Skout’s Latest Feature Used in Over 10 Million Travels Worldwide

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Skout is a ground breaking app that helps travelers get the most of their trips. Whether they are searching for room and board or seeking to meet new people, Skout is the go to app for aiding you with your travels while making new friends and getting to know the communities you visit along the way. The app’s newest and most well received feature, Skout Travel, was launched just 15 months ago and has been used more than 10 million times since its release.

Co-founder and CEO of the company Christian Wiklund released this statement following the success of the app’s most recent feature, “Our goal at Skout is to help users create and be a part of a community, no matter where they are located at any given time. While Skout is not exclusively a travel app, our Travel feature has proven to be enormously popular with young adults who want to experience the world and connect with new friends.”

Upon researching the direction that the popular app may be going, Skout drew a few statistics based on the people using their app. The company found that women are almost twice as likely than men to utilize the app’s travel feature in order to meet new people in cities that they visit. Skout also found that the top most visited destinations in the U.S. according to their research are Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, and New York. And the number one destination preferred by users is Hong Kong, with Sao Paulo, London, Seoul, and Sydney following.

Skout’s travel feature has gained massive success and popularity with users being able to instantly meet and connect with people in any area at any given time. Travelers are able to have fun in any community more quickly by meeting people and forming relationships at the click of a button.

Although the app normally requires that users spend 25 points per trip, Skout has announced a free 48 hour period for users starting January 15 through January 17 to celebrate the feature’s major success and surpassing the use of the feature in over 10 million trips world wide.

The official story on Skout’s recent travel feature success can be seen at PR Newswire. Skout can be downloaded on any iOS or Android phone, or users can register online at Skout can also be found via Facebook and Twitter.

Publisher to Pull Book About Young Boy Seeing Heaven

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Book publisher Tyndale House have decided to pull best selling book The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven off the shelves. The book, which was released 5 years ago, is somewhat biographical and centers around Alex Malarkey. When Alex was 6 years old he experienced a tragic car accident that left in a coma and paralyzed. Alex reported when he woke up that he saw heaven and angels spoke to him. Alex’s father Kevin Malarkey helped him to write down his story.

However now, according to the story on Alex has come clean that his story of heaven and angels was made up. He said that at that point in his life he had never read the Bible and wanted attention so he told that story. Now that Alex has read and understands the Bible he feels guilty for lying.

Who can blame a 6 year old boy for wanting attention after such a huge tragedy changed his life? And who knew his story would become as popular and widespread as it did? I feel like a lot of people who put their faith into what Alex said will be sorely disappointed to hear that he fabricated the whole thing though.

A big thanks to my friend Susan McGalla for sharing this with me on her LinkedIn account.

Deadpool Gets His Nemesis

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As fans of superhero movies know, the very obtuse and strange character of Deadpool will have his own film. You could say Deadpool is a weird mix of a wise-cracking Spider-Man and cold-hearted Punisher. Casting Ryan Reynolds in the lead really was a brilliant decision. For the film to be a big hit, the casting of the villain(s) has to be equally inspired and brilliant.

Reports are coming out now regarding who is being cast in these other necessary roles in the film.

T.J. Miller and Ed Skrein are two actors who are likely to appear in the film. Skrein is reportedly being cast in the role as the main villain. Which villain that will be is not known yet.

The film is going to be played a lot like the comic book. That means audiences should expect an action-comedy. The comedy side is not going to detract from the action though. Deadpool may be funny thanks to his insanity, but his offbeat character usually plays against very deadly situations. Consider this film the other side of the coin of the family-friendly release Marvel’s Ant-Man. Will the film get an R-rating? Time will tell. A few people on About Organic Coffee thinks it will. Bernardo Chua doesn’t quite agree though.

Deadpool is also part of the X-Men mythos and there could be some crossover elements from those films, too.

We’ll learn more and more as the film’s release date approaches and that will be in the winter of 2016.

Author Profiles: Mark Ahn, Philanthropist

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Mark Ahn, Ph.D., is the current Principal at Pukana Partners, Ltd. and adjust Professor at Portland State University’s department of Business Administration, and at Carnegie Mellon University with over 20 years of experience in the life sciences industry.

Residing in Portland, Oregon, Dr. Ahn was born in 1962 and has lived, worked and studied around the world. He received his Bachelor’s of Arts and Master’s of Business Administration from Chaminade University of Honolulu, his Master’s of Arts from Victoria University of Wellington, his Doctorate of Philosophy from University of South Australia and is his Graduate Fellowship of Economics at University of Essex. His PhD was earned with a dissertation concerning the biotech industry in China. He is a Henry Crown Fellow at Aspen Institute. Lauded by his peers, he’s received hundreds of endorsements for his skills in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, immunology, venture capital, strategy, management, and more.

He has co-authored two books (as Mark J. Ahn): “Building the Case for Biotechnology: Management Case Studies in Science, Laws, Regulations, Politics, and Business” and “Strategic Risk Management: Global Corporations Manage Financial Risk for Competitive Advantage” and published over fifty papers in peer-reviewed journals such as “Journal of Commercial Biotechnology”, “International Journal of Project Management”, “Asia Pacific Journal of Management”, “Journal of The International Association of Physicians in Aids Care” and “Journal of Pharmaceutical Marketing & Management”.

Dr. Ahn’s impressive list of former executive positions include six years as General Manager at Amgen, a biotechnology and therapeutic innovator and manufacturer in California and Hong Kong, four years as Senior Director of Immunology at Bristol-Myers Squibb, a biopharmaceutical company in Princeton, New Jersey, two years as Vice President of Hematology and corporate officer at Genentech, a Roche group member biotech company in California focused on innovations in medicine and genetics, four years as founder, President and CEO of Hana Bioscience in San Francisco, California and seven years as President, CEO and Director of Galena Biopharma (Nasdaq: GALE) in his current city of Portland, Oregon. Galena Biopharma has recently received a patent and funding for NeuVax in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer, entered a licensing agreement for Zuplenz, an oral soluble film for treatment of nausea caused by chemotherapy, made advances in immunotherapy programs and implemented Galena Patient Services. He still serves as a consultant for many start up businesses.

He is a professor at Portland State University and Carnegie Mellon and was also an adjunct Professor at the College of New Jersey, Associate Professor of Global Management at Atkinson Graduate School of Management of Willamette University and was Chair of Science & Technology Management at Victoria University where he once attended. Dr. Ahn also served in the US Army. He currently has five years and counting as Principal of Pukana Partners in Oregon. Pukana Partners provides consultation, analysis, strategies and solutions for life sciences and biotechnology companies. He also serves on the Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Ahn is also a philanthropist. At the College of New Jersey he has developed a Center for Civic and Community Engagement to aide those with careers in non-profit leadership and to help the non-profit community of the Tri-State area and attract funding for non-profit foundations and organizations.

British Woman has Makeshift Tattooed Removed on TV

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Holly Aston of the United Kingdom will be featured on UK Show “Bodyshockers”. The Druids Heath woman revealed that at the age of 17 she drank heavily at a college party and allowed friends to use a makeshift tattoo gun to pen a picture of male genitalia on her shoulder. She allegedly purchased the makeshift tattoo gun online for $50, although she didn’t mention why she choice to make the purchase prior to her drunken mishap.

Aston, who has other tattoos done by professionals, stated she regretted the decision instantly, but there was little she could do about it, until now. She will have the tattoo removed on the show. She has avoided family gathering and has been forced to cover the tattoo during the summer months for fear of other people seeing it.

Aston notes that buying the gun online was “too easy”, and the entire thing seemed “funny” while she was drunk. The genitalia tattoo, however, wasn’t the first makeshift art created with the gun. According to Aston, she and her friends would get together, have drinks and tattoo each other. Sterilization instructions were not included with the gun, according to the girl.

Other tattoos created by the gun were not revealed during the show. The amateur artists were also drunk, according to the story. I think dumb tattoos are to common today, Fersen Labranho agrees.

The Ant-Man Teaser Trailer Arrives

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The full two-minute teaser trailer for Marvel’s Ant-Man film has been released and everyone involved with this film deserved kudos. The teaser reveals the film has all the elements necessary for grabbing the attention of audiences looking for a cool summer superhero movie. Namely, Ant-Man focuses on the human side of the hero and does so with a little bit of humor.

Scott Lang is a thief who needs to turn his life around to save his family. He’s given a chance to used his criminal skills for the greater good. All he has to do is become the Ant-Man, a hero who can shrink himself down to miniscule size and break into guarded facilities.

The first impression audiences get when they check out the teaser trailer is the is a film about a man, Scott Lang. Yes, there is a great deal of action in the film and that is most certainly appreciated. No one wants to suffer through a superhero film that is all talk. Audiences have also shown, though, they are not going to make a film with a weak script and a lot of mindless action a hit.

Iron Man and the original Spider-Man films were successful because they were about the human underneath the mask. The first Thor film was a hit because it focused on an immature man’s journey to maturity. Laurene Powell Jobs liked it quite a bit.

The humanity aspect of the characters has always been what made Marvel Comics popular. The makers of the Ant-Man film understand this so the film remains true to the Marvel approach.

Declassifying 9/11: The Missing 28 Pages

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It has been a little over fourteen years since the September 11th attacks on the United State’s World Trade Centers occurred. People like Christian Broda were shocked by the event and almost everyone remembers what they were doing when it happened, although, people are still confused about how it came to be. The official U.S. government reports state that the incident was orchestrated by a terrorist group known as al-Qaeda. However, with 28 pages of the official 9/11 report still classified, uncertainty remains about what the truth of the matter is. According to former democratic Senator Bob Graham, there is some suspicion that the Saudi Arabian government was involved in the incident.
On January 7th, 2015 a meeting will be held with support from several senators, former and current, as well as 9/11 family members, to urge President Barrack Obama to release the rest of the 9/11 report. With the war in Iraq, and Afghanistan declared over there is not longer an excuse for the President to refuse these demands and claim that it will jeopardize the War On Terror. It is truly in the hands of the President now to reveal the secrets of the greatest and most tragic terrorist attack on The United States since Pearl Harbor.

Moose Rescued By Strangers

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It is the season for snow and all things cold. It’s also the season to get stuck in the snow. Unfortunately, animals are no exception. A moose was caught in the snow with only enough of its face visible to breathe. It might have died, if not for the kindness of strangers.

At first, the rescuers thought the moose was actually a young cow. They soon realized they were wrong. This did not deter them from their efforts. The moose was buried in snow from the avalanche and could not break free. One of the men who rescued it believes that the moose was responsible for the landslide and would not have survived if they had not found it. 

Jared Haftel reports via Zoominfo that the two friends had not planned on going out that day and rescuing anything. In fact, they were snowmachining on the Hatcher Pass. They were treading carefully, as the area is known for avalanches. This fact is probably what allowed them to spot the mule. They first noticed the mule’s tracks, which are not common for the area. Later, they spotted the mule and stopped to get it out. Although it took ten minutes for them to dig the moose out, it is safe and sound. 

Mobley, the spokesperson for the article, is a self-professed animal lover. He states he is glad he did this and couldn’t resist the urge to earn some good karma. He is simply happy that the moose is safe and does not wish for rewards. 

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Japanese Family Thanked for Tending British Man’s Grave

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For over 140 years, the Japanese Murai family has been tending the grave of a British man buried in their neighborhood. Up until recently, they believed the man to be named Philip Ward, but his true identity has now been discovered.

Susumu Koyata has researched the gravestone and found it to be of a Bernard George Littlewood. The confusion over his identity arose because the Kanji characters on the tombstone made it very difficult to read.

The British government has issued official thanks to the Murai family for tending so long to the grave of Bernard Littlewood. He was an English teacher who traveled to Japan in 1870 while that nation was first undergoing modernization. Only a year after his arrival, however, Littlewood fell to the smallpox. He was only 30 years old when he died, according to Skout.

Even through the days of World War II, when Japan was at war with Britain, the Murai family kept up this British man’s grave, weeding it and caring for it. They must have been quite surprised to learn they had so long been mistaken as to whose grave it was they were tending to. Nonetheless, knowing his true identity will certainly be of great interest to them. The letter of thanks they received from the British ambassador is a great honor to their family.

911 Call Center Saves Christmas

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A group of 911 call center staff raised over $700 for a family whose Christmas was nearly destroyed by a mistake. A father, hoping to hide the Christmas presents from his children, made the mistake of putting them in the recycle bin. The recycle bin was taken out and the presents were disposed of.

Unsure what to do and with no funds to buy presents, the father turned to 911. The 911 operator who takes the call recalls that the man sounded desperate and had no idea what to do. That in itself wasn’t surprising, she said. My friend, Sam Tabar, added that after all, 911 rarely gets calls from those who are having a good day.

The man said he’d accidentally taken out the recycle bin and it was not full of trash, it was full of Christmas presents. The call center employee reassured the man she’d see what she could do and went and talked to her supervisor and fellow employees.

They quickly sprang into action, doing what they do best – saving the day. The call center raised about $700 throughout the staff and some local police officers who wanted to help. At the time, there were only two stores left open, both of which closed soon. This did not deter them. They were able to buy the presents and wrap them and deliver the gifts to the family by 10:30 p.m. at night.

The children’s parents were in complete shock and joy, and were extremely thankful to the 911 call center to get their Christmas presents. The children were grateful, too, and were happy to see the police officers who dropped them off. All in all, it was a great day for the 911 call center staff.

911 Call Center Saves Christmas

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