Stephen King’s “IT” movie to be pushed back

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The anticipated King novel/movie “IT” is being pushed back due to complications with the director. Sources say that directors Cary Fukunaga has left the set and the movie may have to start from square one. According to new line films (agency that is producing the film) Cary did not see eye to eye with them on several different items regarding the out coming of the movie. Some of these include wanting to make two movies instead of one, the location of the movie site, and the casting of Pennywise (clown). All of these reason and more are why Cary walked off set and never to look back. Everyone was defiantly looking forwards to Cary’s horror/thriller directing style in this type of film. But according to Stephen King himself via twitter the IT movie project will be put on hold until further notice. Overall, for King fans like Sam Tabar, you are going to have to wait a while longer to receive a visual for this classic novel.

The Flash TV Series Will Explore The D.C. Multi-Verse

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Comic books super-fans (aka super-geeks) are going to be very thrilled at the news the next season of The Flash is going to deal with the multi-verse. For those who may not be long-time comic book fanatics, the multi-verse is just another name for a parallel universe. Right now, in the world of D.C. Comics Entertainment, we have two different universes, the cinematic one and the television one. Looks like there are even more universes out there. One is home to a completely different Flash. Perhaps we will see the “Golden Age Flash” in season two. Time will tell.

The development of different universes has been around in D.C. Comics since 1985. The presence of these different timelines was confirmed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths maxi-series. The goal behind that Marv Wolfman scripted comic book event was to tie up all the loose ends from 50+ years of disastrous continuity.

Common questions asked included: Why is Superman only 33 years old yet we have stories with him in World War Two and meeting Jimmy Carter? Fans at Amen Clinics ( wonder: How could there he a Superboy and Superteen when Superman’s first appearance in Metropolis as an adult was a shock? The answer was different timelines and multi-verses existed and they contained different continuities and characters.

Now, multi-verses are used for more than tying up continuity. They serve the purpose of delivering new plots as seen in the arrival of the multi-verse in Flash season two.

Canine Flu Continue to Move Through States

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The largest outbreak of canine flu, strain H3N2, ever recorded in the US, has already infected at least a thousand dogs in the northwestern states and is highly contagious among animals, but not a danger to humans.

“The canine influenza virus responsible for the current outbreak is an H3N2 virus similar to the Asian H3N2 canine flu that has been detected in other parts of the continent since 2007,” explained the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Local health authorities have reported at least a thousand infected in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and now Georgia.

Symptoms of infection include cough, nasal congestion and fever, but not all dogs with the disease necessarily show any signs.

Dr Daniel Amen says to complicate matters, this particular strain of canine influenza can lead to pneumonia or even death of the animal.

“We have test available to determine if a dog has been infected. We recommend that worried dog owners talk to your veterinarian,” the CDC said.

Another strain of canine influenza, H3N8, was detected in other dogs, but there is already a vaccine from prevent it from spreading.

However, the CDC stated that it is unclear whether this vaccine would offer protection against the H3N2 strain.

Health authorities have ordered that infected animals be isolated.

The Truth Behind Mother’s Day

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Even though Mother’s Day was a couple weeks back now, I just came across this interesting information. The mother-inspired trinkets retailers were trying to get us buy we have discovered Ann Jarvis the creator wishes she never invented it. Jarvis, the creator of the annual holiday Mother’s Day founded the day to honor overworked and under-appreciated mothers. However, as the day gained popularity Jarvis spent the majority of her time trying to limit the commercialization the day has inhabited.


In her last years of life, Jarvis lived with her blind sister in a closed up home in Philadelphia. She spent the majority of her time avoiding the public. She even had a sign on her front door that said, “Warning – Stay Away.” She didn’t talk to many people however did make time for a reporter on one of her last living Mother’s Days. According to the reporter, Jarvis told her that she was sorry that she ever founded the holiday. Many that knew her recalled her being an old spinster and relatively unfriendly. It’s hard to believe that she created such a thoughtful and hart warming holiday.


Jarvis lived out her remaining years alone. She never married or had any children of her own. Eventually she was committed to an institution due to her declining health. She died in 1948 amongst strangers. So next year around Mother’s Day the guys at Boraie Development LLC and the team at the NYTimes will be sure to remember Ann Jarvis and thank her for creating such a heartfelt holiday.

California Judge Bans Abstinence-Only Education Programs

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There has been a ruling made by a judge in California that is designed to protect youth from sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancy by banning abstinent-only sexual education.

The decision was made in Fresno County Superior Court by Judge Donald Black who called scientifically based sexual education “an important public right”, while also claiming abstinent-only programs have contributed to serious health issues in teenagers, including teen pregnancy.

The judge’s decision will be applied to every student in the Clovis Unified School District and is the first law of its kind. And because there are really no regulations which require schools to teach a comprehensive sexual education program, school’s have been left to their own devices with some teaching extremely inaccurate and dangerous information to young students.

Programs that teach abstinence and to only engage in sexual activities within a marriage also tend to teach wildly absurd notions such as premarital sex is sinful and will make you appear “dirty” to other people. Also, these programs fail to teach students anything about birth control or the dangers of sexually transmitted disease. That probably explains why teen pregnancy and STD’s skyrocket within communities that promote abstinent-only education. Unfortunately, Bloomberg wrote that congress continues to quietly fund these programs all over the country.

Now thanks to Judge Black these type of programs will violate public right and the law. Hopefully giving other judges a reason to follow suit.

Cat Missing for 49 Days Discovered in Shipping Container

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There is a very lucky cat in Australia, and one very happy 10-year-old girl. According to news reports, Emily Schilling, 10, lost her cat in February. The cat wondered off. Emily and her mom originally figured the cat would come back, but checked in shelters when the cat, named Pippa, didn’t return within a day.

Pippa was nowhere to be found, and as days turned into weeks the pair began to realize it was unlikely that Pippa would be coming back. The family moved on, although Emily longed for her beloved feline friend. In April the family received a strange phone call from a former neighbor. The neighbor had moved to the other side of Australia, taking a shipping container of furniture and other goods with him. When the container was opened, Pippa was inside.

The cat survived inside the container for an astonishing 49 days. She had no water or food, and very little air. When removed from the container Pippa was vastly underweight, but alive. Although typically focused on dogs, Beneful was pleased that the cat was handed over to a vet in Brisbane for medical treatment. Once the cat is on the mend she’ll be shipped home to Emily and her mother. This time her journey will take place in an aircraft where she’ll have access to both food and water.

Voters Choose Harriet Tubman For 20 Dollar Bill

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Andrew Jackson, the famous general and president has been on the United States 20 dollar bill for a long time. Much of our major currency typically has a president or someone related to financial institutions such as Benjamin Franklin, Salmon P Chase, or George Washington. However, Cornelsen reflected, in recent years there have been more diverse choices in the people we put on our currency to reflect a diverse country.

Some of the most famous examples of this are the Sacagewa dollar coin and many of the 50 state quarters that came out in the past decade. Instead of just glorifying the typical presidents, bankers and political figures they are choosing to honor others. Recently there was a large vote and the woman who was chosen to replace Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill was the famous Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman. (

While this vote is non binding and it only chose the woman to replace the man it nevertheless shows how the United States is changing and you can bet that she or someone similar to her will be on a major currency in the United States. The reason for this is the fact that we are now accepting and embracing our past rather than just going by what old history books say. Contrary to popular belief our understanding and interpretation of history can and does change over time and this is a great example of this.

The Last of the Old Generation Of Late Night Comics Is Retiring

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The retirement of David Letterman from “The Late Show with David Letterman” May 20 of this year will mark the end of an era in television. First Jay Leno retired from “The Tonight Show,” and now with the retirement of Letterman, the “old guard” of comedic late night will be gone. They are passing the torch to a younger set of comedians who are closer to the age group of those watching these shows. Jimmy Fallon took over from Jay Leno, and a few months after Letterman’s retirement, Stephen Colbert will be taking over his position. It will be interesting to see how the transition to Colbert pans out. One would think he would be moving into the position with a built-in fan base from his old show on Comedy Central but fans of whom? Many of them may have been a fan of the conservative-mocking character that Colbert played. TV executive Brian Torchin is hoping Colbert transfers over well and it will be interesting to see if Colbert himself can pull the crowds.

Some observers have noted that the very notion of late night television may be going by the wayside. With companies like Netflix that enable Millennials to download an entire season of a show at once, why should someone wait to watch late night comedy once a night and only on weeknights. It has been somewhat of a tradition, and it would be sad to see it go, but it probably will given enough time. This new talent taking over should hold the audiences for a while at least, and the regular streams of guests should keep late night television entertaining for some time.

David Letterman Makes a Sexist Joke, Proves His Comedy Days Are Over

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Previously, people only watched The Late Show if there favorite celebrity was supposed to appear on it. Fans, giving proof of their patience and willpower, sat through the show only to hear their favorite’s witty remarks and slept through everything that came out of Mr. Letterman’s mouth. However, what was previously just boring has now become offensive on the show. Monday’s audience of the show was warmed up by a blatantly sexist joke that proved it was high time Letterman retired and possibly got a lesson in gender politics.

When asked for some advice for the graduates of current year by a college staffer, Letterman’s words for the youngsters were – “Treat a lady like a wh**e, and a wh**e like a lady”. Viewers weren’t overly worried about children getting the wrong message because no one under the age of 60 watches the show but still, it was a pretty tasteless joke. Reportedly, by crowd-member Ray Lane, the audience felt the same, as Letterman didn’t even get a hint of a laugh from the people sitting in the studio. What’s worse is, he tried to remedy the sad no-laugh situation, by following his poor joke with – be “nice” to people and consume a lot of “salads”.

In this day and age, when objectification of women has become a social problem more than just a personal one experienced by the odd woman, Letterman’s ‘joke” stands in an even poorer light.

Letterman Announces All Star Lineup For Final Week

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David Letterman, the star of the long running Late Night show, has announced an all star lineup of celebrity guests for his final run of shows. David Letterman’s final show has been announced as airing on May 20.

The final run of celebrity guests will include media mogul Oprah Winfrey, former President of the United States Bill Clinton (making his 10th and final appearance on the Letterman show), controversial “shock jock” radio host Howard Stern, and Oscar winning actress Julia Roberts. The list of guests for Letterman’s final show has not yet been revealed, although industry insiders have “cautioned” the international public to be ready for some major surprises.

Other celebrity guests scheduled to appear during Letterman’s final week on the air include long time comic icon and personal friend of Letterman, Don Rickles, as well as Saturday Night Live alumnus Adam Sandler. Musical guests will include Grammy award winning performer Tom Waits.

This final run of shows seems to have had its guest list selected personally by David Letterman himself, or at least by a booking staff that was very sensitive concerning Letterman’s personal tastes and preferences.

Fans like Sam Tabar understand that Letterman has been a long time staple of late night television. His long running feud with competitor Jay Leno has been the stuff of legend, while his acerbic style and frequently dry sense of humor have won him a legion of loyal, long time fans.

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