingly becoming famous in the business world. They have developed some of the best business ideas that have brought massive profits in a short period. They have solid interest in fashion industry and they have introduced cutting edge products in the industry. They both have strong entrepreneurship passions. This can be demonstrated by their enormous achievements in business since they were young. Adam Goldenberg for instance started endulging in business world when he was still 15 years old. He founded an online gaming platform which engaged players form different regions.


On the other hand, Don Ressler has been involved in different buseiness deals and was able to make over 1 billion dollars. He was able to accomplish this at youth age. A fraction of the profits were used to strat their current ecommerce business, TechStyle Group. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are co-founders and the and co-CEOs of the company. The company was started in the year 2011 after the two spotted a market niche in the athletic fashion market. TechStyle Group has grown to become a massive company and it has its presence in Canada, German and UK.


Most media platforms now refer the company as Unicorn. ‘Unicorn’ is a financial name used to refer to businesses that has a valuation of approximately 1 billion dollars. TechStyle Group has several subsidiary ecommerce companies that it has formed or absorbed. The 4 main subsidiaries include Fabletics, JustFab, FabKids, and ShoeDazzle. The headquarters of the company are located in El Segundo, CA. El Segundo proximity to international airports and several luxurious beaches makes it one of the best region to conduct a business. They all focus on offering high quality fashion products. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the brains behind Intelligent Beauty one of the fastest growing fashion company. The enterprise offers multiple beauty and personal care products.


The company utilizes modern strategy to control the market. One of their most effective methods is the reliance on data science. They use data driven approach to understand and increase their sales. They use deep data analysis to understand their customers and their competitors. They use effective methods to derive information from their customers such asking them to complete a style preference quiz. This personalized approach has helped the company to have immense sales and as well as tap into new markets with ease. The company is ranked as one of top most promising companies by most financial analysts.

Rocketship Education and What Preston Smith Has Learned

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Rocketship Education is a nonprofit, K-5, charter school network available to the public. Its 18 facilities are found exclusively in areas in which average household income earned is lower than other places in the cities they’re located in. Traditionally, these regions are home to poor educational experiences, as the public schools have low funding, are eligible to grab few government grants, and aren’t donated to, as their alumni generally don’t have much money to give. This cycle often leads to generational poverty, with parents passing nothing on to their children, who have nothing in the first place.

Preston Smith realized this in his three years of teaching at an elementary school in his hometown of San Jose, California, that students didn’t have much in the way of education. As such, he founded Rocketship Education. He has been the nonprofit organization’s president for some years, although he recently became CEO in 2013. Throughout his decade-plus of interaction with the school and its many students, teachers, and principals, he’s learned many valuable lessons. Let’s look further into what the most important of these lessons are, shared less than a month ago by Mr. Smith himself.

Teachers should make home visits to where students live, as Rocketship Education requires them to do once per school year. Getting to know students, siblings, parents, and guardians better not only makes adults feel better about leaving their kids at school, but – and more importantly – it allows teachers to make more accurate individualized education plans.

As Rocketship only has K-5 schools, and is not planning on expanding grades taught anytime in the foreseeable future, it’s important for parents to demand high-quality schools from other sources. As demand for great schools increases, the availability of these institutions in areas characterized by low income, poverty, and financial struggles will undoubtedly increase.

Parents are always invited to perform on panels for interviews of teachers. This makes sense because parents known tons of things about their children and how they perform as students. It also serves the dual purpose of parents being able to grill applicants more thoroughly, as only administrators have to spent time around candidates each and every day if they’re hired.


EOS Crystal Clear is Sensational

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The Future of eos is Crystal Clear

Just when you thought the wildly popular eos lip balm couldn’t be any better, the eos geniuses kick it up another notch. Over the last few days eos has been hinting about the new lip balm release. Unlike the familiar iconic orbs housing opaque lip balm, the updated version has a new triangular package with an innovative crystal clear lip balm inside.

It will start with only two; Crystal Clear Vanilla Orchard and Crystal Clear Hibiscus Peach, refer to Their fragrance smells as good as they look. Each is just as moisturizing as the opaque lip balms in the eos family and because they are wax-free, they’re not sticky. They are hypoallergenic, vegan and provide weightless hydration. Each contain five natural oils including shea, avocado, and coconut to leave your lips soft and naturally beautiful, see


The eos story

Drug store lip balm remained the same for over a century – rows of small, round cylindrical tubes of Chapstick. You always had the same options; the original tasteless variety or for a variety, cherry and mint flavors.

Sanjiv Mehra, now eos co-founder and managing partner noticed this and joined forces with Jonathan Teller to form eos, the ‘Evolution of Smooth’. Together they revolutionized the lip balm industry.

Lip balm was a unisex item and seemed to compete on price alone. This made it a great opportunity for a lip balm revolution. Mehra and Teller did in-depth consumer research and found it was used primarily by women. The women complained they would lose the lip balm cylinders in their purses, and applying it was not fun, nor was it enjoyable.

Armed with all the facts, Mehra and Teller set about creating a totally unique product – a product which would stand the test of time. They wanted to engage all five of the users senses – from the soft, round packaging, to the individual colors of the orbs, the fragrance, to the way it tasted, down to the click when the sphere closed. They would price it competitively but decided to only use organic ingredients.

The rest is history.

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The Face Behind The Ever-Evolving OSI Group

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OSI, the worlds most proficient meat processing company. They serve places such as Mcdonalds, Starbucks, Burger King , and Subway. Many wonder who the faces are behind the brand. Today lets meet Mr. David Mcdonald, the President and Chief Operating Officer at OSI. In Davids early days, he grew up in the North Western part of Iowa.

Graduating from Iowa State University with an outstanding bachelors degree in animal science. Mcdonald then began his career with OSI Group as a project manager. Hard work payed off over the years of working tremendously when Mr. Mcdonald was promoted at OSI. He is also now the director of OSI International Foods in Australia. As President Mr. Mcdonald has a huge responsibility, but he is working tirelessly to sustain the company. He has promised us that the OSI logistics team has the right expertise and experience that the global market requires. He also ensured they have the required facilities world-wide, since most of their orders are very large. In addition to the sustainability that Mcdonald has acquired to the company, he now welcomes Dutch company Baho Foods.With Davids knowledge of Baho Foods portfolio of products, he instantly knew they would compliment OSI’s broad span of products. For more info about us: click here.

Being he business man Mcdonald is, he thought of the great exposure to Europe / Baho Foods would give OSI. He quickly jumped on the opportunity. With Mr. David Mcdonald as President and Chief Operating Officer, OSI now has ten operating facilities in China alone, All producing meat products for the past 20 years. Serving their evolving customers, OSI has now acquired acquisition of Flag Ship Europe, A line of frozen poultry, sauces, and pies. Mcdonalds claims with the endless resources that OSI now has worldwide, with their new clientele and growing product line. OSI will continue to prosper and strengthen under Mcdonalds supervision.

Adam Milstein; the True Philanthropist

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Adam Milstein is a well-renowned man when it goes down to the Jewish community philanthropists’ portfolio. What cemented his status as a Jewish philanthropist is his audacious involvement in the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation whose sole aim was to aid and mentor young youths across the globe to identify their Jewish origin thus strengthening their bond to Israel. Recently, the Foundation announced that it would be awarding cash to individuals who create entertaining memes to show the fun of pro-Israel activism. However, Adam Milstein is not only a philanthropist. He has exploited the real estate market successfully achieving feats that could prove unmatched by several amateur firms. He was a managing partner at the Hager Pacific Properties that had a booming value of assets in all the countries it had been based. Through his commitment efforts in philanthropy, Milstein has overseen the rise of the Israeli-American Council that serves to build the relationship between Israel and America.

Most Israelites stand a better chance of benefiting from this alliance through improved medical facilities, education opportunities and also better accommodation. Unlike many people who cower when it comes to defending the oppressed, Adam Milstein does not hesitate when it comes to standing up for the oppressed. Adam sits in a better position of understanding what the marginalized social groups in the USA experience. His wife was an immigrant to the United States of America from Morocco. Such experience puts him in a solid state of advocating for such groups. As if not enough, Adam Milstein has taken his exploits in the writing industry.

Knowledge travels far and wide, and most people gain knowledge first hand from books. Adam thus took it as his initiative to advocate for the Jewish people all over the world through writing, contributing to and publishing books. In some of his books, he talks about the importance of the Jewish people learning how to read fluently and write in Hebrew to establish an even better connection with their religion which is widely regarded as one of the most sacred religions. Adam Milstein works will remain unmatched due to his deep involvement in philanthropy other than just merely providing finances.

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