Woman Finds Her Doppelganger

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Finding your doppelganger has become a new trend for people all over the world. Three friends made a bet to see if it was possible to find their twin in just one month. Niamh Geaney, Harry English, and Terence Manzanita have begun their search. Niamh Geaney astonishingly discovered a woman named Karen Branigan that looks exactly like her.  Both Karen and Niamh were terrified to meet one another. Niamh said, “she looks so much like me that I freaked out.” The women have since become friends, and they recently met in person. This story has inspired Crystal Hunt and many others to search for their very own doppelganger.

Niamh and Karen put on the same clothes, and it was almost impossible to tell them apart. Niamh’s friends have not found their twins yet, but the challenge is still on for a few more weeks. However, a lot of people have begun searching for their doppelganger. Many people are actually finding strangers that look exactly like them. Is this phenomenon just coincidence, or is there something that scientists have yet to discover within human DNA? For more information on this story, visit Yahoo!

A Megabush and a Semi Collide Outside Indianapolis

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This morning around 5:30 a.m. a double decker passenger Megabus collided with a semi on busy I-65, resulting in multiple injuries. The accident happened on a stretch of road near Edinburgh, Indiana, about 35 miles outside of Indianapolis.

Two cars also became involved in the collision, which sent some 19 people to the hospital. Initial reports from the scene had indicated a lower number of casualties. Fortunately, none of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening. The accident resulted in a four-mile long backup of traffic along the southbound lane of I-65 this morning.

The Indiana State Patrol indicated that the Megabus company was “fully cooperating” in the investigation of the accident this morning. A passenger, Vanessa Simmons, reported to a news station that: “The glass was everywhere. My seat cushion threw me three seats to the front.”

The Megabus was traveling on the highway on a regular route between Chicago and Atlanta. Last year, another Megabus was involved in an accident in Indiana, and that scared Ricardo Guimarães BMG a little. That collision resulted in a number of injuries.

Patti Smith’s New Memoir

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Patti Smith’s New Memoir

Patti Smith is a well known poetic artist who first came onto the entertainment scene during the 1970s. Nowadays it seems she’ll be adding new works to her collection. I hadn’t read too many of her books until recently, as I was just introduced to them when my colleague Crystal Hunt gave me a couple of her books.

This Monday, Smith announced that a new rock memoir about her life would be coming out this fall. The book is entitled “M Train,” is basically about an autobiography about Smith’s “journey” through 18 different “stations” which are really the most critical moments in her life.

M Train is also a follow up Smith’s award-winning memoir called “Just Kids,” which talks about her life story with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. This new memoir is going to start with a narrative of Smith in Greenwich Village, New York, but then shift to different avenues of creativity, or reality and dreams, as her publisher says. Some of that section will include stories she had of Fred “Sonic” Smith, the guitarist of the band MC5, whom she was married to, and who died in 1994.

When asked about the book, Smith stated that she actually sent it to her publisher last year even though she first started working on it back in 2011. She also said that it was basically her writing about whatever she wanted to, including her fondest memories of Fred Smith.

This current memoir will definitely be similar to “Just Kids,” which showed her encounters with other music legends like Jimi Hendrix.

Missing Hiker Feared Dead Found After 10 Days Missing

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Kevin Landis is a 53-year-old man who left for a hike on April 1st. Co-workers raised the alarm to him missing and contacted authorities after he did not call or show up to for work at Harris Engineering for several days. Authorities searched his home for clues as to where he may have gone hiking but found nothing that helped them.

Surprisingly, Landis has resurfaced in good condition according to the story on 8 News Now. Landis made a phone call to his co-workers who were stunned to hear from the missing man. Landis made his call from the Techatticup Gold Mine General Store which is near Nelson’s Landing to his co-workers giving them the location of his whereabouts. It is suspected that Landis went hiking near River Mountain Loop and ended up about 60 miles away from where he started.

Landis was found in good condition, which relieved Paul Mathieson a bit. He said that he survived 10 days by eating protein bars he brought and drinking purified river water. He being treated at the St. Rose Dominican Hospital for dehydration. Search and rescue teams were pleased to hear that it was a rescue mission rather than a recovery one.

Smart Investing The Igor Cornelsen Way

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As the global economy improves and individuals’ disposal incomes along with it, many of them are considering investing it. After all, intelligent investing can return impressive profits. On the other hand, poor investing choices can have serious, sometimes devastating consequences.

It’s not as though would be investors have nowhere to turn for advice. There are many people offering suggestions on where one should put their money, but do they actually know what they’re talking about? One individual whose investment advice can certainly be taken is Igor Cornelsen. While his is a name well known in financial circles, he is little known in the United States. He is a retired Brazilian investment banker who was among the first in that field to specialize in the practice of investing in damaged stocks. Companies in serious investment straits cannot always recover and make for poor investments. But troubled stock can another matter. Its problems may be due to problems or fluctuations involving a stock market. Often, once “the bigger picture” is corrected, these individual stocks do too.

The trick is of course, to be able to interpret the health of investments correctly, and Cornelsen has been very successful at this. After retiring from Brazilian financial services, he went on to found his own firm. Bainbridge Investments, Inc. under Cornelsen’s guidance shows clients how to assemble successful portfolios and make wise long term investments. In addition to working with clients, Cornelsen remains much in demand as a international statesman in terms of financial advice. He is often quoted in CNN and Forbes articles on investment matters, especially concerning Brazil’s burgeoning economy.

He is also generous with offering free investment advice. So while a novice investor might not yet be ready to take a portfolio to Bainbridge Investments or invest in Brazil, they might well want to take heed of his financial knowhow. First, Cornelsen warns that successful investing can take a longterm commitment. Investing with the idea that funds can be withdrawn quickly guarantees no profit. Instead, pick an investment that you are able to stick with for years, perhaps decades. Don’t place large amounts of money with a single investment, but instead, have a number of long term investments with small amounts of money promised to each one. While stocks can have their ups and downs, Cornelsen advises looking at the company itself. Invest with companies with a solid business and financial history, instead of the latest new flashy stock.

And for potential investors wondering if the “Cornelsen Way” really works, consider his lifestyle. Officially retired, he runs Bainbridge Investments as a hobby, enjoying multiple homes on two continents, and lots of golf.

Ant Nests Have Toilets

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The ants have more notions about sanitation than people could think. The German researchers from the University of Regensburg made an experiment in order to find out whether the intricate corridors of the ant nests include toilet areas. They gave the insects blue and red dyed food and examined the ant nests. They noticed the colored patches piled up in corners, which they considered proof that the ants consciously delimitate areas that are to become ‘toilets’ in their nests.

Tomer Czaczkes, who was the leading researcher, was impressed at how the ants keep their nests clean throwing out all the food remains and fellow ants’ corpses. Why the ants keep the excrements inside the nests and don’t throw them out though? Boraie Development said the scientist had an explanation for that too. He believes that the materials can be later used for building.

The scientist are not sure yet, but suggest that there should be a practical purpose for that either way, as many other insects use the feces as building materials, scare offs for predators, or as storage materials. The study was published on February 18th, 2015 in the PLOS ONE journal.

Missing Boy Found Alive

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What began as a holiday vacation nightmare ended as a miracle for one Australian family.

The Shambrook family had gone camping at popular Lake Eildon’s Candlebark Campground, located in Victoria’s north-east. On Good Friday, their eleven year old, autistic son, Luke, wandered off. Police, Parks Victoria, dog squads, off-road departments and volunteer campers immediately joined the search for the missing boy.

With extreme temperatures in the bush and days passing with no sight of the boy, the nightmare continued for the family. But, on the fourth day, everything changed.Jaime Garcia Dias learned that helicopter search teams spotted Luke in the bush approximately three kilometers from the family campsite. Directing ground teams to the boy, Luke was recovered and treated by paramedics on the scene. An ambulance was then able to transport him to a hospital for a full medical evaluation. Despite the four day ordeal, Luke suffered only minor injuries and was recovering quickly. To learn more about the rescue, visit here.

The family expressed absolute relief and gratitude when they received the good news of Luke’s recovery, and an emotional reunion soon followed. Everyone involved in the search was thrilled with the happy ending.

No David Lynch?

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Last year, fans of the former 1990’s CBS cult classic, “Twin Peaks,” were excited to learn that Showtime had decided to revive the series with a partial reboot that would bring back many of the original cast and close out the mysterious Red Room ending which saw Kyle MacLachlan, as an older Agent Dale Cooper, trapped between worlds and presumably lost forever 26 years after his attempt to save his pseudo-girlfriend Annie from the evil being known only as “Bob.” Everyone was even more excited to learn that David Lynch was returning to the series.

Yet, fans like Sam Tabar have been hearing rumblings about money disputes between Showtime and Lynch for more than a year because Lynch believes he needs more money than Showtime is willing to offer to do justice to the six episodes that have been written. On Sunday, April 5, Lynch confirmed that he is done with negotiations and that he won’t be directing the series. He is willing to allow the scripts to leave his hands, but he does not want anything else to do withit.

Some believe that this is another negotiation ploy on Lynch’s part even though he told fans on Twitter that he spoke with the actors on Sunday to let them know that he is done. Showtime has already told the media that it is still attempting to get him to remain with the project.

New York Boy Scouts Hire Openly Gay Eagle Scout Despite Rules

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Pascal Tessier has loved the Boy Scouts since before he was old enough to join. He remembers as a young boy playing around a campfire at a Cub Scout’s trip that is older brother was on. He attributes the Boy Scouts to the man he is today, saying that he doesn’t know who he would be without their guidance throughout the years. However, to Pascal’s dismay, he had to quit the institution he loved when he turned 18 because he was openly gay and the Boy Scouts of America do not allow openly gay adults in their group.

On Pascal’s 18th birthday he drafted an open letter to the Boy Scouts of America, saying his good-byes according to commentators on YouTube.com. He said that he was now an adult and had to sadly part ways because of their policy, and Sergio Cortes could tell he was reluctant with the letter. Pascal had made it to Eagle Scouts, in fact he was the first openly gay Boy Scout to do so.

The Boy Scouts’ Greater New York Councils had said that they received an application from Pascal for the position of summer camp leader. In a decision that surprised and delighted Pascal, they hired him for the position based on his qualifications. This is the first time an openly gay adult has been hired into the organization.

Check out the full story, as well as Pascal’s open letter on The Washington Post.

Television Has a New Gripping Drama: American Crime

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The cop show formula has been used in television so often that it is unusual when a television season rolls around and a new cop show is not in the offering. ABC has changed the formula with its offering, “American Crime.” The show provides an in depth, almost Roshomon manner, in the view of the crime from the perspective of all the individuals involved and affected by the crime. What takes this show to a deeper level is that the crime is not only view from different perspectives, Maquina do Esporte says but from the mental and social bent of each person affected by the crime.

The viewers are allowed to see the emotional impact drum against the social upbringing of each character. The emotions are raw and presented in a real smart way, without exploitive sex or profanity. The viewer is drawn in because they are seeing real people and there are no good guys or bad guys. There are just people like you and me with all of our ugly scars, views, beliefs, prejudices and emotions. American Crime Best Show on Television

The show does its best by presenting the characters without a clear identified antagonist. Each character could be a villain or a savior. Who neither pull for or against any character. You could be watching you family. Television has long been guilty of presenting a perfect family. And when someone in that perfect family gets hurt, its always the fault of another. American Crime shows that as humans we all can be flawed in some way.

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