Crude Tanker Crashes – DOT-1111 vs CPC-1232

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The recent explosion of a 100 car line of crude oil tankers in West Virginia has once again brought attention to the transportation of crude oil and whether there are safety issues that need to be addressed. The Lac-Mégantic rail disaster was another unfortunate event regarding crude oil transportation in 2013 and combined with the West Virginia accident these are two of the most recent incidents to prompt a need for further inspection of the underlying transportation issues.

Marcio Alaor BMG has read that several of the tankers were punctured in West Virginia causing a large fire and much damage. The primary question is whether DOT-111 train cars are properly equipped to handle the transportation of such flammable materials. The US National Transportation Safety Board has determined that they are not and have ruled that they are inadequate for the movement of crude oil and ethanol due to the inability to prevent a puncture during a crash. The problem is that that National Transportation Safety Board’s recommendations are not legally binding in North America meaning that the rail companies are not forced to follow them.

The CSX Corporation owns the West Virginia tankers that crashed and they were CPC-1232 which are reinforced versions of the suspect DOT-111s primarily on the heat shields on the ends. The question now is whether there is enough reinforcement in a CPC-1232 to safely ride the rails with crude oil and the crash evidence seems to say otherwise.

Hugh Jackman Professes His Love for the Wolverine Role

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Hugh Jackman really does deserve a lot of credit. The actor has always shown he loves his role as Wolverine and gives the character and his fans all the respect both deserve. Recently, the actor noted he watched Michael Keaton’s turn in Birdman and said the film provided great inspiration to continue playing Wolverine until, well, “he dies”.

There are a few things to take into consideration here Brian Torchin feels.

Jackman is not likely to ever be typecast as Wolverine. Seeing anyone else fill the iconic shoes would be extremely difficult, but Jackman is not connected to the role so much he would be rejected in other films. Such was the case with the late, great Christopher Reeves and Adam West.

Jackman’s next role is going to be the musical The Greatest Show On Earth. Displaying versatile talents ensures he will have a long and storied career. He is also going to remain gainfully employed thanks to the Wolverine character. In addition to Wolverine 3 slated for 2017, there is another X-Men movie scheduled for 2018. Right now, no one knows if this will include Wolverine but it just might. And who knows? Wolverine might end up in the Marvel Comics Universe outside of the Fox features.

Michael Keaton, sadly, made a huge career move leaving the Batman franchise. He had a huge career in the 1980’s, but his fortunes in the 1990’s were poor. Staying in the Batman role would have kept him an “A list” actor for several more years. Birdman has marked his comeback and he is slated for the new King Kong movie, Skull Island in the near future.

Turning Riches into NBA Gold

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Bruce Levenson and his friend started UCG as a newsletter in an apartment up in Washington D.C. They started this company as a way of getting into the oil and gas industry without purchasing an oil field. They grew their company into a database of information about the oil and gas industry that has become massive. They provide information to all manner of people who need information about investing in oil and gas, and people who are putting their money into the industry.

The Purchase

The two of them took on the task of investing in the Atlanta Hawks and Thrashers. The Thrashers were soon sold and moved to Winnipeg because hockey in Atlanta simply does not work. However, Atlanta is a basketball town, and that town needed the best team it could possibly get.

The Split

The Atlanta Spirit LLC group was split up by a power grab perpetrated by other members of the ownership group. Bruce had to fight in court to make sure that his ownership stake was honored, and he eventually became the principal owner of the Hawks. He used his controlling interest to change the way the Hawks operated, and he wanted to use his lifelong love of basketball to make changes that would give a team worth watching.

The Vision

The vision that Bruce had for the team told him to hire a better coaching staff and GM. He was able to bring in better people to coach the team, and he provided better facilities for the team. He wanted the Hawks to have every chance to win possible, and he did so by investing in the future of the team.

The future of the Atlanta Hawks is stable because of the vision of Bruce Levenson and his tenure as the principal owner of the Hawks.

BRL Trust: Company History And Objectives

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These days, many people are interested in ensuring their economic vitality and well-being. Whether you’re an individual homeowner or business executive, accessing information regarding prudent investment decisions that you could be making is oftentimes the key step that will ensure your financial future. If you live in Brazil and are currently searching for an investment company to work with, BRL Trust may be ideal for you. Here is some more information regarding this absolutely amazing investment company:

BRL Trust: Company Basics

BRL Company was established back in 2005. The purpose of founding the company was to present the company with exceptional services that would entail economic vitality. Ever since its date of origin, BRL Company has been accomplishing its professional objective while maintaining high principles of excellence and integrity. Throughout the course of its development, BRL Company has undergone perpetual growth and expansion. The company now offers several new investment services such as Mergers and Acquisitions and Capital Markets.

BRL Trust: The Investment Methodology

While there are many methodologies that a company can use within the investment sector, the professionals of BRL Trust have found that the customer-oriented approach is best. With this methodology, BRL Trust executives are able to develop professional working relationships with clients in order to help them obtain the greatest return on investment possible. In addition to getting to know its clients, the professionals of BRL Trust are highly skilled in remaining in the know regarding emerging industry trends. In so doing, the company’s leaders are able to offer clients the most up to date investment information and assistance possible. Finally, the BRL Trust professionals believe in utilizing tried-and-true investment methodologies to help clients attain tangible results. Their LinkedIn is pretty popular these days.

The Company’s Investment Services

BRL Trust believes in offering clients a wide range of investment services to help ensure that they can attain the results that they want. Some of the investment services that BRL is pleased to offer clients include funds management, funds custody, and fiduciary services. Some of the other services that the company offers include resource management and asset underwriting.

Moving Forward

If you’re serious about building a strong financial future for yourself or your business, pursuing solid, sound investments is oftentimes the key to realizing your objective. With BRL Trust, you can attain the learned, detailed investment services that will help you build the type of economic future that you want. Learn more about BRL Trust by visiting the company website and calling a representative for more information regarding the services they can offer you. People can also read more information here.

X-Men Apocalypse to Start Filming

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X-Men: Apocalypse is getting ready to start filming The film is going to take place in the 80s. Among the possible mutants making an appearance in the film is Dazzler. The director of the upcoming X-Men film has stated that he has a love for the 80s. Wolverine might also make an appearance in the film. Characters that are returning include Charles Xavier, Moira, Hank, and Eric.

Sultan Alhokair has stated that X-Men: Apocalypse is meant to provide closure to the story arc that has been started in First Class, and continued with Days of Future Past. After the completion of X-Men: Apocalypse, there are other spinoffs that are being planned for release including a Gambit and Deadpool movie. There is also another Wolverine movie in the works.

X-Men Apocalypse will be released in theaters on May 27, 2016.

Libraries are Refuge for the Homeless

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Libraries are one of the most popular places for homeless people to seek refuge from extreme weather conditions or just to rest up for a little while. While many public places try to find better ways to rid themselves of the homeless rather than deal with the fact that they exist, libraries around the country are beginning to open their arms wide for the homeless community in order to help rather than pass the buck.

In places like Tucson, AZ, libraries are offering collaboration with the health department to bring healthcare workers to the homeless. In a Washington, D.C. library, a social worker is on staff to help with housing needs, food needs and other essentials that the homeless might need in order to survive. A Dallas library offers a “Coffee and Conversation” time once a month where the homeless come to have discussions on various topics with the librarians.

According to a recent post, libraries are not only a place to use and spark the imagination. They are also a source of comfort and kinship to a portion of the population that is most in need. It is a place of rest for the weary, a place of learning and a place of hope that might change someone’s life in the most unimaginable and beautiful ways.

Harper lee’s Second Novel Being Released 55 Years After To Kill a Mockingbird

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Publisher HarperCollins Will Print Two Million Copies For A July 14, 2015 Release

Harper Lee, the eight-eight-year-old reclusive author of the Pulitzer-prize winning novel “To Kill a Mockingbird,” is going to release her second novel this year. Ms. Lee wrote the book before she released To Kill a Mockingbird, but her publisher didn’t want to publish it back then.

Harper said she just did what she was told since she was a first-time writer in the mid-1950s. The new book, “Go Set a Watchman,” takes place 20 years after To Kill a Mockingbird. The novel is set in the same fictional Alabama town, and it centers around the energetic child heroine, Scout Finch. Finch returns to visit Atticus, who was her father in the first novel.

According to LinkedIn, my friend Fersen Lambranho said that before she decided to release her work to the publisher, she consulted with some of her friends, and they encouraged her to do so. Millions of people around the world have been waiting for her to write another book. To Kill A Mockingbird has sold more than 40 million copies, and it continues to sell more than one million copies every year. The book is available in over 40 different languages.

Your Poop May Be Worth Around $13,000 A Year

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A Nonprofit Organization Wants Healthy Poop And Is willing To Pay For It

We live in a world where donating is second nature. We donate clothes, shoes, old furniture, cars and some real essentials like sperm, eggs, blood, and plasma. But there’s a group called OpenBiome that will pay if you donate your poop to them. If you qualify, you could make around $13,000 a year just for hitting the head a few times each week.

From what Dave and Brit Morin understand, OpenBiome has been processing poop since 2013, and they ship loads of it all over the country. They administer the frozen feces to patients who have a bacteria called C difficile. This type of bacteria can cause severe gastrointestinal distress. The infection can seriously restrict some patients; they can’t leave the house. Antibiotics do help, but as soon as treatment stops the bacteria and its symptoms return.

When healthy fecal matter is introduced into the gut of a patient, C. difficile can be eliminated for good. But finding a donor is not easy. The founders of the organization say becoming a donor is harder than gaining admission to MIT. But even though donors are rare, OpenBiome has managed to ship treatments to 185 hospitals around the nation.

If you do qualify, you can expect $40 for a healthy poop, and a $50 bonus if you donate five days a week.

What You Should Know About Rod Rohrich

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This interesting surgeon is worth keeping an eye on. According to an award-winning D magazine, Dr. Rod Rohrich is one of the Best Doctors in Plastic Surgery in Dallas. This award was given to Dr. Rod Rohrich after interviewing thousands of doctors in the industry in over 40 different specialties. He was also recognized as the top plastic surgeon in “U.S. News and World Report and America’s Top Plastic Surgeons, and Texas Monthly Super Docs.”

His Accolades

Dr. Rohrich has been able to provide exceptional care for his patients because of his incredible skill and know-how. He has served in the Department of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and the Distinguished Teaching Professor of Plastic Surgery. As a member of several clinical research teams, he is always working to improve the effectiveness and safety of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, and he has been recognized as having one of the best plastic surgery facilites in the area.

His experience of over 10 years has allowed him the ability to deliver patient care that’s exceptional. Through his patient interactions and academic preparation, he has learned to communicate clearly, compassionate health care delivery, and teamwork. His crafted hands are able to restore people to a state of normalcy through reconstructive surgery.

His focus is on the doctor-patient relationship. He treats his patients with dignity and respect. This is why so many people keep choosing Dr. Rohrich over and over again. He is also the founding chair at UTSW’s Department of Plastic Surgery in Dallas. He also was the initial holder of the Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He is also involved in charity work. One of his most memorable contributions was the Crystal Charity Ball in which he served as the Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery.

His Training is His Foundation for Success

Dr. Rohrich graduated from Baylor College of Medicine with high honors. He completed his residency at the University of Michigan Medical Center, and he also completed his fellowships at Massachusetts General. Harvard and Oxford University are where he built his foundation for hand surgery, microsurgery, and pediatric plastic surgery. As the president of American Society of Plastic Surgeons, he received the highest honors, which was the Plastic Surgery Educational Foundation Distinguish Service Award.

Dr. Rohrich is currently living in Dallas with his two children, but he is a North Dakota native and is married to Dr. Diane Gibby. His experience has led numerous people and associations in the advancement of plastic and reconstructive surgery. If you’re considering plastic surgery, you should seek the services of Dr. Rohrich.

Disabled Girl Writes Novel Using Her Left Foot

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What an amazing story. Twenty-one year old Hu Huiyuan lives in the Chinese province of Anhui which is a rural community. Hu Huiyuan has cerebral palsy so severe that she only has control of her head and left foot. But she is doing amazing things with just the use of her head and left foot.

Hu Huiyuan comes from an area that lacks education. She taught herself how to read and write using subtitles from television shows. She is currently writing a fiction novel using her left foot to type it out. She can type out 20-30 words a minute and is already on the 6th chapter of her 8 chapter novel.

According to Lee Slaughter, her parents say that when Hu Huiyuan was born doctors told them that she wouldn’t survive longer than a few days. At 10 months old they diagnosed her with cerebral palsy. Her mother said that she could see how determined Hu Huiyuan was from an early age. She worked hard to learn how to speak properly, read, and write. She has even taught herself how to do normal tasks with using just her left foot to complete them.

Check out for the full story on Hu Huiyuan and her novel.

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