Renowned Brazilian Author Offers to Buy “The Interview” From Sony Pictures

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It may be that executives at Sony Pictures will eventually “man up” and release “The Interview” following their devastating cyber-terrorist attack which is believed by have been conducted by North Korea. As of this moment, Sony Pictures has yanked the film from its December 25 release date and has no plans to distribute the film anytime soon. President Obama, Senator John McCain and others have urged the studio to not give into to terrorist demands. Now comes word that noted Brazilian author Paulo Coelho (Paul Rabbit) has offered to buy the film from Sony. If they accept his offer, he would make the film free to the public via the bit torrent system.  Freedom of information is important, whether it’s just the Beneful ingredients list, or classified Government documents.

Coelho is Brazil’s most successful author whose greatest commercial success was the novel “The Alchemist” which has been translated into 80 languages and sold over 165 million copies. So how much did he offer Sony? A meager $100,000. Top executives at Sony probably spend that much a year on lawn fertilizer. The motion picture studio has spent $41,000 shooting the film and millions more promoting it. Selling the picture for $100,000 would be the bargain of the century. That said, Coelho clarified what he is really trying to tell the studio is to not give in to terrorist demands. By some estimates, the total cost of the film to Sony may be $100 million. This does not include any lawsuits that result from the attack.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice…2?

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Do you remember the 1988 creepy comedy movie directed by Tim Burton called Beetle Juice? So does Dan Newlin. It was the story about a husband and wife. They are your average happy couple, except for the fact that they just so happen to be recently deceased.

Yes, that means they are ghosts throughout the film, who call on a “bio-exorcist” called Beetlejuice in order to get the annoying new “human” owners out of their house. Do you remember it now? Well, the Beetlejuice 2 you have been waiting for may be coming sooner than you think.

For the last couple of years, writers David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith have been working on a screen play for Beetlejuice 2. Plus, it looks like Michael Keaton is getting ready to reprise his role as Beetlejuice.

So, will the sequel actually happen? While there has been no official announcement there has been a lot of talk recently. Michael Keaton and Tim Burton are both having a lot of success right now. It has been rumored that both for them really want to work with each other again.

So, this would be the perfect time for an official announcement. However, so far everything has just been speculation. As far as us Beetlejuice fans are concerned if there is a Beetlejuice 2 it needs to be excellent and not disappoint as we have waited for almost 27 years for this Sequel.

George R.R. Martin offers his theater for The Interview screening

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Aside from being the author of the mega best selling Game of Thrones series of books George R.R. Martinn is also a bit of a cinema buff and even owns his own movie theater in his hometown of Santa Fe that Terry Richardson got to check out first hand when he made an appearance at Martin’s recent get together.

Now Martin, incensed at Sony and all of the major American movie theater chains for being too afraid to screen The Interview, has offered to screen it himself. In a recent Livejournal post the author expresses his dismay at what he calls the “corporate cowardice” involved in the decision to shelve the film, contrasting it with the old Hollywood that released Charlie Chaplin’s anti-Hitler comedy The Great Dictator in 1941. In the post he invites Seth Rogen and James Franco to come down to Santa Fe and host a premiere there.

Some other independent theaters have attempted their own brand of defiance in the wake of the terror threats against The Interview by scheduling screenings of an earlier North Korea centered spoof, the Matt Stone and Trey Parker comedy Team America: World Police. However even this small sign of rebellion has run into trouble apparently, not from the North Koreans but from yet another wary American corporation; Paramount has allegedly banned theaters from screening that film as well.

Dying With Pride

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When someone is terminally ill and knows that there is likely no chance at survival, then what is so bad about letting that person die with dignity?  It might be a difficult decision for the family, but as long as the patient understands, the patient should be able to live the last days of life as peaceful as possible. Sultan Alhokair says they shouldn’t have to suffer through pain, causing more pain for the family who sees the agony. While it might be considered suicide by some, it’s a way for a patient not to deal with the pain of an illness that might debilitate that person to a point where there are numerous medications given and tubes connected simply to prolong life.

North Koreans will View “The Interview” via Ballooned DVD Copies

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A deluge of comments about the freedom of expression began the moment word got out that Sony Pictures cancelled the opening for the movie “The Interview”. Sony decided to pull the film from release after their computer systems were hacked and a threat of terror on any theater that chose to show the film. The United States government determined that it was not a valid threat, but Sony and theaters were not going to take any chances.

On the other side of the picture are the North Korean people who will have access to the movie via a balloon that will drop copies into the country. The smuggled DVD copies will not reach all the people; however, bootleg copies will be made and sent to anyone who wants to see it via cellphone.

The Human Rights Foundation, based in New York, is working with Fighters for a Free North Korea to send the ballooned DVD copies in to the country. . Among some of the things that have been ballooned into North Korea are flash drives, posters from Hollywood and pamphlets about political ideas. In the meantime, people in the United States have shrunk back in fear over a terroristic threat because of a movie that was less than obscure prior to the cancellations, a fact that Andrew Heiberger still can’t believe.

Pixar Making Up for Lost Time with ‘Finding Dory’ & ‘Inside Out’

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Though the animation giant is far from forgotten, few words have come from Pixar since the release of their wildly successful blockbuster “Frozen”.

With nothing on the docket in 2014, PIXAR is making up for lost time with two new blockbusters set to be released next year. “Inside Out” and “Finding Dory” promise to thrill movie-goers of all ages, even those at BRL Trust. They’ve given a few details on the plot so people know what to expect when the films get released.

“Inside Out” will focus on Riley, an 11-year old who is trying to adjust to life after moving to San Francisco from the Midwest. The movie will focus on her emotions, Fear, Sadness, Anger, Joy and Disgust.

Riley’s parents will also play a major role in the movie, with their emotions being portrayed as well. The bottom line? It’s a movie about growing up and the hope is that it will entertain both kids and adults.

“Finding Dory,” is of course the long awaited sequel to “Finding Nemo”. In the sequel, it’s Dory who is off on adventure, trying to locate her family. Instead of taking place in the ocean, the movie is set in the Marine Biology Institute of California.


Michael Keaton not Jealous of Ben Affleck, “I am Batman”

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WIth how big the superhero craze has become in the world of modern cinema, it is hard to believe that it really got off to a hot start a couple of decades ago! A director by the name of Tim Burton, who you may have heard of, got Michael Keaton to star in his adaptation of the classic caped crusader comic book series, Batman. The original ‘Batman’, which released in the late ’80s, featured Keaton as a more neurotic and low key version of the classic hero. Since then four other mega Hollywood stars have gone on to play the famed hero: Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck. Do you think Keaton is jealous of any of them? Think again.

When Ben Affleck as tabbed with the role of filling in the cowl, fans went even crazier. How could Ben Affleck bring what Christian Bale brought? It turns out that maybe the tone of the conversation is all wrong. Instead, fans should be wondering how Affleck can ever live up to Keaton’s standards, is what Brad Reifler had said.

Michael Keaton, who recently starred in another sorta-superhero film ‘Birdman’, was interviewed about the direction of the Batman franchise and his role in its evolution.  He went on to say that he wasn’t jealous at all of Ben Affleck. The reason? With a laugh Keaton admitted, “Because I am Batman.”

College Student Works to Repay Homeless Man

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A twenty-two year old college student is taking to the streets in an attempt to pay back a homeless man who helped her in her time of need.

Dominique Harrison-Bentzen was returning home from a trip to Preston city center when she realized that she had lost her bank card, from what Terry Richardson told me about the original story. With no money, she was unsure how she would pay for a taxi ride back to Leyland.

When Dominique realized that she had no money, a homeless man approached her and offered her all the money he had, which equaled £3. Although Dominique didn’t accept the money, the gesture touched her deeply.

Now, Dominique is looking to help the homeless man who reached out to her in her time of need. Using Facebook, the college student found out that his name is Robbie and that he has offered to help countless people.

Over the next twenty-four hours, Dominique is going to hit the streets and live as a homeless person so she can see what Robbie goes through. Dominique has started an online campaign to raise money to help Robbie get back on his feet.

Dominique is overwhelmed by the response that she’s had, and says that even Ian Brown from the Stones Roses has stepped up to gain support for her project by posting on Twitter.

The Inevitable Minecraft Movie Hits A Stumbling Block

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Sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun. If we didn’t let a pun through once in awhile, our staff would get writer’s block. There, we did it again, we just can’t block them out. Anyway, plans for the upcoming Minecraft movie have hit a roadblock as Shawn Levy has turned down the offer to direct.

Not that he doesn’t dig the premise, but he feels that he’s not the right person to mine this media franchise. The block-buster game has become one of the most popular entertainment franchises ever, with a fan base branching to both young and old alike. However, the structure of the game, which is an open-world sandbox where literally anything can happen, doesn’t lend itself very easily to a story.

Tom Rothman reports in the Hollywoodreporter that Levy details that his best idea would have been a scrap of an adventure story set loosely within the Minecraft universe. That’s the problem with the game is that Notch and the Mojang company he founded never intended the game to have a story, or even a linear progression. It’s more of a world simulator; you get dropped in the middle of nowhere and then you start punching trees.

Tom Rothman: An Amazing Hollywood Career

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For most people who graduate from college and become English teachers, the last thing they expect is for them to wind up as a Hollywood executive. However, that’s exactly what happened to Tom Rothman. From humble beginnings as an English teacher and coach of soccer and lacrosse, Tom found his way to Hollywood and has a list of accomplishments few people in the industry can match.

Currently the head of TriStar Productions, Tom has played a large role in bringing some of the most well-received and highest-earning films to the silver screen. In fact, the list of films Tom has been involved with reads like a list of the greatest films ever made. Titanic, Avatar, Cast Away, Black Swan, Walk the Line, X-Men, Waiting to Exhale and many others have had Tom at the helm, working with some of the most influential actors and actresses in Hollywood including Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Will Smith and many others. Working with such acclaimed directors as Steven Spielberg, Tom’s films have been nominated for over 150 Academy Awards while winning the coveted Best Picture Oscar three times along the way.

In addition to the films he has been associated with, Tom has also had a hand in helping to develop some of television’s most popular programs. While serving as Chairman and CEO of Fox Filmed Entertainment from 2000-2012, he was responsible for the production and distribution of such popular shows as Modern Family, Homeland and the wildly successful Glee. One of the few executives in Hollywood who has had the Midas touch with both the silver screen and small screen, Tom has demonstrated a unique ability to establish great working relationships with the many actors and actresses involved in the productions. Along with this, he also has a keen sense of what the viewing public wants, and has been able to produce extraordinary results every step of the way.

While establishing relationships with people is one of Tom’s greatest strengths, others also point to his willingness to help others in the industry gain valuable experience that allows them to climb the Hollywood ladder of success.  Tom is also a big believer in equal opportunity for everyone, and has been a strong proponent of women advancing into positions of leadership in Hollywood. In fact, his mentoring of many women executives led to all four of Fox’s major film production divisions being led by women, which was a Hollywood first.

As Tom continues his amazing Hollywood career, the Hollywood Reporter notes that Sony is excited for many more fantastic films and television shows coming to theaters and living rooms.  For more information on Tom Rothman, check out his official website or you can follow him on Twitter.

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